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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I've wanted a nose job since I was a teenager, but was nervous for multiple reasons. I was extremely nervous about the cost and I was also paranoid that a doctor would mess up my face for the rest of my life. I've had so many friends get rhinoplasty and none of them have looked that great. I finally decided that I should take the first step and get consultations. Before Dr. Svehlak, I saw two other highly recommended surgeons, but I felt like I was faking excitement about them. Neither of them had me convinced. After I walked out of Dr. Svehlak's office, I was ready to book my appointment and did. On top of having deserved stellar reviews, he knew the most about the procedure and walked me through every step. He showed me a before-and-after of my nose. While he assured me it wouldn't be identical, I was insanely impressed and it helped seal the deal. I booked an appointment a few days later. He happened to have an opening so I got it done pretty quickly. The cost, especially compared to other plastic surgeons in the area, was very reasonable. And the office uses Care Credit, so I essentially put down money to lock my surgery date and I'm paying 0% interest over the course of a year to pay the rest of the surgery off. Again, it was really affordable, especially considering how amazing it ended up looking. I loved that they gave me a quote that including everything, from anesthesia to all my appointments. The procedure ended up being painless for me. It's awkward to get the packing taken out, but Dr. Svehlak was quick about it. I've been back for three follow-ups in the month since the surgery, the day after surgery, once to take the packing out, and once for a routine check-up. I had a unique experience and had very little bruising after the surgery that disappeared within 24 hours. My nose has been ahead of schedule in terms of healing. I got my packing taken out five days after surgery, ahead of schedule. And I went back to work the day after. My nose is still draining a month later, which is annoying, but expected. Part of my surgery was for a deviated septum and turbinate reduction. I'm still congested, which is typical after surgery, so I'm excited to see the results from that. It's changed my life having the procedure done. I can't say enough about Dr. Svehlak. In addition to a fantastic surgery and amazing results, he's also a really nice, smart guy. I encourage anyone to go to him.

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