33 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'2", 130lbs, 34a/b - 400cc Mentor HP Silicone Under the Muscle. Anaheim, CA

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2 more days!!! This is something I've wanted for...

2 more days!!! This is something I've wanted for so long, I can't believe it's actually happening. I had my first consult when I was 18 and here I am at 33 finally going through with it. You would think I'd be more prepared but nope! I have so much to do with only 2 days left. That's okay though. I approached my pregnancies the same way with a very roll with the punches attitude and my deliveries were both easy peasy. I am hoping this will be the same experience!

So I am 5'2" and heavier than I usually am at a little over 130lbs. I initially decided on 375cc HP silicone under the muscle. That was at my pre-op about 2 weeks ago. After looking at boobie pictures every darn day and talking to a friend that just got hers done last night...I called my PS to bump up to 400cc this morning. I don't want to be really top heavy. But I don't want to end up wishing I had gone bigger, which seems to be the recurring theme in a lot of post op reviews. Fingers crossed I made the right call!!!

Less than 24 hours!!!

Oh man...I have this really excited but super nervous feeling in my chest. Similar to starting your first day at a new school as a kid. Lol.

I still have not been able to do everything I was hoping to do before the big day. But this week has really kicked my butt from work, to home, and helping my parents move last weekend. I wonder what it will be like to "take it easy" during my recovery. I don't think I've really done that since my first maternity leave. Haha. It's just been go, go, go ever since.

Well, I haven't really posted any pics. I think u should even if it's just for my own reference. But I'm a little hesitant at the thought of putting myself out there on the Internet despite it being anonymous. Plus my husband is sitting beside me...I doubt he'd be too happy with the sharing. Lol. Maybe I will get the nerve to post pre-op tomorrow morning. Btw, my surgery time is at 1:00pm and I have to check in at 11:00am. Praying that everything goes smoothly. Good vibes to all on this journey!!!

Yay! All done!!!

We got to the surgical center at 1100 today as scheduled. My surgery was supposed to be at 1:45pm but by noon they called me in and we were rockin and rollin.

Everyone was really nice and trying their best to calm my nerves. It also helped that my amazing husband was there while they prepped me. He always knows how to
make me laugh even in the toughest situations. They stuck an IV in me, which was a lot easier than I thought, and wheeled me off to the operating room. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist asking me what I did for work and then BAM! I was awake with huge knockers! Lol. Not really but you know what I mean...

The pain has been intense but not enough to make me cry or anything. My arms hurt so bad but I have been trying to move them around as my nurse suggested. It hurts when I move them but in a relieving kind of way. Like when you get a really deep massage. I have been falling in and out of sleep since we got home. I made sure to eat mashed potatoes before I took my first pain med because I am terrified of feeling nauseous and vomitting! I feel like I am now getting used to the tightness and pressure. Still hurts a whole lot tho.

I am thankful everything has gone smoothly so far. My husband is on his way to pick up the kids. I still need to think about how I am going to explain this to them but I really cannot wait to see them!

Day 2 Post Op

Reading all these reviews couldn't have prepared me for how it actually feels to recover. I guess it's not the worst thing in the world but I'm just so not used to feeling this horrible and not being able to do anything...

Yesterday morning we went to the grocery store before my husband had to go to work at 1pm. I felt fine walking around, which was recommended in my post op instructions. I didn't try to reach for anything or push the cart though. By the time we were paying for our things I was feeling light headed/nauseous.

The rest of the day was spent on my couch while the kids watched tv and hung around me. Although they don't know exactly why I feel so horrible, they know I don't feel well and they have been sooo sweet. I'm a very lucky Mommy. My 8 year old son was constantly asking me if I needed anything. And he and my 6 year old daughter were apologizing that they had asked me to make them a sandwich. Lol. They are so thoughtful.

By the end of the day I decided to switch out my Norcos for extra strength Tylenol. I just really dislike feeling nauseous and I have been able to manage the pain. I just feel a lot of tightness still but I wouldn't consider that pain. I get pains in my arms so I just try to stretch them as much as I able to.

I expect more of the same today. Hope everyone is recovering well today!
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