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I had a cheek, Chin&core-jowl and permalip...

I had a cheek,
Chin&core-jowl and permalip done today. I am swollen beyond belief but already see a nice shape! My chin is perfect ???? I will continue to update so in hopes I help others who want to see multi procedures (only one time healing!!) so glad I did this and look forward to sharing with you

Day 2 chin/jowl, lip, and cheek implants!

Day 2- very swollen but feel great

Day 2 and have no pain! I even slept well night of procedures!

Chin/prehospital incision

Day 3

I look like a balloon lol but I'm not hurting and the chin/cheeks/lips already have a pretty shape. I'm very excited to see the end results and the black eyes and swollen face is so worth it

Day 3 continues

I'm more swollen today than before if you can even imagine that but I know I'm going to love this!

Super swollen day 3

Woke up extremely swollen but i completely anticipated this so I am not concerned. Huge thanks to everyone doing reviews because it really prepared me!!

3 days after surgery peak swelling

I look like I had a few rounds with Mike Tyson but no pain at all. The swelling moved up in to my eye area and my eyes are swollen and black

Day 4 peak swelling

Hopefully swelling will start to resolve!! Day 4

Day 5

No pain and swelling is starting to resolve but wow am I yellow!

Day 6

Bruising is more yellow on face and lips are still fairly dark. Swelling has significantly resolved! I feel like I actually have a face and not a fat bluberry! Lips are getting a great shape and skin sheds every couple days like snake skin (regardless of being moist all the time)! I have noticed that no one EVER shares pics before 2'weeks so I feel this is very necessary and helpful for those looking to augment their faces!

Day 6 pics

Lip shape and apple cheeks are developing beautifully!

Day 6 after lips shed skin - refreshed

Day 7- Follow up with doctor

I think I look very good for 7days post op! Still have significant swelling and my lips are very bruised (because yes, I'm a bruiser) but even with the swelling I've seen an incredible transformation. The lines that were on my left cheek from sleeping and life that even fillers didn't help with are GONE.....!!! I can't say enough about how incredible and compassionate Dr. Mike Majamundar and his staff are. This is not my first rodeo and I can tell you that not all docs are created equal!!

Day 8.... what a difference!!

Woke up this morning feeling swollen but looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how normal I looked! I'm a long way from healed but this is wonderful!! I think having the stitches coming out of my cheeks yesterday has really made a difference!! I even went to the store this morning and didn't feel like I needed to worry about how I looked. With the exception of my lips and left eye (bruised only because of scratching it due to meds) I am really not bruised much at all!!

Day 8- getting my sense of humor back

I'm still shocked at how much the swelling
Subsided today ... my profile
Is looking exactly like I wanted it to! Why did I wait so long?!!! Nobody needs to know your age-wink

Day 9 - getting better each day

I still have tightness, can't smile due to stitches inside mouth for the cheeks implants, still have green bruise mustache and some eye bruising, but the swelling is getting better every day ! I made the mistake of reading a hilarious live feed last night and laughing nearly made me gasp from the pain and I must have put too much strain on the stitches because I did bleed a little! I hope the next month flies by!! So far my results have been nothing short of amazing!!????

Day 10

Every day I look better! My chin is very tight feeling and restricted. Hopefully that resolves when the swelling is gone. It makes it look like I'm sucking my bottom lip or candy. Still can't move my mouth a whole lot or smile but I can tell a huge difference with each passing day. For day 10 I'd say (other than the green mustache bruise!!!! Ewe) I look and feel great! Stitches inside mouth are still pain and have had bleeding incidents past two days which was very scary! This was due to looking down at my phone for a long period of time one day and then yesterday I tried eating that required chewing and it was not a good idea as I bled quite a bit and it was a purple color!! I think the mouth incisions take a while to heal and judging by how incredibly fast I'm healing I would say NOT to believe the posts where people act like they have healed In 3 days because that simply is not true. I think these incisions realistically heal I. 2-3 weeks due to location and depth.

Day 10 pocs

Day 10 pic redo it zoomed in last post

Incision healing -day 10

I have a chin prejowl combo this is one tiny incision and the doctor curved it so that it would follow the natural chin curvature and be well hidden. Since the stitches dissolve and it looks this good I don't think there will be a scar!

Lips- stitches out-Day 11

Lips are looking much better with less and less swelling each day. I had to snip the stitches because they were causing a lot of
Discomfort and limiting the movement as I would bleed if I laughed or yawned etc. and the incisions were clearly healed by day 11.

Chin- I was applying scar cream and felt what I thought was a tiny scab but later
Realized it was the knot on the end of stitches which I later found stuck to my face so I guess it's fell off since the stitches dissolve. It feels
Like I have a whisker now lol since it's not tied.

Sigh- still
Sporting a green mustache ????????but no other bruising besides minor purple on lips.

Cheeks- right one is a lot more swollen had me worried a little. I read that everyone else's healed and swelled differently I'm not so alarmed. The implants are evenly set it's just swelling around the lower cheek where the incisions are in mouth.

Day 11 -cheekfest 2016

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this could be much worse for day 11! Can't really move my face yet or smile but at least I don't look like I've been severely beaten ????. It I am extremely swollen still!!

Day 11 quick before/after comparison

Wow what a difference!! 11 days out and I look so much better and full of life!!


Day 13 - significant improvement

Just thought I'd share that after reading several reviews I noticed that there were people using heat instead of cold after about a week so I got a hearing pad and used it on my face for about 20 min on low and I am happy to report that both swelling and tightness were greatly improved this morning. I have a little more discomfort as the feeling returns and random spells of what feels like intense tingling and even itching in the numb areas (ugh!). I am going to have to exchange the bottom implant which is 4mm to 5mm because it looks as though my top lip is now a little bigger than the bottom and I've always had no top lip and big bottom lip. A little anxiety there. My right eye seems to have went back to flesh color then black again but otherwise no bruises not even a green mustache lol ???? I will post pics again next Thursday (week 3)

Lips day 14

I'm feeling like the bruise on my top lip is never going away.
Mouth open slightly so my bottom lip doesn't look too small.

Say 16....

Day 17

Permalip is disappointing when swelling resolves. I have to get bottom lip changes to 5mm and i am very surprised how suble the top lip change is with 5mm

Week 3 - 21 days!

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling .... I could feel my bottom lip! My speech sounds better but my lip is still much smaller on the bottom and pulling to the left (chin related I'm sure). It's an intense experience and I know I've got change this bottom implant so and the thought of any additional suffering had me freaking out. Nothing prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster you signed up for. You see the before and after pics and think you will go from your current state straight to instant gratification, but wow - you actually go from excited to unsure to panic and then head down the road of unimaginable swelling, then depression and regret, then you go back to unsure and then you start seeing tiny improvements that give back the hope you initially had. I have a lot of chin tightness and numbness and then the lip issue and restriction, but overall I look much better. I feel normal there is no feeling of anything foreign in my face AT ALL! I cannot feel any implants it feels like my normal face. I'm the beginning and through the swelling you feel "heavy" and your chin is stiff and tight, but by week 3 the heaviness is gone. Permalip is the only implant that takes longer to soften up! It feels very foreign for a while and because of the chin implant and limited movement in bottom lip and cheek implants that limit top lip all together from moving, I had a huge disadvantage there. I can't smile but my lips are getting softer. I think I may actually have a heart attack if my lip is numb again when I change the bottom implant. I have appeared to have a sever speech impediment for three weeks and I even had to change words or order food etc online because it's so embarrassing ????

3weeks 2 days

Getting there very, very slowly. I can't smile because of the cheek/chin tightness and some pain. My incisions are almost healed one side is healed and one not quite so if I laugh or smile I can taste blood but can't see it. Other than my bottom lip being very small (I'm pushing it out in the pics to look normal) I'm looking pretty good. The amount of swelling associated with the cheeks is unbelievable!! I go back in the office in 3 weeks and I'm nervous that I won't be able to smile. Hopefully by then I will ????????

Day 24

Well cheeks still hurt a lot when I even try to smile. At first I regretted having the chin and cheeks and lips all done at once because I literally could not feel anything but my nose and eyes! My face has been SO STIFF! After reading how much others who only did their chin or only did their cheeks struggled with the restricted smile and numbers I am glad (now) that I didn't do it separately! I can't imagine that! If you're going to do it, then recover once! I was hoping that slight "butt chin" I had would disappear with an implant but it's coming back as swelling goes down each day LOL. The only thing that I'm still struggling with is the bottom lip (I'm pushing it out to make it look normal) and the left incision in my mouth. Every time I try to smile it hurts and on occasion I taste blood.

Day 25

I saw where on this site where someone said "I feel like I have a shiny new car but no keys" because she couldn't smile or move her lips much after cheeks/chin .... I'm pretty sure she's describing week 3

Can't wait to be able to smile

I need cheek volume and decrease in nasolabial folds :)

Almost 4 weeks!

3 weeks and 5 days! Had an appointment Thursday but ended up going yesterday because one of my cheeks was very swollen and I was 100% sure that one incision was healed and one was not! Turns out both were healed but now in antibiotics so hopefully soon swelling will be gone:)

Swelling is no joke with cheeks

You really can't understand the amount and duration of swelling associated with cheek implants! Wow! I'm barely over 4'weeks and I look like a super chubby cheek chipmunk lol. It's getting better although one side is visibly more swollen and more sore. The good news is my chin never felt huge it actually looked smaller because of the fat cheeks haha!! To be fair, I was Warned about swelling with cheeks and have a great doctor so it wasn't so much a shock as a dread that it takes so long for the final result. Cheeks are said to be about 7-12
Months for full resolution of swelling so .... I'm looking forward to that! I do look better already though and my face nice and full (Chrissy teigan full) lol

5 weeks 1 Day

Before after 5weeks post op

5weeks 4days

Getting there but this voluma has to go my cheeks are so fat haha

6 weeks tomorrow!

6 weeks 0 days working

I shaved off 5 -10 years of aging in just 6 weeks!

Week 6 is great

Happy Friday

Consultation and Referral info

Northside Plastic Surgery
Ask for Stacy (770) 475-3146 or

Referred by patient Azure Shores - for info on my case. I've had a lot of requests for info!

No makeup ... I've had some requests

I can't find any pre ops with no makeup (I didn't take many pics like that then!!) but I've had some requests for no makeup. I don't need to contour so I basically look the same (except the zit lol). My chin seems to be the slowest to heal and loosen up but that seems to be appropriate for a procedure of that magnitude. Smile is starting to come back slowly ????

Week 7

Week 7 has me wishing I had done this sooner! Someone asked if my daughter was my sister yesterday!! The restoration of facial features is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. I know when most people lose weight the first place to go is breasts/face! It also happens to be the hardest to correct so I'm happy to report that just like breast fullness is easily replaced by soft, long lasting
Silicone, so is the facial tissue except these are soft solid implants. Exceptionally rewarding results

9 weeks PO today

Feeling great and can smile fairly well which has been my only complaint so far. It is always a long time to get back to normal. I still have some numbness and tightness but nothing noteworthy

Just over 2 mo mark

3 months!!

3 month mark

I feel great and definitely am fully satisfied! No more fillers for me!!

4 mo mark

Going great ! I love it! Can't feel anything and looks great

Update for those of you in the fence

It is worth it and you can't feel your face for 3 months so there is no pain. By the time your nerves heal you are completely healed. If you have had facial injections you have experienced more pain than this even on my worst day!

Round 2 revision and reposition or left cheek and replacement custom permalip

I had an issue with granular tissue and fat pushing the left cheek implant down in to my gums and cheek. The edge of the implant came through the incision and was exposed. The swelling was so awful that the revision surgery actually lessened swelling instead of causing it. For the permalip, I had some migration to the left also and I wanted both top and bottom to be 5mm (bottom was 4mm). The implants seem to be very short and have a weird aggravating tail so I got longer implants so that the doctor could customize the shape and cut off the tips! I feel 1000 times better

Day 4 post left cheek and permalip revision

Had to even my lips out and get longer implants placed. Thankfully the doctor was able to track those tails off can customize the lips implants as I had hoped. The left cheek had some tissue causing the implant to push down and through the gum line. I feel 100% better and everything has been much easier this time! I would strongly suggest not getting two different size lip implants unless you like repeat procedures!!

Post revision Day 6

So much less swelling this time. My lips look 100% better since they were revised and they no longer stick out like duck lips. My left cheek is so much more comfortable. I have no pain and I can't feel the implant at all.

Took pics down

I have decided to remove my pics since the android filter bothers some people so much. It's a privilege to see other people's suffering and recovery and a built in filter in no way changes face shapes. Take care I'm tired of it
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mike is very compassionate to the desires of his patients. He took the time to listen to me and was exceptionally nice! I couldn't have chosen a better doctor! My procedure was today so I will Complete The review as I progress ❤️

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