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I'm just going to start off by telling you I got saline implants, 400cc's filled to 450cc's, per areola. I cant stress enough, how amazing my whole experience was. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I just felt welcome. I had booked my consult. with Kim instead of Dr. Jugenburg so I could get in faster. She answered the few questions I had very thoroughly. I had originally wanted my incision point to be trans ax (under the armpit) but she was unsure if he would be able to achieve the look I wanted with that approach so she called Dr. Jugenburg in and I also got to speak with him. He confirmed that the best incision point for me would be per areola (thru my nipple). This I had major anxiety about, until I got to see a per areola surgury done on his snapchat & then any little worry I had was gone. Even now, I'm SOO glad that's the way I went. You literally can't tell unless I have nothing on. With under the breast fold or trans ax there would be scars (minimal, mind you, but with a bikini top and your arms up you can still see them) Not that at first that was ever a concern of mine, I now just think its so amazing. My scars are about an inch long. It's only just been two months since I've had my surgery & one of my scars is almost impossible to see! The other one, it's raised but not even a typical funky scar color. Which I think is so impressive for just two months after having surgery. Everyone that I had the pleasure of dealing with was soo amazing. Kim, who I originally had my consult with, was suchhhh a doll. So helpful with helping me choose the right size of implant for my body. I brought my mother to the consult with me, and she helped ease her mind, and answered any questions she had. She gave me a number I could reach her at and told me if I needed anything to call or text, day or night. Dr. Jugenburg so professional and helpful, he really took amazing care of me in the surgery room. He made me feel comfortable. Answered very well any questions I may of had. He's so amazing at what he does it's really mind blowing. Marina helped me just before surgery with taking all my needed medication and answered and last minute questions I had. Mostly just helped me get ready for surgery. But she was also the one who helped me afterwords. She wheeled me to my rooms after worlds, helped me get in bed and checked on me the morning after surgery. Dr. Sleepy ( the anesthesiologist) was so kind, he explained everything to me and let me know what was happening when it was happening. As well as really gentle, I didn't feel the needle go in at all. Nurse Amazing, she's the nurse in the room with the Dr. during the surgery and helps prep you. She just kept talking to me to keep me calm. She held my had and rubbed my head till I was under. Literally, just so amazing. There was another lady in the room as well that was prepping me, she wrapped my legs in a blanket and stuff. So nice, kind and gentle. The Nurse in the recovery room was also a gem. I was having some hot flashes and she stool by me and fanned me. And all the nurses that I've seen after my surgery for check ups have also all be soo wonderful as well. My recovery was barely even a recovery. I stopped my paid meds four days after surgery and was back at work six days after. I had - ABSOLUTELY ZERO PAIN ! I don't know if that's just me, and I just got lucky. But experienced more pain from doing Pilates, or going to the dentist, or just tripping and falling. I was a little stiff for a couple days, but it was practically nothing. It was literally the best decision I've ever made, I feel great, I now look even better & I'm so so sooo happy with the results. Thank you all so much. xx

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