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I have recently had my third breast augmentation, and I saw Dr Cotrufo at the Fulham Transform clinic. My experience with previous surgeons left me feeling extremely nervous about having another procedure. I always found in the past that they did not really take the time to understand my needs, or to find out what my long term goal was. I felt they always just wanted the easiest operation and quickest timescale. My last procedure was approximately five years ago, at the time I was happy with the outcome as I needed the reduction desperately. However as time went on I found myself more and more self-conscience. My aim was to be a DD at the largest, however I came out at GG! Therefore this is the reason I started to consider the option of one last procedure. After months of thinking about it I booked an appointment through Transform and saw Dr Cotrufo. My first appointment was fantastic, we discussed my previous experience and what my concerns were. Dr Cotrufo took the time to listen to what I wanted and discuss possible options. The best part about the appointment was that Dr Cotrufo asked me to go away and really think about what I wanted, as he didn’t feel I was 100% sure of what outcome I wanted. I then went back for a second appointment to discuss in more detail what I wanted, again Dr Cotrufo took the time to listen to me. He then went through all the options and possible outcomes, he also expressed his concern that the procedure might not give me the results I wanted to achieve. So again he sent me away, but this time was for him to spend some time on my procedure and see what would be achievable. After a short while I then had another appointment and we all agreed we will go ahead and carry out the procedure! On the day of the operation the hospital care was amazing, I was made to feel so comfortable and at ease. Dr Cotrufo was again a pleasure, he explained exactly what he would be doing in the operation, and talked me through the aftercare and timescale of recovery. I am now 9 weeks post the procedure, and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome! i feel so happy that I carried out the procedure and I don’t think I would have done so had it not been for Dr Cotrufo. The time he took over the procedure was so reassuring and put me at ease the whole time. If anyone is in the situation I was I would advise you book an appointment with Dr Cotrufo! Thank you Casey Edmonds

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