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I am a 31 year old mother of two and want to...

I am a 31 year old mother of two and want to regain my confidence. I had my first daughter at 18 with a 50 lb weight gain. I'm 4'11 at 112lbs and have always had a small chest. I just want to feel comfortable in my own body. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck, hip lipo, and breast augmentation in September. I do workout but no amount of working out will get rid of the flab, stretch marks or loose skin! I have been with my husband for 5 years and I still hate getting undressed in front of him. I just want to feel good again and what better time to do it than in your thirties.

Tons of stretch marks

Hidden flab

I always try to hide my tummy with high waisted anything

More pics


My surgery date is 3 weeks away and the time can't pass fast enough. I don't think I have ever been this excited for anything. I know it will be painful but it all seems so worth it.

My dream body

Boob wish pics


Clean meals to help me stay on track when I can't cook!


Some stuff I have been gathering trying to prepare for the big day! I even bought sheets so I don't ruin my good ones.


I finally decided what size breast to go with, 400cc HP sub muscular! Got all my scripts filled and now I'm just counting down the days till the 15th. I'm super excited but also very nervous.

Not as bad as I thought it would be

The pain Meds are the worse I'm not use to taking pain medication and it makes me very nauseous. Everything looks good from what I can see. Stuck with 400cc hp implants and so far I love them. The pain isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Plus I have my wonderful family to help me????

Boob card

Day 2

Pain isn't to bad, I'm just sleepy from all the pain Meds.

Full body pic

Not the best pic but it's the best of what I have so far

Itching is fierce

I had my drain removed yesterday and the steri strips caused some allergic reaction. So needless to say the itchiness is driving me mad. I have used sarna, Benadryl pill form, hydrocortisone cream and still feel like I wanna rip my skin off. Anyways I'm gonna post some pics as well.


Thought I added these with my last post


Last Friday I went and had my drain removed and steri strips taken off. The steri strips had caused a rash due to water getting under the strips. Anyways the itching is pretty bad. All and all I'm thrilled with my results. I still have stretch marks but I am considering laser treatment to at least lighten them more.

Looking better

So the itching has subsided substantially! Thank the heavens. My scar is looking better. I still have tons of stretch marks but that something I was prepared for. So I have thought about laser removal but it's not guaranteed to work. Since I have tattoos already, I have decided to go with a tattoo cover up. All in all I think it's the best way to go and will be cheaper in the long run.

Tummy tuck cover ups

I absolutely adore these tattoos. I wouldn't consider this if I didn't have as many stretch marks. So for me I feel that it just makes sense.


So I started taking bromelain a little over a week ago and it has drastically reduced my swelling. Went to my two week appointment yesterday and was cleared to wear spanx. I am sooo happy about the spanx I hate my garment. I was also cleared to start moisturizing with something that is all natural. I have bio oil but I have this other stuff called body merry defense oil. I love this way more than the bio oil and it's all natural, smells wonderful as well. I'm posting pics and you can see that my left breast is settling more than the right. I have been massaging my right breast more now so it will drop faster. Anyways things have been going well. Really I just can't wait till I can start working out again.

Tummy tuck binder

I bought this last night and I already love it. I like how it has double straps so I can make it tight where I feel it's needed.

Tummy tuck incision

Everyday my incision is looking better everyday. Though the left side looks way better than the right. The right side is where I blistered from the steri strips. The swelling isn't near as bad. The worse is at the end of the day after I've been doing things. Work starts next week and I'm a little nervous about going back. My job requires a lot of standing and as of right now my lower back hurts like a mofo. Also I tried the marble/ear plug belly button thing and I'm not so sure I like the result after sleeping with it in two nights.

Microbladed brows

So I know this has nothing to do with my mommy make over but I thought it could be helpful to anyone considering microblading. I practically have no brows and I haven't plucked my brows in years. My brows literally don't get thick or grow anymore due to over plucking in my teens (skinny brow era). Anyways it was a hard decision to make and pick a reputable esthetician. They use numbing cream so it doesn't hurt as bad. If you have ever gotten a tattoo it's similar; though it's on your face, lol. It's not just one time and done. Ive been quoted two touch ups, so far I've had my first touch up. Microblading is done by hand with a blade where the esthetician makes hair strokes. Thus, creating a more natural looking brow. Only down side is that it only last upwards to 1 to 2 years. Your brows will look scary at first but after they completely flake you will be able to see the hair strokes. I had to do my brows everyday before I went out and refused to get my face wet at the pool, hard with kids lol. Not having to do my brows has literally cut my makeup time in half.

The girls are dropping

Finally the girls are starting to drop and get softer. Seriously I'm tired of massaging my boobies!

Back to work

What a week and still one more day haha! It's been hard this last week just trying to transition back to work. I start off standing straight and by the end of the day I'm slightly bent again. The first two days seemed brutal. I realized just how slow I am, lol. The following days were not so bad. I started to feel better and my body adjusted to moving more. I am still swollen but it's not that bad. Of course the swelling is worse at the end of the day. Also I've been cleared to walk and now lift up to 20 lbs, yay! I'm still wearing the spanx and binder but they actually make my tummy feel a little more secure.

Flat in the morning

I'm always flattest in the morning. The girls have definitely settled. I hoping they are done dropping.

Workout mode

So I'm trying to get back into the groove of working out again. I was able to walk on an incline at a good pace without discomfort for 30 minutes. Then another 30 minutes of weight training upper body. I Can't lift anything over 20 pounds per docs instructions. I tried some jumping roping with the girls snug in a bra but that was a no go I felt it too much in my abs. I do wear my binder or waist trainer to work out. I feel that it holds me in and just feels safer. I've also started scar therapy with scar tape for 5 days and biocornium for the other two days. Oh and since my swelling has went down I seriously don't even think about my stretch marks anymore. #takewhatyoucanget #behappy
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Dulin because of several referrals from other mommy makeover patients. He was very nice and told me exactly what I needed. His patient consultant was awesome and made me feel very comfortable.

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