23 years old / 290cc Antomicals. 32AA to 32DD

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Hello beautiful people! For those of you who have...

Hello beautiful people! For those of you who have followed me on my rhinoplasty journey, you are all the sweetest ever! And now it's time for another journey....to boobland! I am beyond excited :D

4''9" / 100lbs / 25" underbust / 24" waist / 38" hips
Currently I'm a 32AA / 30A. My pictures give me too much credit haha.

I go in for my first consultation, again with Dr. Robert louton, on Tuesday 30th at 9am. I'm aiming to get the surgery January 5th since it's so slow at work I really won't miss anything.

I've really done my homework on augmentation but I have no idea of whether or not I want saline or silicone or the CC amount. I'm thinking teardrop mod profile under the muscle.
I don't want them to be tooo huge but I definitely want to run away from the A cup! I've also got a giant butt so I'd like to even out a little bit :p

Any thoughts or advice on picking size and type? Especially for my weird little frame

Wish boobs!

Some boobs I like :)

Is it weird to not want to talk to my dad about this?

My dad has been my best friend my entire life. He was so supportive every step of the way during my rhinoplasty. But this is...my boobs. My grandmother raised me and talking to her about it has been great. I asked her not to tell my dad just because it feels awkward to me but the cat was already out of the bag and she said he's 100% supporting my decision.
Again, though, it's my BOOBS. A private part of my body.
I've seen a lot of realself ladies post about their supportive parents but has anyone else felt weird talking to fathers about it?

350cc Silicone Textured Teardrop Partial Unders

I know I know - they say teardrop has more of a chance of rotation/getting wonky. I addressed this with him and he said that yes, with smooth teardrop there's a decent chance, but there's really not with the textured. He also explained to me that because I'm so petite [4'9" with almost no fat on my upper body] the round implants have a high chance of giving me too much of an upper pole. Dr. Louton is very up front and honest - with confidence he told me he's never had a textured teardrop implant rotate.

Trying on sizers was so fun! I really liked 300cc and 350cc; I'd be happy with either. As long as it gets me out of this AA/A cup rut! As far as some saying the teardrop is more firm - it had the same nice squish as the round silicone which was awesome :D

I'm scheduled for January 5th, the exact date I wanted! I'll go in early in the morning and it should last 1-3 hours. I'll have drains in for the first 48 hours, blegh but worth it! They quoted me $7650 with everything included which is about what I expected. I'm going to do $5500 up front and finance the rest through Care Credit as I did with my nose.

Thoughts? :)

T minus two months and two weeks! A little bump in the road

Holy crap, this is coming up so soon! Unfortunately my place of employment caught on fire on Oct 4th and will be closed until about Feb. Weeks without work really put a dent in my savings for the procedure :( Thankfully I start a new serving job this week! It just sucks that I'm going to have to finance way more, especially when I'm still paying off my nose [almost done]. So my plan of paying $5500 and financing about $2300 is out the window. It'll be more like finance $3700 unless I make bankkkk at my new job.

My pre-op is Dec 23rd. Can you choose high profile and moderate profile with textured teardrops? I don't see why not, but we didn't discuss that part at the consult.

Either way, I'm super excited!!!

Picking implant size is the worssttt

Oh my goodness. I have been all over this site up, down and sideways looking through reviews in hopes that it would help me narrow down my size range. Nope. I've seen girls start as 32AA/A, get 350cc and end up 32D. I also saw a girl at 32A get less than 300cc and end up a D/DD.

Should I just take wish pictures to my pre-op?

Again, we are doing textured anatomical with the under/over muscle placement. At my initial consultation we discussed somewhere in the 300cc-350cc range.


Under way too much stress! Work has been awful

Hey ladies and gents! So I've got a month to go, how time flies!

As you may have read in my previous post, my job that I was at for 2 years caught on fire Oct 4th and I was out of work until Oct 21st when I started a new serving job. Most everyone who has been there are veterans, being there for years and the new ones for 7 months. Everything was great for the first week or two. Now, however, a few of them expect me to be up to par with the veterans which has resulted in me finding out that the "water cooler conversation" is about how shi**y I'm doing. Despite me constantly asking the other girls if they need anything, running their drinks etc., it looks like all I do is "stand around and ignore people when they ask me to do things". Now I'll tell you we were SLAMMED today and I was the only server to not say aloud, "I really want to kill/strangle someone right now." I was in good spirits the entire time. Maybe it was just easy for them to feel better by [metaphorically of course] strangling me? Honestly I felt like I did a really good job today and that I really stepped up my game. It was pretty awful to be immediately shot down. No one said it to my face - when one of the night shift servers came in after me he pulled me aside and talked to me about how it was the topic of conversation. How inappropriate and immature is that?

All of this being said, I'm thinking about getting an office job. In Pennsylvania server wage is around $2 which isn't even enough to cover our taxes. Therefore, we get $0 paychecks and owe money for our tax returns. Some nights I make $200 and some days I make $10. Even if an office job is on average less per hour, I think it would be worth it to alleviate some stress and have guaranteed income.

So far the advice/kind words I've heard have been "I'm sure you were doing just fine and some people were just cranky and looking for a scapegoat." But one of the girls didn't even talk to me for the rest of the night and she was fine with everyone else. I don't want to talk to my boss about it - if he addresses everyone then they're only going to be more pissed at me and probably tell me I need to toughen up.

Any opinions on what I should do? Thank you!

Paid off my nose, work issues resolved, all sorts of good stuff!

Yay, less stress! I'm also going to buy a cheap little bikini top for my before and after pictures. It's getting closer!

How long did you need someone to take care of you?

My boyfriend needs to request off of work to take care of little ole me!! How long did you need someone to give you the star treatment? I've heard you'll need to have someone on hand 24/7 for at least two days, and I know it varies person to person. So I'm trying to get as much input as possible. Thanks ladies!

Pre-op appointment went well! One week to go!

I had my pre-op appointment last week with one of the lovely nurses. She went over all of my prescription information, aftercare, gave me an ice pack and let me play with the implants again. Dr. Louton had written down that the smallest would be 165 but he would ideally like to go to about 330cc. The 330 sizers seemed a little big but then again even the tiny sizers felt huge to me!

I can't believe that I'm only ONE WEEK away! I still need to fill my prescriptions and buy all of my aftercare things. My boyfriend is taking a week off to take care of me :D I've overloaded him with so much boob information. We'll be looking at before and after pictures and he'll say, "those look good, are the done with d&f yet?" He's really in this with me.

I can't believe this is actually happening! I have a huge box FILLED with clothes I bought in hopes that a superly padded A/AA bra would let me fill it out but had no luck. Hopefully it'll all fit me once I get boobies. I won't even need to go clothes shopping! Especially since most things I own are way too big in the boobs anyway ha.

13 hours away! holy crap!!!

Wow, this does not feel real at all. I go in at 6:45am, so we'll be leaving around 4am. Weee I'm so excited! If any of you girls use instagram you should follow me at cakeba2015

Got my prescriptions filled finally, washing all of my sheets tonight and cleaning the whole house. Got my recovery bras for like $10 from walmart. Lots of soup and eggs since I'm such a weird eater haha. I'll post an update as soon as I can! Yay!

290cc! On le other side and feeling pretty good.

Hey lovely people! I am on zee other side! Just woke up from a nice little nap. Hooray for percocet! I was in some pretty extreme discomfort but I'm much better now. My boyfriend is being amazing, yay! Currently eating crackers and pineapple. I expected him to choose the 330cc which I was honestly a little scared of so i'm glad we went smaller. Also I don't feel high which is awesome haha. I''ll try to take more pictures later!


I was able to go up and down my stairs plus i could go to the bathroom on my own! My doctor said I could unhook and take a peak real quick. Here ya go! Again, so glad he didn't do 330. I know they're probably swollen and just look big but we shall see!

290ccs. Told my boyfriend to go home!

He's been taking good care of me but he just doesn't want to talk today. I had to bug him about it like 6 times just to get a single word.Eventually he got pissy and told me he had a sore throat and didn't want to talk unless absolutely necessary. I'd rather sit here by myself than deal with that awkwardness. I kept trying to even just pay attention to what i was saying but he was just on his phone on facebook, per usual. We argue constantly, anyway. It's wonderful that he took off 5 days for me but I'm still probably breaking it off before valentines day. Independent woman over here!

Oh, and I took a gillion before pictures that I can't wait to do after pictures of!!!

Day two!

I never realized how much you use your pec muscles! omg! Everything from turning to get my water or pulling my laptop in closer. Super itchy from the percoset but I can deal. Also some slight tickling here and there. The band on my bra is sitting on my tubes I think but it's nothing unbearable. Still able to go to the bathroom by myself. I've heard everyone say that the second day is the worst but I've been doing just fine. Here are some pictures!

Well that felt weird! Also, can I go back to work with my stitches still in? Annnd THEY'RE HUGE

Got my drains out today! Not painful, just a really strange sensation. Like the tubes were being pulled out of something that was ribbed in texture. Make sense?

They made me an appt for the 22nd to get my tape and stitches removed. Unfortunately I didn't think it'd be that long to get them taken out. I planned on going back into work before then. I'm a server at a busy restaurant. I know they won't make me lift or reach anything that I'd struggle with but they'll still want me to try and move super quickly. I will definitely be calling my PS about it to see what he says. What do you girls think?

Anyway, they feel freakin huge!!! I know you're not really supposed to stress over cup size but when they said 290cc I was expecting a small B...don't think that's gonna happen! ha

4 days out. Crazy migraine and possibly catching a cold.

Today marks day 4 with these babies! Oh how time does fly. Unfortunately I got the worsttt migraine a few hours ago and it just won't go away. I've had an ice pack on and off which has helped a little bit and am about to take another perc to see if that helps at all. I think I'm catching a cold though with sore throat and stuffy/runny nose.

My boyfriend is kind've helping? I told him how much pain I was in but he left anyway to go out with his friends. He's just been sitting on my floor playing video games for a couple days (he brought his entire desktop). Not only did he say he's kinda sick of taking care of me but he's also been really bored and apparently he's very fatigued. Last time I checked, he wasn't the one getting foreign objects shoved into his boobie area so I don't know how opening my pill bottles and helping me downstairs is just draining him. If I try to do things for myself he gets pissy that I'm over-exerting but he acts like it's a bother to do a lot of the things for me, despite him saying he should be the only one to take care of me during this time. Honestly it's super stressing me out and that's the last thing I need. I'm going to try to find someone else to take care of me.

On the plus side, yay boobies!

Boom! Feeling pretty confident about this decision

I've pretty much accepted that my boyfriend doesn't really want anything to do with me right now. We watched 3 episodes of a tv show together then he just went upstairs without saying anything and it's been at least an hour. Neither my bed nor my futon meet his comfort standards so he's been sitting on the floor playing video games upstairs.

My boobs look great though! That's all that counts :D

So far at a DD! Not expected!

Honestly, when I heard "290cc" I thought I was going to be in a 32B and super sad. I know it's too soon to tell anything but just for fun I went shopping today and at H&M I filled out a 34C bathing suit and at VS I filled out 32DD! I've heard that VS is "vanity sizing" but still, that's crazy! They were also having a huge sale so I bought 2 bras. 1 of them I know won't fit me after I d&f but it was only $7 so I had to!!

Sorry for photo overload but I am just in love

I put on a bra with no lining and tried on one of my favorite corset-style tops that I could never fill out. Holy crappp! In a couple tops I look not too much bigger from when I'd wear an add-2-sizes bra but this is boobie central! I wish I had before pictures in it but you can imagine, flat as a board.

18 days post! Feeeling pretty good

I got my stitches out last week and everything is looking good. I developed Mondor's Cord but it's not really painful, thank goodness. I haven't really noticed the dreaded morning boob anymore, although my back does hurt since I'm normally a side or stomach sleeper. I go back in two weeks [Feb 11] for a check up. Woohp!

A little before and after at 34 days post! Oh and SIDEBOOB!

Some days I really feel like they're too big, but I've still got a while for d&f so I'm trying to be patient. I'm in the single world now, so that's fun! Aka I'm still just sitting around the house on my off days lol. I'm not too stoked about my 5:15pm appointment since the office is 2 hours away and it starts to get dark by then, but the receptionist didn't really couldn't budge on the date or time with my work schedule. I'll figure it out. Boobies!

Almost two months post! Lefty needs to drop

So far I am ecstatic with my boobs! Didn't think I'd end up a DD but as most of you know, you usually don't "look" as big as your cup size. My left needs to catch up to my right but that'll happen all in good time. I've been so impatient to go bra shopping I'm going nuts! I've bought a couple on super clearance but I actually go braless a lot [yay pasties!]

4 month update!

Remember that crappy ex I had? He was in a relationship not even a month after we officially ended things. I dumped him on the 11th of Jan and we kept hanging out for 2 weeks after, around the 25th. That ended when he flipped out because he thought I had been dating someone else [totally wasn't]. February 12th I got an angry text from him saying he hoped I was having fun with my new boyfriend [which I didn't have]. The next day he posted being in a relationship. Sucks for her, she gets a crazy person. Sucks for him, MY BOOBS ARE AWESOME. I measure at a 32DD pretty much everywhere.

It's a love/hate relationship

1) Too much projection. Unless I'm wearing a crew neck, you can see straight down to the middle part of my bra. At first I thought it was just the bras I was wearing but it's the same with pasties.
2) Finding a size 32DD bra that isn't $35+ is hard so I wear my pasties pretty often.
3) Stretch marks all around my nipples.
4) Constant breakouts.

Ripples when I bend over. Like anyone's going to see that.

1) They jiggle
2) I can at least fit into a bra, even if they are $$$
3) Lots of clothes fit me way better
4) The new bf loooves them! Before me, he was strictly a "butt guy" but I'm turning him into both!
5) I'm balanced out way better. Seriously, I run into crap WAY LESS OFTEN.

Wooh it's been almost a year since my last review!

Hello hello! The girls are doing pretty well :) I think my nips are just a tiny bit high, and my projection is a bit too much. You can see straight down ANY shirt that's not a crew neck. That's what fashion tape is for? Maybe in the future I'll switch them out for something a little smaller. Still a 30DD/32DD.
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