Getting an Overdue Tummy Tuck!!!! -No more hiding behind my clothes!!! Allentown, PA

There are so many words to describe the feeling I...

There are so many words to describe the feeling I get every time I sit with Dr. Jan. He is the most gentle, caring, attentive man with such a soothing and reassuring smile & voice. I am so confident that my journey from beginning to end will be worth all the pain & discomfort. Not being able to sleep on my side will be very hard for me but won't be for long.
I researched and met with over a dozen doctors from PA, NJ, GA, MD and I am so happy the one I chose is right here at home and only 20 minutes away.
I did not get to lose all the weight I wanted to, but this loose hanging nasty skin is becoming more troublesome and before I take a knife or scissors to it myself, I gotta suck it up and get it done. I am happy to say I lost about 60 65 pounds since January 2015. Slowly but surely it has been coming off. If I could just love to exercise as much as love to eat my pizza and sweets and all the other stuff in between. There is truly no secret to weight loss...move your butt and monitor your calorie/food intake. No magic pills needed. I will be posting some pictures in a few. some before, during and after. I also plan on seeing him for my breast reduction/lift and maybe some other nips, tucks, lifts, etc. I am truly excited to have chosen Dr Jan! Please follow me on my journey, keep me encouraged my fellow TT Survivors!!

Hiding behind my clothes...

Always wearing clothes that stretch and hold in my extra weight/pure 100% fat. I can't hide behind them anymore. CAUTION: View at your own risk. Pretty gross pictures. No one should stomach such nastiness!!

More pre TT pics

It's officially the countdown!!!!

I have read and researched so much my eyes hurt! But that is a good thing. I learned a lot about foods to avoid and what I should start taking a few days before, etc.
For starters, FIBER is key to avoid constipation & gas. So I started taking fiber supplements this morning. Tonight I will start taking my stool softeners as well as GAS X. This will continue for about a week. I am also watching everything I eat for the next few days. High Fiber diet with lots of fruits & greens. This morning I blended lots of spinach, fresh pineapples & strawberries. I also added a scoop of grounded flax seeds. It's so good and refreshing. I can tell it's good for me by the way my insides are feeling.

I started shopping finally. I got 2 big o bags of super maxi pads, the long ones. The gas x, fiber, stool softeners, arnica pellets & gel cream. Then i hopped on amazon and ordered 2 TT binders, lipo foam boards for my tummy and a lumbar pad for my back. I ordered 1 TT faja (compression garment) which I think it's awesome because they are cut off like a swimming suit and not all long like the others ones. Too hot for those. I ordered the best silicone tape per reviews and a silicone base scar treatment. BioCorneum PLUS Advanced Scar Supervision SPF 30 (20g) this one is expensive but highly recommended by specialist. So far I have spent $335.00 and still need to shop some more. the one thing I didn't do was plan for the extra out of pocket expenses! And I am a frugal and wise shopper so you best believe I purchased good quality stuff at non retail prices. I rather be prepared with stuff then to be caught without having something I need. You best believe I will be returning everything I did not use or need!
I am also renting my recliner today, I am going with the power lift recliner that assist in getting you on your feet. $17.00 a week at rent a center. I borrowed a walker. Oh so listen, before I forget, the best tip for scar/wound healing is to NOT stress it. Do not force yourself to stand up straight or lay down flat. this is a NO NO. the more the scar/wound stretches the more time it will take to heal.
I still filled with emotions but I am not stressing as much. I have embraced it and I look forward to HAPPY HEALING. (sounds good at least) Mind over matter right?! (whatever works) OH OH OH i did find a place that pre package items for cosmetic surgeries. It's called DIAMOND BOX Tummy Tuck.
That has a whole bunch of stuff to help with recovery process. I didn't buy it because there were things in it I already have but I tell you is a great deal. I think it's like $175.00 box. google it.
I'm at work so let me start working. I hope all you guys have much success with your procedures and I hope my updates may be of help to some. until next time..grace & peace REAL SELF PEEPS!!!
I'm uploading some pics of some of the stuff I ordered.

It's now Tuesday..Thursday is right around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has been emotionally for me since about 3 AM. Some uncontrollable tears but I am not sure where it comes from. I'm filled with ups and downs. Little scared but also very hopeful. I know I am in good hands and I am not facing this alone. I do have a regret though...I wished I could have lost another 50 pounds before having the surgery. I know however that I couldn't keep dealing with the rashes, boils and smell that was taking place underneath my fold. Or how my flabby skin would smack against my skin hard when I exercise or walk. I want to believe that this will only motivate me more and get to where I need to be. I don't like this bulge and it does not like me neither. We have to part like enemies, never to see each other again. And lawwwwddddd knows I won't be missing it. So now I'm at work and I have to shake these feelings off. taking a deep breath and inhaling all the positive and exhaling the negative. I love you...that's what I keep telling myself..I need you...You can do's worth the journey to a better a you. With that said, please continue to follow my journey. I will post more pics on Thursday.


Tick Tock Tick Tock...less than 24hrs away. i'm lost for words right now. BUT I AM ALSO TRULY EXCITED and so happy i found this site. SO supportive, informational & transitional!!!
thank you for all the comments and letting me vent. thank you for reading my thoughts and believing in someone you don't even know but yet have gone through the same experience. TTY soon.

Help me say bye byes....

Please help me say goodbye to my long time friend flabby. This will be the last night I walk out my shower and have to look at Flabby hanging around me like that. Lol, pun intended. Bye bye Flabby and good ridden. A toast to a new me and a new attitude. Cheers! Bottoms up my RS friends! I'm about to lay down to rest. Probably won't sleep. I gotta be at the hospital by 815. I smell funny this evening lol. I bathed in that cleanser that starts with an H. Forgot what's it called. Anyway chat with you guys in the morning. I can't eat or drink nothing after midnight....that's gonna be rough, well the drinking part. I get thirsty at night. Oh well ...gotta do what I gotta do so I can finally get this done!! Night night!!

Omggggg I'm so nervous!!

Sitting on the potty crying ....bout to take a shower and wash my hair. It's really happening!!
Those fiber and stool softeners really work!! Tmi...smooth like caramel. Chat with you guys later!!

Sept 2

Brutal. Best I can describe my pain. My surgery took over 6 hours. Very sore. Going to bathroom was and still is adventure. I stayed over. Not sure if I'm ok to leave today. Everyone is very caring and patient. I'm ok though. I made it out of surgery alive. We keep you posted. Meds are kicking in.. so thirsty btw my doctor said he removed over 17 pounds. Wow!!!

Thank you all!

6 hours of surgery....

My first pic

So much pain...

Swollen and sore. Extreme pain doesn't even come close to how I feel getting in and out of the recliner. I finally went poipies today and it went well. Stool softeners and gas x really work. I'm itching a lot. They say that's a reaction to
being under for 6 hours. I will update as I I can. Lots of bruising. Tty soon!

Labor Day....

Geez I rather be in labor (pun intended) then going through this recovery. The most pain is penetrating from stitches inside...all that muscle repair. Every time I get up burns and feels like every single stitch I ever had in my life is about to pop. My wound though, which I convinced myself is Flabby smiling, doesn't bother me as much. Oxycodone is now my best friend. I take 1 every 4 and don't miss a dose. I tried to be brave and take ES Tylenol but who am I kidding or trying to impress? I am moving around better on the walker...another new best friend. I got my period this morning, 2 weeks early, all I could do is look up and say "REALLY?"
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My surgeon is someone who will always have a special place in my heart. I'm gonna try to take some rated x pics tomorrow. Tummy still looks good but my bruises are horrible. Flanks look like I got bit by a shark who decided to spit me out rather than swallow me whole. Ttys RS Fam.

Sept 6

Here are some post 5 day pics. Very swollen and bruising for days. Numb and super swollen around the hips and flanks.

More pics

Any tips?

Back pain is about an 8. Hips and lower back very swollen and numb. Can't wait to see my surgeon on Monday.

Sept 9

Pics from this morning. In areas I look deformed. Much swollen and numbness.

Feeling better pain wise.

I washed my face by myself today and brushed my teeth. Still concerned about my hip bulges but I'm moving around so much better. Walking small distance without walker. I believe the worse is over....RS has really helped me with this journey. Good luck to all going through this and believe does get better. Some sooner than others but we are all different.

1 Drain Out

Per my PS, I'm healing beautifully. Start my scar treatment today. Swelling is normal and probably won't subside till a good 6 months. Back pain is coming from the lipo of flanks. Swelling on hips have gotten a little better. He wants me to start walking straight and laying down straight a little at a time. Next Monday I get my other drain out and my compression garment. I'm doing so much better. Thanks for keeping me company RS.

Feeling even better...

So tomorrow will be 2 weeks for me and I don't see how people can go back to work just yet. I planned on going back this week but there is just no way. I am blessed to be able to work from home and just informed them I won't be back this week and probably need next week off from the office as well. I'm hoping that won't be an issue.
I'm doing better. A lot better. Swelling has gone down a lot but my back has really been my issue. It hurts to stand for a short periods of time.
My surgeon said my wound is healing very nicely so I'm grateful for no infections.

Some pics...9/14

swelling and back pain but overall healing nicely.

OMG...what a difference a massage had on my back!!!

So I ask my MT for a house call today and I am super duper glad I did. Expensive but worth it. She gave me a chair massage and a leg massage on my recliner. This is the best I have felt in the past week. My lower back is still numb and swollen but I feel looser. I am so grateful that I cannot stop crying. Such a release. I owe her my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I feel more positive and energetic. I am going to take it easy and refrain from doing cartwheels or jumping jacks just yet. :-) Going to drink my fluids now and find something to eat. I'm starved. Thanks for the continue support RS!


Some pics from today. Hips have come down a lot. Some swelling and numbness on back and hips. Tummy is so flat I feel like I'm sucking it all in but I'm not. A great feeling ?

2nd drain out!!

Yesterday I had my follow up with Dr Jan. I swear his bedside manner makes you feel at ease so quick. Such a gentle caring man. I will always be grateful to him. He worked 6 hours during surgery on me and did an excellent job. He gave me what I needed...a flat tummy. No more hiding behind my clothes. It's been years. I know I have work to do. Getting better is my primary. Secondary is getting back to me. I'm excited to begin my new journey. This has motivated me so much. I will be seeing him in 3 weeks. I know that in 3 weeks I will be 100% better. I believe in him and he has made me believe in me once again. Self Esteem is slowly rising and I feel my spirit coming together. I've been hiding behind my clothes and pretty smile for as long as I can remember. No more. I'm ready to starting smiling from my heart ?. I owe him ...a mere thank you isn't enough. There are no words to describe my deep gratitude. RS thank you for sharing your stories, reading mine and being so supportive. My pain was brutal at times and I questioned my decision. You kept telling me, promising me and reassuring me that it was gonna get better. For the moments of agony I couldn't see it but I know now it to be true. Thank you. I will remain forever grateful. I woke up with a dose of positivity and I love it. Gonna lather up with arnica gel and start my day. Every step gets me closer to where I want to be. So happy to get that nasty ass slinky drain out my cooch mound. My coo coo feels free and I can finally give her a good ass scrubbing! It don't get better than that today!! ?

20 days Post Of Pics

Both drains are out...coo coo really swollen. Still have some swelling on hips, thighs and back but all that is normal.

And the gates of heaven opened......

So yesterday I actually took my first shower by myself. NO more being hosed down like a dog and lathered up like a car at a car wash. Cause you know those auto car washes DO NOT get into all the nooks and crannies regardless which level of service you buy!! I was really nervous but I got in there and it felt so good. Water body was so thirsty for this feeling. It took me forever but I did great. I was finally able to give my coo coo the scrubbing it so desperately screamed for. I know my coo coo rejoiced once the gates open! Ohhh and behind my ears felt so good and clean when I was done. What an accomplishment! I took it even further and washed my hair, YES I washed my hair for the first time in weeks! My poor scalp. The water felt amazing dripping on my face...the shampoo sang while it lathered my stands...I swore I heard french horns sounding off while I massaged and massaged and massaged my head. My back though still numb some, felt good. My hips though still sore and tender felt good. I felt good but most importantly SMELLED even better. I have not smiled like this in a few weeks. I'm on way RS...I'm on my WAYYYY!!!! Everything is alright and aligned in the heavens. Tonight I will be taking a chance and sleeping in my own bed. Being able to sleep in my bed would be the cherry on top of the most scrumptious sundae you can imagine!!! Thanks for following my journey and keeping my company RS!!!

3 weeks post op

I have some swelling and numbness still but it's really looking good. I can't remember the last time I wore panties without my lower stomach peeking through them. I'm walking good but not 100%. I'm getting there though!

First Day back to work...

Just a couple of pics from today. Feeling really exhausted my first day back. Still swollen & numbness as expected but I'm okay. Little concerned about one of my lipo sited. The "hole" was healing up nicely but just a few days ago, it got hard, really red around the area and this morning it looked like puss was oozing from it. Called my PS ...waiting for a call back. Other than that....i'm doing okay! :-)

4 weeks post op today....some pics

Well it has been ups and downs, smiles and frowns. 4 weeks post op today. I can not wait until all the numbness and swelling goes away. My PS said it can take up to 6 months but that I am healing beautifully. I trust him with my life so I will remain patient. Here are some pics from today.
I knew this journey was not going to be easy and all the pain, discomfort, emotional craziness & moodiness was and still is worth it. A great decision to make this happen on my part and I do not regret anything. There were moments of pure agony but I got through it and mostly because of RS. The support on here is amazing.
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

There are so many words to describe the feeling I get every time I sit with Dr. Jan. He is the most gentle, caring, attentive man with such a soothing and reassuring smile & voice. I am so confident that my journey from beginning to end will be worth all the pain & discomfort.

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