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Hey everyone I thought I would share a little...

Hey everyone I thought I would share a little about myself and my reasons for deciding to get a tummy tuck. I'm a single mommy of 2 awesome kidos. I was blessed to have a boy and a girl. But as many of you women know pregnancy can take a major toll on our bodies. Already being the chubby child growing up I always had to work extra hard to keep slim. And even then my abs never looked the way I wish. With my first child I but on 60 + pounds. Very Depressing!!!!:( My son was just about 8 months old when I found out I was pregnant again this time with my girl.I was'nt able to really lose the baby weight till my daugther was about 6 mos old. And then I lost another 150 pounds. "My kids father" :)

Being over weight and losing my figure made me sad, depressed, and even bitter.Now that I have some what of my figure back I am now faced with sagging skin. Not Cute!!! I always new that at some point I would get a tummy tuck. My kids are older now and very self independent. It's mommy time now. I want my body back and some self esteem. I want to look in the mirror and be happy, not depressed. I want to feel on the outside like I feel in the inside. I want to feel confident in my clothes. I just want to feel attractive again. It's been such a long time since I've loved myself.

The unfourtunate part of this journey is I dont have a lot of supporters out there. Most in my family dont agree with me getting plastics. So I have choosen to not tell them when my surgery is. My bestfriend and mother will be with me. I'm less than 2 weeks away and already super nervous!!!! I will not let the negative people around me change my mind on this. I know that this is what I want. And I deserve it!!! I will keep posting updates and later post pictures of this whole process. Thank you to those who have read my blog. Johanna

8 days left and I'm getting all I need my...

8 days left and I'm getting all I need my prescriptions filled, my multi vitamins, and last will be grocery shopping. I have no clue on what I should get. I don't know if I will even have an appetite after the surgery. Everytime I think of the surgery I get more and more nervous. And I can't believe its actually gonna happen. My next update will be the night before my surgery.

Wow less than 24 hours left for me to go under the...

Wow less than 24 hours left for me to go under the knife! I'm really scared, and very emotional. I can't believe its really happening. I've been cleaning my house like crazy. I got my recliner delivered yesterday. I've gonna grocery shopping. I got my wipes since according to my plastic surgeon I wont be able to shower. He said my drains will remain in for a week at least maybe longer. Man the thought of not showering. Ugh! And to make matters worse my monthly is due anytime now. I'm due at the surgery center at 7:30 am. My surgery is at 9:30 am. Wish me luck everyone!

I have not updated for a few days now. I'm just...

I have not updated for a few days now. I'm just now feeling the energy to write this. Well the first day was the hardest for me. The pain was bad. I was in recovery for more than 2 hours. They say it took me more than an hour to come out of the anesthesia. When I finally did man I was on tears with pain. The nurse gave me more meds. By the time I was ready to go home I was still in a lot of pain. The nurse said I had maxed out on the pain meds. She was able to give me oral vicodin. That helped alittle. Each day that goes by I am able to do alittle more. Just little things like getting up from the recliner on my own. Oh and the worse part I've been super constipated. Not fun! Oh and girls please stay hydrated apparently I was'nt drinking enough. Yesterday being day 3 po I had been having alot of heart palpitations. I got nervous and called my ps. He said it was to be expected. That because of my lack of appetite my body is in dehydration mood. I had my mom go the store and by me gatorade. As soon as I started chunging more liquids my heart slowed down. I will updated more tomorrow. Time for a nap.

I'm now 6 days po. Today I've been almost pain...

I'm now 6 days po. Today I've been almost pain free. I'm still hunched over and still no shower. Yuke! I have given myself bird baths but its not the same. I'm sick of the recliner. Don't get me wrong its a very comfortable recliner. I just miss my bed. My back is the only thing that hurts real bad. It's from being hunched over obviously. Can't wait to stand up straight. On day 4 po I had my follow up my ps took out one drain. Yaay! He said by Monday the following week I should be make to get the other removed. Im pretty excited about that. That's means shower time. I was also able to see my tummy for the first time. Man ol man is it flat. And I'm still swollen apparently. I have to admit I hadn't lost all the weight that I wanted. I've struggled with weight all my life. Always up and down. They funny thing is that even at my thinniest my stomach always looked the same. I'm a curvey girl. I love being curvey. My ps did such an awesome job. I have and hour glass waist. My waist is back! But now I have a flat stomach to go with it. I am actually smaller than I expected to be. Now my main goal now when I get back to the gym is to get mucsle tone. I have some now. Actually I have very strong legs but I still lack the definition. I'm excited today I guess I'm rambling. I have before and after pics. I will post them later today or tomorrow. I have an appt with my ps tomorrow. I hope the drain comes out. It's hasn't really bothered me to much compare to other people. I read other post and they just hate them. Not saying I like them but it downturn hurt, or pull on me. The only thing is not being able to shower. Well I will update after my appt tomorrow.

10 days po op. And everyday I feel more and more...

10 days po op. And everyday I feel more and more like myself. Still can't stand straight tho. Yesterday I got my last drain pulled out. So I was thrilled to be able to shower finally. My ps also said I could buy a waistnipper. I didn't have to wear that dreadfulbinder. Yaay! That was music to my ears. He said to buy it a little big so I could wear it low on my thighs as well. So today I went to Macy's and bought a waistnipper by Flexees. I also went to get my haircut after. And that was it for today and it wiped me out. The waistnipper I got feels very tight and its long enough to fit my thighs and just under my bra. I feel nice and secure. I'm still swollen. I noticed that on my incision part its very hard. On top of my pubic area aswell. So naturally I googled that. Sounds like its normal and it should get better over time. I will still ask my ps next week when I see him. The weird thing about this healing process that when I take off my binder or now my shaped controller I feel naked without it. Almost like my tummy really isn't mine like its gonna gall off or something. I feel better with my binder but it still so irritating too. I nope that feeling gets better along with the numbness I still feel on my back, flanks and lower abs. The swelling is still there and bad. My thighs are bigger now then before. Lol. Can't wait for all to ne normal. By the way I took a long 30 min shower yesterday. It was the bomb! Haha. I will update next week. And maybe post more pics as o heal.

2 weeks po. And I'm back at work. Some people went...

2 weeks po. And I'm back at work. Some people went back to work just half days. Im full shift. But my boss was very nice in giving me light duty. Gotta say I'm beat. Everyone was excited to see the new me. Kinda cool. lol. But I only showed them with my binder on. And told them they would have to wait until Im healed for the final results. They say I look so skinny now. One thing with me is even if I lose 5 pounds my face gets more sucked in. I dont have a chubby face never have even when I was at my heaviest. Wierd huh. My only issue is my lower tummy its actually starting to hurt and be uncomfortable. I have my appt on wed. Hope I can hold out. I left a message for my ps to see if he thought I should be seen sooner. But no response just yet. He normally has surgery on mondays so I may get a call tomorrow.Other than that issue. I'm almost standing straight. I'm about 90% there. I'm thinking by next week I should be completely upright. I'm even getting a little antsy to get to the gym. One of the nurses I work with over heard me talking about buying a video to do at home and she scolled me and said to please take it easy and let my body heal. I just had major surgery and need to give myself time. I guess shes right but damn its hard. I love the gym and suana. Its my gettaway. haha. I will soon be posting more pics. Gotta get my fluid build up sucked out first.

18 days post op now. This was my first week back...

18 days post op now. This was my first week back to work and man I was just exhausted every single day. I wish I had enough vacation time to take another week off. Non the less I made it thru the week. I'm still pretty swollen in my flanks and low abdomin area. I have to keep reminding myself to have patience. Over all I have to say I dont have any regrets. Would I do this again. And well I have to say Hell Yeah!!! lol. The first week now is a faint memory. I saw my ps on wed and he is pleased with how I'm healing and how things are looking. I pointed out my pooch that Ive been complaining about almost daily and he said I was still swollen and I have to give it time. Another thing because I was still chubby before surgery I will most likely have a small pooch there anyways. Lipo might be in my future for that issue. But first I want to see how it looks after the swelling has gone down. My tummy was super flat the first week po. So Im hoping it goes back to that when the swelling as subsided. Cross your fingers for me. And if it does then no lipo there. My next focus will be my inner and outer thighs. hehe My coworkers ask me was it painful and I dont sugar coat anything. I tell them yes for me it was very painful from the minute I woke up to at least 2 days later. I was hoping I would'nt have that much pain. I had high hopes because reading other girls stories, them saying the pain was'nt as bad as they thought and some even saying that they did'nt have any pain at all. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Or so I thought!!! One thing is for sure everyones experience is very different. Same with healing. Today I did notice myself having pain in my incision by my pubic area. I think it had to do with the fact that I slept in my bed last night for the first time and I did sleep flat for the most part. Just to switch postions like to my side was a process. And I could feel the stretching. It's still sensitive to sleep on my sides. I wonder how long its going to be before I can be comfortable in my bed again. Ive been in the recliner for almost 3 weeks now. I miss my bed!!! Also my emotions are just crazy. when I think of the whole process I want to cry. Seems like everything makes me emotional. Thank god I have not suffered from any post surgery depression. I use to not fix myself up for work and now I do. I feel my confidence building, my self esteem is on a raise. I love how I look in my clothes and I'm still in swell hell. Things are looking up. I stepped on the scale on tuesday that being day 15 po and i was 15 pounds lighter then the day of my surgery. I stepped on the scale again today and I was down another pound. I'm being super careful with my diet. Since exercise if off limits for a few more weeks, I cant wait to get back to the gym tho. Again patience!!!!As soon as the site is back up and lets me post pictures I will. Till then happy healing to all the february tt'ers.

I have added my 2 weeks po pictures. I appeciate...

I have added my 2 weeks po pictures. I appeciate any honest opinions. Thank you. If you look close you can see my pooch that I've been complaining about.

24 Days PO: Well Let's see I hav'nt updated in...

24 Days PO:

Well Let's see I hav'nt updated in awhile. This week has been very interesting. My swelling decided to kick it up a couple notches. Ugh!!! It's quite uncomfortable to say the least. Although I'm healing great the swelling takes from that. Also my back has been very achy. I dont know why either. I have been more busy at work then last week. Or maybe the fact that I'm still slightly hunched. I've always had a great posture. I've been having some palpitations when I do to much. It calms down when I slow down. The funny thing is last week I felt great other than being exhausted and this week I feel like I've taken a few steps back. My monthly is do next week so I can't help but think that the reason I feel so shitty this week is because of that. I normally have symptoms the week before. Anyways I don't want to keep complaining.
On the more positive note the last 3 nights I've been sleeping in my bed. Yaay me! And every night it gets better. I still can't toss n turn like I use too. It's like a process. I have to be careful. I still feel the stretching in my abdomin. It will be nice when I dont wake up just to switch positions. And even better when I can sleep on my tummy.
So I weighed myself a couple days ago and I'm still dropping weight. I got a little nervous cause since my surgery I'm almost down 20 lbs. Not that I mind. But I get nervous that I might alter my ps hard work here. But I asked that question and quit a few ps responded with that it was actually normal. That I'm simply losing water weight. I did have lipo so my body seems to be getting rid of that fluid they inject in you when they do the lipo. So I cant wait to see what my final weight will be when all the water weight, and swelling is over with. I did on the other hand want to lose anywhere between 15-20 more pounds after surgery. But not in my tummy. I have a lot of work on my legs. I'm gonna do my darndest to shape these legs up. Ive always had inner thigh chubbies. So we'll see. I may need lipo to help me shape them up. Now with my new tummy my legs just look more horrible. So now just writing that bit about my thighs I think I will start saving for lipo.
So I took some photos this morming when I'm least swollen. I have a T scar right above my pubis area. That is the scar that actually looks the worst. It's actually all scabbed up. I'm hoping it will look like my thighs scar. I have to admit I'm pretty happy with how low my incision is. An the reason I have the T scar is because I had two belly button piercings. The first time I got my piercing I lost my jewel. I dont even know how it came loose. But it did and I was still in the process of healing. So it closed up very quickly. I then some months later got repierced. And that did'nt go well at all. It kept getting infected. So i took it out. Well it never healed. My ps said that when he did the incision the piercing was'nt even in the right place it was above my belly button. And it was infected. So he had to cut it and clean it out. Yuke! So theres the story on why I have a T scar. And that area is hard and it sticks out a little. I think thats why that part of my tummy to me is such a problem. Well again I appeciate any opinions on my pictures. Over all I think I look awesome compared to my before pictures. Yikes! Until next time my tt friends. xoxo

1 month po. I can't believe its been a month...

1 month po.

I can't believe its been a month already. Time is flying by so fast. I have to admit I knew just how bad I wanted my tt. But one thing I was not prepared for was the emotional roller coaster that comes with this. And even the physical recovery has been crazy. I'm a very active, healthy person. And I had this mind frame that I would be that except that recovers quickly, bounces back fast. I couldn't understand how anyone would have depression. I think that this week I hit my emotional cry. I've been emotional but something is different this week. I look in the mirror and I see myself as fat. I know I'm crazy but I just can't shake these feelings. It's really bringing me down. Ive been pretty pleased with my results and today I'm not so pleased. I've been so swollen and I have noticed when I don't do anything just how flat my tummy looks and I get excited. But not even an hour into the day and I'm swollen as heck. I thought that at 1 month I would start to get some relief. I'm so ready to see my final results. I'm being so inpatient. That I know. And no matter how bad I want it. My body will do it at its own speed. Working out is my escape its my stress reliever. I felt so good about myself after a good workout or getting my ass handed to me in turbo kick class. Lol. I miss that so much. I don't see my ps for another week or so. And he forbid me doing any exercising. I have started walking for 30 min. Not fast and not enough to make my heart rate go up. I have on the other hand broken some perspiration. But very little. I use to drench my shirts and pants in sweat. I hope I get past this depressive feeling. I don't like it.

On a good note I have been completely upright for about 5 days now. It's wierd when I take off my waistnipper I feel I lose my posture and am hunched over slightly. My ps said I didn't need to wear my garment anymore. But it was up to me and how I feel without it. I went one day without it at work and well I haven't done that again. I'm still wearing it. For bed I'm not. Especially now since my swelling has been so bad. Maybe another week or so and I will start to wing myself off it. I will post more updated pictures next week when I'm not so down on myself. I also believe my mood will improve when I'm done with my period and can get cleared for some kind of cardio.

I have realized that I have not told my story about the day of my surgery. I will do so in a few days. I wonder if anyone goes thru this phase at 1 month po. To all the girls that have had there tt happy healing and good luck to all that are going this month and next.

1 month 3 days po. This week was such a tough...

1 month 3 days po.

This week was such a tough one. Emotionally that is. I'm so glad to say I'm back on track. Today I had my coworkers cracking up. And yes it still hurts a little to laugh your ass off. In fact I still can't cough or sneeze without it hurting my tummy. I wonder how long that's gonna last. I called my ps today and asked about the stretching feeling I get in the mornings when I wake up. He said its muscle spasms. And not to worry I was'nt gonna damage my muscle repair. I had asked him before at my last appt about sneezing if that would damage anything he laughed at me and said its virtually impossible to break the suturing. Today I choose to not wear my waistnipper and man I look oh about 5 months along. Lol. No kicking yet! Haha j/k. At this point in the swelling all I can do is find humor in it. If u think about it its amazing how are bodies heal how they react when tampered with. I haven't taken any updated pictures cause really nothing has changed. I still look the same as the last ones I put up. This morning when I woke up I was flatter then I've been since this whole process. I was so amazed. I asked my tummy why can't you just stay this way already. Haha. Yea well within the hour I already started to swell. Tomorrow I'm taking my kiddies to seaworld. They don't know yet its a surprise. So shhh girls. Hehe. So I also called my ps to make sure it was ok to do all that walking and even get on there rides. He said all was ok. The only thing is my swelling will most likely be really bad. But that's ok. Anything for my babies. I haven't mentioned them to much on here.

A little bit about my personal life. My son Jacob is 11 years old. Last year he was diagnosed with ADD. He takes 1 medication for it. It's only while he's in school. It helps him with the attention deficit. But to be honest he's my Jacob I wouldn't have it any other way. It's what makes him. He such a handsome boy. He's already girl crazy. Lord help me. My daughter Aaliyah is 10 yrs old. Shes mini me. Omg! Haha. We have such a special bond. She already showing her motherly instincts. She's bossy and mouthy, has a smart ass attitude, but she's also soo loving, smart, and beautiful, she looks out for me and her big brother. I was blessed big time with these two kids. Gods Good! And they both have been very understanding while I have been healing. So that's while I wanted to surprise them tomorrow. The've never been there. So I'm giddy with excitement.

So yesterday I chose to buy mederma to start applying to my scar. So we'll see how that works. I looked for silicone strips at Walmart but they said I would have to purchase those online. I've heard nothing but good stuff about them. I'm gonna try other stores first before I go online to purchase. My healing process has been pretty smooth. Other then swelling my scar is super low and thin. I have nice curves now. I tried on one of my corsets that I bought from Fredricks of Hollywood. And I looked sexy. Wow, a month ago those words would not have come out of my mouth.

I still have a lot of numbness in my tummy and the areas I had lipo. But I've pretty much gotten use to it. Sometimes I feel tingling in my back and from what I've read its normal it my nerves. I actually look forward to those tingling feelings cause to me its a sign that the feeling there is coming back. I'm still not cleared to do any exercise. But hopefully at the next appt he will release me to cardio. I will just continue to put my feet up and chillax and watch my fav shows friends, cold case, and criminal minds. :) ok well I will post later on how a day at the theme park went. Wish me luck with the swelling. Lol

A mini update Went to seaworld with my kidos...

A mini update

Went to seaworld with my kidos and best friend. So much fun. But man was I uncomfortable the whole day. Because I knew I was gonna swell big time I wore my bigger jeans. There still a size down than what I use to wear. Although they were not tight on me the swelling was so bad I felt extremely tight the whole day. I knew this would happen. So Saturday I chose to lay very low. But I've been feeling so guilty lately. I haven't been eating to healthy. Starting Sunday its back to salads and slimfast. I lost 20 lbs during this whole process and I am not about to put it back on. I did get on the Atlantis ride that seaworld has and I did get the ok by my ps but I have to admit I was a little nervous getting on a fast ride. I wasn't sure how my tummy was gonna feel. And well yea it didn't feel to good. It didn't hurt. But I felt myself tense up a lot and I would feel weird in my tummy. My daughter wanted to get on again but I had to pass this time. I did promise to go on it again with her next time we go. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Xoxo

5 weeks 3 days, So I had my follow up appt...

5 weeks 3 days,

So I had my follow up appt today. Over all It went well. I brought up a concern that I ve had this week. Actually i noticed this since my first post op appt. On my rt side of abdomin there is a crease like fat is there. I started obsessing over it. When I swell its more noticable. I'm posting two pictures of it. My left side is nice and smooth and you can see my curve. My ps said it was an easy fix. He can lipo that area in his own office. I'm assuming no charge. I did ask about how much but he said they would do it right there in the office so I would'nt have to worry about fee's. My friend said he most likely would'nt charge since It's an area I'm unhappy with. And I did bring that issue up before. Oh and I also have brought up my lower pooch in the past appt. He had mentioned lipo there too but I'm unsure if that part is also done in the office and free of charge. I mean I would expect it to be that way cause I'm paying all this money to not be 100% happy. Uh I dont think so!! Over all I have to admit he did do an awesome job on me. I mean compare my before pictures to my after and it's a huge transformation. My ps showed me my before pictures and how I had more fat deposits on my rt side then left, he said he was'nt sure why I had more fat on one side than the other. But you could clearly see it and even more on my back side. Also I did'nt have lipo of my abdomin so there you go. But now I have to wait till I'm more healed before he does lipo. I have my next follow up in a month. So I'm crossing my fingers he will do lipo then. You can see my curves but its just not as defined on my rt like it is on my left. Again this is where patience comes in. And I might add I'm not a very patient person. lol. And more swelling and recovery. Man the price we pay for beauty.haha Still I'm super excited about my new tummy. I've finally been released to cardio. He said at 6 wks I can go back to the gym. But to please listen to my body. I'm not at the 6 wk mark just yet so for right now I'm aloud to walk and break some sweat. Yaaay. Man I am just excited to start toning myself up. SOOOOO Pumped. Needless to say I walked out of the office so happy. I will have that part of my tummy fixed. It's not like a super big flaw or anything but it's noticable. I'm just glad its a quick fix. And I have I mentioned the office staff. Sooo so pretty and nice. More like knock out babes and total sweethearts. I will def have other work done with him. Like lipo of my thighs. But thats in the future.

So today I notice when I woke up in the morning I was super itchy along my incision. I just rub it and it helps a little. Just means I'm still healing. :) I still feel stretching of my abdomin and soreness of my muscle repair. but not enough for me to take even tylenol. All is well my energy is about 80% back. I think once I get back to the swing of things at the gym my energy levels will sky rocket. Ive maintained my weight now. I have'nt put any on, thank god! I would on the other hand like to lose another 15 lbs or so maybe 20. We will see. I'm pretty confident I will lose it.

Ive also noticed that when I'm out an about I get stared at a lot. lol. Uh awkward!! But it feels good to turn heads once again. Maybe now with this new found confidence I will find Mr right. Ok ladies I'm post some new pictures. xoxo. Till the next update. Hope all are well.

6 wks 2 days, The weeks are passing and things...

6 wks 2 days,

The weeks are passing and things keep improving. Monday I woke up to a super flat tummy. It was even caved in. Wow! I was totally digging that. But as usual by mid day I looked about 3-4 months along. lol I'm happy to say my lower pooch as really gone down a lot. I noticed it at work. Funny thing, I'm constantly checking my tummy out. Especially when in front of a mirror. It's like an obsession. haha.
So I started working out this week. And boy am I paying for it. Yes my swelling has gotten better but my ps warned me that when i started working out I was gonna swell up even more. And he was right. But I dont care. Im finally working out. Now if only I can control my appetite. Ugh! I swear I have no willpower to yummy food. Luckely my weight has been stable I fluctuate between 1-2 pounds, not bad I think. I just need to constantly remind myself what hell I just put my body thru. I'm not eating terrible but not super healthy either. Now I'm on a mission to drop 10 pounds. Maybe more but for now lets start with ten.
I have not yet gone shopping really. I bought a dress today for my sisters church ceremony on saturday. I was a size 16 ladies. Thats right a freaken 16. Now I'm a 12. Yaaaay. And my goal is to get to a size 10. I think I can achieve that. I did try on a tight fitted racerback dress. And man it was curves galore!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome. I just stared at myself in disbelief. But I did notice one thing and that was my pubic area is still pooching out. It's were the incision is that still pooching out. The dress was fairly tight tho. And unless your staring at my vajaja you would'nt even notice it. I do cause well lets face it we notice everything about our bodies. But I do wonder how long until that area goes down. Anyway I have not yet gone shopping because I would like to drop a few more pounds. But also I'm expecting extra money in a few weeks and plan on shopping with that. I have yet to go thru my closet. I will do that after I have done some shopping. So excited tho. It was nice to put on a dress and there was no tummy there making it look awful. I will post pictures of me all dolled up this weekend. Till then Happy healing to all. xoxo

7 wks 1 day Things are pretty much starting to...

7 wks 1 day

Things are pretty much starting to stablize. On a normal day with normal activity my swelling is not as intense as before. But my body does have its way of telling me when I've consumed to much food. lol Man my stomach feels so tight and it's soooo uncomfortable. My sister had toca man on saturday and I lovvvveeee taco man. I ate 4 tacos and rice. And I consumed alcohol for the first time in months. I just wanted to enjoy myself and not let things get in the way. But man when I got home my body was literatly yelling at me. I came to work yesterday expecting to be at least a few pounds heavier and to my pleasant surprise I did'nt but a pound on. man I dodged a big one there. lol.

So yesterday I started my diet I would like to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month. I've been able to lose 13 pounds in 2 wks so I know I can do it. Exercise wise I'm still pretty limited. I've done some lite jogging and at work I started walking during my lunch. I also have added in arm exercises I have 5lbs weights so I've done that. I have chubby arms and would like to tone them up. Today I hope to start my Zumba videos. Ive been on the fence about doing them. I may call my ps to make sure it's ok.

Ok so tummy wise I still feel a lot of strtching and pulling especially when I'm super swollen. The incisios dont hurt at all but I do feel burning sensations at time. The spasms in my tummy in the mornings is not as bad anymore but still there. And I'm still numb in the areas that I had lipo. Ive been using Mederma for scar treatment even tho my ps said I really didn't need it. My T incision is actually getting better and lighter. I'm actually gonna try silicone scar cream this week. I hope that will work better then the mederma. Along my incision I still have what seems like a knotted rope inside me. I do meassge the area a lot. I hope it gets better soon,I know it will take some time tho. Ugh. I do notice the incision changes color. At time it looks like my skin color and other slight purplish, and sometime pink/redish. Wierd!!!! But I did read a ps say that the incision would change colors thru out the first few months.

Energy levels!!!! Still very from day to day. I feel like myself but my mind is way ahead of my body. Over all this has been a tough but very rewarding experience for me. If anyone if on the fence about doing this for themselves then stop and and think about how happy your gonna be. There is nothing selfish about wanting to make yourself happy. Everyone says you have to be happy within yourself before making someone else happy. We will have people that will not agree with the reasons why your doing it. And everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I knew how a lot of my family members felt about me doing this and even came up with there conculsions as to why I did this. And even after I've explained my reasons it seemed as if they made up there mind and no matter what I said they had already formed there opinion. And to be honest I'm just to damn happy now to care. Thats my honest opinion. haha!!! Till the next update. xoxo

P.s sorry for all my typos thru out my blog....

p.s sorry for all my typos thru out my blog. lmao!!! I really need to look at my updates before pushing submit. I got so many errors in there. OMG. ok but you girls get me. haha.

Happy Easter to all my tt amigas! Just a day shy...

Happy Easter to all my tt amigas! Just a day shy of my 8 wk po. Went shopping on saturday with my best friend and sister. One purpose, bikini shopping and I was so stoked that VS had bikinis in the store. I found one perfect one. I put up some pictures of my old one and my new one. I'm definitely more excited about summer now. I feel so sexy. hehe!!! My incision is soo low but It's long on one side of the hip than the other and because its so low I have to wear my bottoms really low. You can actually see my scar on the sides on the pic were I'm sitting. I pulled the sides up a little. But non the less to me it's not something that bothers me as much as the belly on my lap. We all know we are gonna be left with scars. I'm healing very well so I'm pretty confident by summer it will be much lighter. So nothing really new with me stillb all the same as the last update. I said it before in other updates and I'll say it again. SOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

9 wks 3 days UGH!!! REALLY!!!! So had my ps...

9 wks 3 days


So had my ps appt today. And looks like I'm gonna be having a small revision done. But not till I'm about 6 mos post op. I have a hard lump at the end of my T scar. I message it daily and it wont give. So my ps said it was scar tissue due to the T scar. He said it may go down some, but most likely he will have to remove it surgically. GREAT!!!!! And I'm having small lipo on my rt side in a month along with some lipo to my lower abdomen. That I expected tho. I'm glad he has agreed to do it free of charge. But the revision I know I'm gonna have to pay facility fee and anesthesia. MAN!!! Not to mention my BB is now having some issues. At the botton of the BB it looks like I have a small keloid. But its not, apparently I have a small stitch working it's way out. He said it would either dissolve itself or my body would push it out. But he also mention that if my BB doesnt get better we may have to do some injections. But the best part of today was my car decided to start having major electrical issue. I went to get gas just before my appt and it just wouldn't start. It's been having some minor issues and my brother in law has been trying to figure out how to fix it without me blowing all this money. But now the issue has gotten bigger. Even after it started, again after my ps appt it did it again. So now my brother in law is looking into how much it's going to cost me to replace the electrical part that needs to be fixed. I'm so close to paying my car off. Man I'm just so irratated. My car is only 7 yrs old. Ive had it for 5. UGH!!! Ok I'm done venting!!! For Now!!

Ok for the good news. My swelling has gone down so much. I still swell more in my lower belly but that is expected. My hips have gone down. And the reason I say that is because my smaller size scrub pants that I wear for work use to be tight at the hips and now it's not. I wake up super flat and now remain that way for most of the day. But yes towards the evening I swell but not so much. I'll take this swelling over the swell hell I was in weeks 3-5. I'm loving my new bod. Other then the minor issues that will be fixed soon enough. I still feel the stretching and tightness in my belly. I've asked before if others still feel it, and they do, so I'm guessing it's normal. It doesn't hurt tho. Ive been exercising and focusing on my lower body a lot. I bought the Brazilian Butt Lift Videos to help with shaping my ass and inner thighs. And those videos are NO JOKE! Man OUCH!!! lol. No new pictures to post just yet. Maybe next update. But till then xoxo

10weeks and some days, I tell ya I'm starting...

10weeks and some days,

I tell ya I'm starting to lose track of the weeks. Ok so I caved, I started back at the gym today. And man did it feel good. I pretty much did everything I normally did before the surgery. Except for cardio I did 35 min instead of my regular 45-50min. And the resistance was only at level 8 instead of level 10. But I did'nt want to force myself to do more and end up hurting myself. I wanted to stick to the new videos I bought a few weeks ago but I have been dieting and have not lost 1 single pound. I'm getting very frustrated with that. So pretty much I figured it has to be my lack of cardio. I no longer need to lose weight in the tummy area so I'm also thinking that now it's only gonna get that much harder for me to lose 10 freaken pounds. Since where I want to lose weight now is all in my thighs. I did do ab workout today but I took it very slow and it was fine. Felt so nice to workout my upper body. Ive been focusing on my lower body for the last few weeks. The only thing now is I need to buy new workout clothes. Darn!!! lol
I went out dancing with friends last weekend and I was able to finally wear my smallest pair of jeans. I loved how I looked. I dont want to sound conceded but the attention I got that night was crazy. And I felt so confident. I had men approaching me telling me how beautiful I was. Just sooo crazy. I had fun and dancing was not an issue. I was moving all over the place and my tummy didn't bother me one bit. And I did'nt even swell that much. Infact I dont swell that bad at all any more. Thank god!! But I am getting touch up lipo in a few weeks so. I'll be swelling once again. But my ps said it would'nt be as bad as before. I dont even need a binder so yaay!!!
Ok so again no new pictures. Nothing has changed really. I will try to take some new ones tho this weekend. Till next time!!!! xoxo

Wow I have not updated in like forever it seems....

Wow I have not updated in like forever it seems. Lets see I'm 3 months post op on the 13 th. I cant believe how fast time flies. On Monday I will be having my lipo done on my rt side and lower pooch. I'm a little nervous! But anxious to get it done and over with. My tummy still swells and still have stretching and some pulling. But other than that I feel awesome. I workout about 3-4 times a week. My weight has been very stable. It's been actually more challenging now after the tummy tuck to drop weight. It's irritating! I still watch what i eat for the most part. I have had my weak moments and eat junk food galore! But even after that I step on the scale and not one ounce was gained. Kinda wired though cause I've always been the type of person that puts on weight very easily. Anyway I'm still loving my results. Best thing I ever did for myself. I will be hopefully posting pictures this weekend. And then post some after my lipo. Oh I forgot to mention my scar! It's still the same as in the pictures I already have posted. My BB is still struggling to heal. I have noticed very slight improvement. I'm going to Vegas in about a month and I'm a little nervous about my BB. I'm going to a beach party. Not sure how I'm gonna cover up my BB. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ok I hope everyone is doing well! Xoxo

* weird* not wired. Damn so called smart phone. Lol

* weird* not wired. Damn so called smart phone. Lol

Ok so I got my touch up lipo today. My palms were...

Ok so I got my touch up lipo today. My palms were so sweaty and my whole body was tense. I was sooo scared. But I did it. The worse part was the numbing of the fat. The sounds though... Damn!!! We spoke of were exactly he was doing lipo and he did tell me some disappointing news, and that was that the creases I have on my rt would not go away. :(. And that he also thought that I would need lipo of my whole abdomen. :( So he did not do touch lipo in my lower pooch. I felt as though he says one thing one visit and the next he tells me different. IDK!!! I really dont think I need lipo of my entire abdomen. What do you ladies think? I mean I look so much better than before. I knew that I still had weight to lose but I'm happy with what I see. We did discuss my thunder thighs. lol.And he agreed I need lipo there and my inner thighs. So I got a quote for that. An Im looking at 2800.00 for everything. But I wont be doing that till sometime next yr. Gotta save up first. I do love my thighs but they do need some help. So I posted some updated pics. I just took them this morning. I will post in a few weeks the area that got lipo. Hopefully we can see a difference. So I really need your honest opinions on if you think I need lipo in my adbomen? I appeciate it very much.

I'm a little over 5 mos po op and I pretty much...

I'm a little over 5 mos po op and I pretty much feel back to normal. The surgery now is a distant memory. I can't believe I actually did it. Wow something I had been wanting for so long is now a faint memory. I can lay on my tummy with no problem now. I can exercise with no limitations. But I have noticed that I am not as motivated to exercise. I've been under so much stress and I think thats the reason why I don't feel like doing shit. But I'm trying to get myself out of this funk. I need to get my ass back to the gym at least 4 times a week. I'm only doing 2 days. And I eat what ever I want. I have not put on weight thank god. But I know if I'm not careful eventually it will catch up with me. I still swell and lately with this weather I noticed I'm swelling a little more. I don't really trip about it cause well it's part of the process and I'm not real careful with my salt intake so there you go. I had touch up lipo back in may and I can't say i see much of a difference. I wish my right side matched my left side. Thats about the only thing negative about my results. I still have a big lump on my lower abdomen where my T scar is. I mentioned it before. I'm starting to get use to it. Maybe in the future it's something I may look into possibly getting it fixed. It would be nice if it just got smaller on it's own. :) My pant size has not changed since the initial 2 pant sizes that I had dropped. I was a 16 and now even with the swelling I'm a 12. And in some 12's I have a huge gap at my waist. But I have wide hips and to try and squeeze myself into a 10 would be hilarious. Maybe once I can finally start dropping weight I can fit in a 10. Ok ladies I've been neglecting this site for awhile. Mostly because of the drama in my life. But I hope that everyone is well and healing nicely. I will do my best to take new pictures and post them. Till next update. Xoxo

New pictures! Not sure how many weeks or months I...

New pictures! Not sure how many weeks or months I am right now. lol!

Well well its been a mintue since I've updated. 7...

Well well its been a mintue since I've updated. 7 months po!!! I finally got the motivation I've been lacking to hit the gym 4 times a week. And that was stepping on the scale and seeing that I have put on 6 freaken pounds!!! Yes ladies 6 pounds. Talk about reality check. OH oh it gets better at the gym they were doing body fat checks. Mine did'nt come out so good. Actually it was worse than I expected. :( But it gave me the push I needed to get my ass back on track!!! I've lost 3 pounds of the 6 already so yaay me!!! lol. I have not follow up with my ps since my 4 month check I think. I was suppose to go back but I've been a busy girl! As far as how I feel and how my tummy is!! Hmm well lets see I still swell. Yes ladies at 7 months I still swell. It's not really a big deal. I dont even pay attention to it. My tummy is still flat. But I've noticed that I can grab one small roll when sitting. Well more like when I'm slouching. But I do keep in mind that I was not at my ideal weight when the surgery was done. So to be honest it doesn't bother me. I love my body. NOW!!! I still have numbness on my lower abdomen and a little on my hips. I do wonder if I'll ever get feeling back. My scar is still dark. My bellybutton is dark aswell. I did hit the beach a lot this summer. And I was'nt really covering it up. But I put sunscreen on like crazy even on my surgery scar but it seemed a little darker when I would look at it later the next day. So I guess we'll see what happens as time goes by. So Ive babbled now. I dont hear from alot of the girls anymore. I hope everyone is good and is happy with their results. I will try to post some picture in the near future. lol I still look the same as the most recent ones that are up. Ive made a personal promise and high goal for myself and that is the gym. I will continue with the 4 maybe 5 day a week workouts. Ive also changed up my workouts. Thats another thing I forgot to mention is how working out is for me after this long journey. I would say only the first couple months was it strange. But now I would say it's so much better. I'm not a runner but I've started to implement that into my cardio workouts and it's so nice to run and not have shit infront jiggling. lol. Man that was awful. I want to get my long awaited arm definition. And my legs well that a whole nother blog haha. But I hope that when I do post pictures I'll have dropped at least 1 more pounds. Which has been haunting me since I've started working out again. Wish me luck on that and take care all hope to be able to read more updates of the women that have been thru this along side of me. xoxoxo

I ment I want to drop 10 more pounds not 1. :)

I ment I want to drop 10 more pounds not 1. :)

10 months I think I was off by a month on my last...

10 months I think I was off by a month on my last post. Anywho life continues and the disicion to do this surgery remains the same. I'm still happy with my results. There isn't much to report as far as how I feel. I do have some areas that I'm not completely satisfied with like my t scar it has a ball of scar tissue and it bothers me even sometimes hurts me. I'm gonna talk to my doctor about if its even possible to remove. And of course my rt side of abdomen. When I'm at my lowest weight it's not so noticeable. And I still swell. Yea almost a year later and I still have some swelling. It's not so bad but I still notice at the end of the day. I'm very aware of my body so I notice very quickly when I've put on even 3 pounds. Lol. I hope everyone is well. I have updated pics of me. I think I pretty much look the same. Which is good cause I've maintained. Xoxo

1 year post op..... It's been a year since my...

1 year post op.....
It's been a year since my tummy tuck. Still no regrets. I waited a year to find out if I would get any feeling back on my lower tummy. And the answer is no!!! It's not as numb as before but it's like more on the surface like the first layer of skin. Since the holidays I've gained 10 pounds!!!! Yes, 10 pounds and its been so hard to lose just 1 pound of it. I workout a lot. But as always my problem is'nt the exercise it's my diet. But I refuse to let anymore weight pile on. Ok now that all is healed and my tummy is cute and flat I've had a new obsession. Now I want to get a cute tattoo on my lower tummy. Not sure what. But something that will cover up my T scar. Oh and yea I've been checking out the navel piercings. I am a little reluctant about the piercing thou cause I had it before surgery and it migrated out. Then I got it repierced and when I took it out it never healed hence the T scar now. So I dont know. Anyone have any advise??? I do think it would look so adorable.. Ok so if and when I do decide on the piercing I'll post new pics. Hope everyone is doing well.

2 years post op

Wow oh wow! It's been 2 years. Still no regrets. I love my tummy. Awhile back I put on the weight I lost after the surgery. I'm happy to say I finally lost it. I workout like a mad man. It's a must if your anything like me. I've struggled with weight all my life. So now I call myself gymrat. Lol Anyways swelling, yup I still do. Not as bad as before and it's not all the time. Depends on what I've eaten. Usually the salty foods will do it. Happy healing all.

2 1/2 years later

Wow I haven't posted in a long time!! Ok update. I've achieved losing 11 pounds in the last month. Yay!! Maybe another 10 will be great and I'll be a size 8. Which will be my lowest ever in adult hood. Lol. I've never regretted doing this for myself and encourage anyone that wants to do it. The benefits of feeling confident and sexy out way the scar!! You kinda even forget about it. My current weight is 173. And I'm counting on 10 more to go. I hope my story has inspired someone.

3 1/2 years since my tummy tuck

It's been such a rough year! From moving out of my apartment to shortly after being in a car accident and the very next day losing my job! 2015 has really sucked! My weight has been a total roller coaster! One thing I haven't given up on is staying active. Even after I gained 10 pounds it did not derail me! Earlier this year I joined a boot camp! Omg I love it! I still go to the gym! I know I'm nuts! But it's what's keeping me sane right now! I did the mud runner in June of this year. I wasn't in the best shape but I did it. I'm now training to complete the Gladitor Rock n Run next May and the tough mudder in October! I can't say that would have done this if I hadn't done the tummy tuck. I just feel so much better not having all that in the way!!! So yea even though I'm going through some challenges right now I've stayed optimistic! Next year will be fun! And hopefully along a new job! sometimes I look at my before tummy tuck pictures! And I just can't imagine not having done the surgery! I love buying workout capris. Some I never imagined wearing! Lol the pain was worth it! Now along my surgery line and my lower abdomen it still numb! I assuming after all this time I will not be getting any feeling back. It is weird when theres an itch. You scratch and can't tell if you got the itch. Smh. I knew that going into the Surgery I might lose feeling. It's not a very big deal. I still swell somewhat! Usually during the heat waves and its very lil. I only notice when wearing tight clothing. My belly button to me is weird and maybe a lil bigger then I'd like. I may one day consult on fixing it. My scars are lite but I have the t scar. That one is the darkest of all the others. And it's wear I've been wanting to get a tattoo. Like a cute butterfly! ;) so I'm posting pictures! And I hope this update helps anyone! Feel free to ask anything. Thank you
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