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Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I went to Dr. Naman because he came highly recommended by a friend. When I went for my first consultation, I was nervous, embarrassed at how bad my body looked and not at all excited about having to get naked and take photos. However, I knew it was part of the process and kept my focus on the reason why I was doing it and the outcome. When I walked through the door into Dr. Naman's office I was immediately greeted with a cheerful hello by all staff behind the front desk before I even made it to the desk to sign in. As I filled out the paperwork, I noticed that one of my favorite Christian songs was playing on the overhead speakers. They had the radio on one of the best Christian radio stations in our area. That immediately gave me some relief. Also, I noticed, other than a few books about some of the procedures and skin care system they recommend, there were Bibles distributed all over the waiting room. I knew that God had my back!! He knew exactly where to lead me. I am very strong in my faith and was happy to learn that Dr. Naman and his staff were, also. I did not have to wait long before they called me back and had me change into the gown. By now, I had a peace I cannot explain. All of the worry and shame about me having to show my ugly body to people I did not know and have pictures taken of it, had all gone away. The nurse came in and took all of the photos and then uploaded them onto the flat screen in the room. All I could do was stare at how awful I looked in those photos and wonder what in the world was he going to think of this hot mess. From the time they called me back to the time Dr. Naman walked into the room was no more than 10 minutes. In walked this humble, genuine man, who through just the way he carried himself, you could tell he was just a "Good Person". I was immediately comfortable with him. He began the conversation by asking about me and who I was and what I did and what I like to do. He was interested in knowing who I was! He then ask me what I wanted to have done and what I wanted the outcome to be. I explained to him that I had been in a car accident a little over a year ago and had some serious internal injuries that did not allow me to exercise in any way and thus had gained a good amount of weight and also, as a result of my injuries, had not been able to wear a bra since the accident thus leading to sagging breast. This was not something I was used to because I had always been a small B cup and my breast did not have enough to sag. However, with the weight gain, my breast had gotten larger and saggy. Also, at 25 had to have a hysterectomy where they had to cut me from hip bone to hip bone not once, but twice within a 3 month period which led to a huge gulley at the bottom of my abdomen. I wanted to see if he could cut that whole scar out, do lipo of the abdomen, flanks, breast, neck and back, a tummy tuck and a breast lift with possible implants just to round out the top of my breast. To my surprise, he told me all of that was very do-able, explained to me exactly what he would be doing, how long it would take, what to expect afterwards and how long the surgery would take. He did tell me after explaining the breast procedure that he thought I would not need implants and that I would be satisfied with just the breast lift. A lot of doctors would have just done the implants to be able to make more money, but not Dr. Naman. He explained to me he was concerned about the amount of procedures that he would be doing and how long it would take. He explained he does not like to go over 5 to 5 1/2 hours under anesthesia and he felt like he could get it all done, but if not, what would I choose to leave out and come back at another time to have done, at no extra charge. He took as much time as I needed from him to answer questions and concerns and never rushed me. I was surprised that he informed me that I could have all of this done in as little as two weeks and so it was a done deal. The day of my surgery, he came and met with me for about 30 minutes, prayed with me and told me that he would see me soon. Everyone at his office and surgical facility was extremely accommodating, kind and calming. I was his second case and do not remember having to wait very long to be whisked off to surgery. It did not take as long as they thought it would and he was able to get everything done. I know that God led me to Dr. Naman. He is not only a fantastic Dr., but a great person, as well. He did tell my mom that after they did the lipo on the sides of my breast and the breast lift that I was a pretty small B like I used to be and that since he talked me out of the implants, if I decided I wanted them after all, he showed my mom the box of implants they had with my name on it. Such a wonderful man!! I cannot say enough about him! I am almost 3 weeks post op and am already seeing some great results and can only anticipate what it is going to look like in six weeks. If you live in the tri-state area, I would highly suggest and recommend that you use Dr. Vincent Naman for any plastic surgery needs. His staff, I cannot say enough about them, either!! They are all just wonderful! Thanks to you all!

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