Mommy Makeover in Shreveport Louisiana

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My mommy makeover is scheduled for October 7th...

My mommy makeover is scheduled for October 7th 2013 and I am super excited! I will be going to the Wall Center in Shreveport and having a breast lift and augmentation as well as tummy tuck with liposuction. Dr. Holley Wall was very professional at my consultation and I felt comfortable with her immediately. The total cost was a bit of a shock, but I was able to go to a local bank and take out a loan for the full amount.
I am a married 32 year old female with 2 sweet boys ages 7 and 2. My current weight is 148 and I am hoping to lose 10-15lbs before my surgery. I will go in for another consultation if I can accomplish this so that she can re-measure.

Before pictures

I'm still a ways out from Surgery, (not until Oct 7) but thought I would go ahead and get some before pictures added. My goal is to lose 10 lbs before surgery but I'm struggling right now. I'll do really good, and go to the gym 5-6 days a week and then like this week it's been pizza, and lunch brought in for work, and back to school lunch treats, and NO gym! MUST do better! I'm paying this much for a new body I really need to get into a healthy lifestyle that I will keep. I really want my boys eat better too (hubby included!) but it's really hard for him since he's out if town so much :( Current weight bounces from 145-150. I would really like to get to a steady 135, if not 130. Our 10 year anniversary is next year and we are going to the Bahamas. REALLY hoping for a super low scar so I can rock a hot bikini for my man! :) I will be 8 months post op by then so hopefully I will be well on the road to recovery!

2 days post op

Coughing might be what kills me! Omg!! Yesterday it was the boobs that were killing me but today it's my tummy. Even though my muscles were injected with exparel the incision is a little sore but coughing I feel like I am ripping open my insides. I've had no trouble sleeping and am not draining a whole lot. Yesterday hubby had to walk behind me with a swifter because of all the nastiness coming out of my lipo sites. He has been an amazing nurse! Got to sneek a peek at boobs and tummy and they both look great! Tummy is super low. I'll try to post the pics In a little bit.

Day after surgery pictures

Full tummy tuck and she added 380 CC's to make me a full D. Love how low the scar is!

Pics from 5 days post op

Loving my results! Forgot to mention some things about surgery with Dr. Holly Wall. She is AMAZING! We stayed overnight in a guest suite. Hubby got to stay there while I was in surgery and the nurse called him every hour with an update. We stayed overnight and had a fully stocked room with juices, Gatorade, water, crackers, oatmeal, you name it. I was released the next day and sent home with a machine to massage my legs to help prevent blood clots. The office called the next day to check on my and make sure everything was going ok. My drains haven't been over 25 CC's but my post op appt isn't till Tuesday so I won't get one out till then. They never take both out at the same time and the second one has to put out less than 25 in a 48 hr period before it will come out. I know these things are necessary but boy are they annoying! Hubby has been so wonderful. I was thinking he would be able to go back to work by the 4th day but I was way wrong. I'm doing great but no way I could take care of our 2 and 7 year old by myself! He's been doing all the cooking and cleaning and we even had a get together today to watch some LSU football. I have only been taking 1 pain pill a day and that's just at bed time so I can relax. I thought I would have gained weight with the swelling and fluid after surgery but I've already lost 2 lbs! I can't wait to see how this healing progresses!! So happy I did this!!

Tubes are out!!!

I am 11 days post op and hubby got to take out the final tube today! I'm a so excited!!! I feel like a million bucks! Still not walking completely straight but closer every day. I get to switch from this foam binder thing to spanx today so we are about to head to the mall. Somehow I've lost 5 lbs and I hope I'm not jinxing anything! I haven't been eating the healthiest (thanks hubby! Lol) but my portions are def smaller. Praying I don't blow up like a marshmallow now that the drains are out!


So I was feeling great, moved into spanx and was high on life this morning. Tried on a couple of outfits at Dillard's and even a pair of Miss Me jeans and was so excited!!! Then I went home and tried on all my jeans and BAM!!! Hello reality. None fit! My butt and hips are so swollen from the lipo that I couldn't even get my favorite ones that I wore the Friday before surgery on! Granted-I washed them and they are always snug afte that but geez!!!! What a downer!! Oh well....I know swelling can take months to go away so for now I will wear dresses and focus on my flat tummy and perky boobs lol! ;)

11 days-no drains!

2 weeks and back to work

Feeling great! Still not quite walking upright, especially after sitting a while, but better every day! My back is a little sore, and I still prefer my recliner to sleep in over my bed, but other than that-no complaints here!

2 weeks

Just for Fun

I know it's early and there is still swelling (still not able to fit in my fav jeans that I wore the Friday before surgery) but I thought what the heck! Tried on my old bikinis! Blue is from out honeymoon almost 10 years ago! I'm happy happy happy and can't imagine it getting progressively better!!


The tape was starting to come off and curiosity got the best of me so I pulled it all off. I hope that is ok! I go back to the Dr. Tomorrow so I guess she will re tape if need be. I can't believe how thin and straight it is! Dr. Wall is a true artist. I continue to be amazed with her work!

Oops! Here is the scar picture

3 weeks

3 weeks and feeling great! Last week was great to be back at work and back in a routine. Love sleeping back in my bed but I am oh so sore when I get up! The swelling hasn't been TOO too terrible, but that could be because I had prepared myself for the absolute worst. I still can't fit in my fav jeans even though I'm down like 6 lbs from pre surgery. I am a lover of spanx although after wearing them 24/7 I'm ready to burn them! I know they are on for a purpose but man are they a pain!! My incisions are all healing great and I have no pain unless I move the wrong way. I'm still restricted on lifting over 10 lbs even though I think it would be ok, but not taking any chances!!

4 weeks

Other than a little under the boob issue everything is healing great! Still taking all my vitamins and have been sleeping on my side. I haven't been working out yet, and still not lifting over 10 lbs but other than that pretty much back to normal. I've lost about 5-7 lbs since pre surgery and even though I still have swelling by evening I guess that's all I'm going to lose. I really want to get in the 130's but I guess I will wait till I get the ok to work out to start worrying about that. Not like I have been watching my diet AT all though. :( I paid way to much to let the new me go!!! Lol!

5 weeks 1 day

Feeling great! Can't wait to get the ok to go back to the gym and tone my butt and legs!!! I just finished an antibiotic for the open spots under my boob and they seem to be back to healing nicely!

From hubby's point of view lol

6 weeks

Not really noticing as much week to week these days but that's ok. Can't wait to get back in the gym! My eating habits have been terrible :( I cannot waste what I went thru on fried food and sugar ugh!!! Just say NO LOL!!


I still can't believe this scar!! How do you even DO that??? I was preparing myself for thick and kind of jagged because I'm mean hey, they are slicing us open and sewing us back together! Never did I imagine such a straight smooth thin scar!

10 weeks!

It doesn't feel like I had major surgery 2 1/2 months ago! I am 100% back to normal! I've been slowly returning to the gym and swelling has it's days. Some days worse than others, but tummy is still flat! I am currently weighing 148 which I'm not happy about but I am only on day 1 of Aunt Flo so I'm going to blame it on that. Really want to get in the 130's even if it's a steady 139 lol! I'm 5'4 and my boobs went from a saggy 36c in a super padded VS bra to a pad less 36 DD. Super happy!!! My tummy scar is low enough that all my low cut undies hide it AND it's super thin. Can't wait to start some scar cream! Hope everyone is healing well and has a Very Merry Christmas!!

Feeling great!

I go in for my 3 month check up on Thursday and can't wait to see the official before and after photos!

6 months

Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

I was very pleased with Dr. Wall and all the staff at The Wall center. The employees were very friendly and Dr. Wall was super nice and very professional. She answered all our questions and I was immediately excited to schedule my surgery! Updated: Dr. Wall and her staff have completely exceeded all of my expectations. From quality of her work, to bedside manner, to staff, to follow up care....all of it. Better than I ever could have imagined. She is worth every penny, and I would have paid double had I known how great the outcome would be. I will absolutely recommend her to anyone considering surgery. Happy is an understatement!

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