25 YO Mother Needing Lipo After Multiple Pregnancies. Alexandria, VA

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Hello World! I am 25 years old. I have had three...

Hello World! I am 25 years old. I have had three pregnancies, one of which I carried twins and all were delivered by c-section. I had smart-lipo done on Dec. 18, 2015, and did not achieve the results I wanted. I have noticed a significant difference but just not the vision/agreement that was discussed at my pre-op appointment. The procedure was only able to remove 2 1/2 inches of the 5 inches of fat around my abdominal area. The advertisement that I saw that initially brought me into the office has to be exaggerated or multiple sessions. The young lady who referred me was a lot bigger than me and now her mid-section has completely vanished; according to her claims after one session. I did not get a chance to be seen for a 30 day post-op due to poor weather nor have any of the staff attempted to contact me in reference to rescheduling. I am also a little angry because I voiced my concern about my keloid-prone skin and have noticed one of my scars have begin to form as a keloid scar. So in the end I will end up spending more money than I intended to. My advice would be to do extensive research prior to getting any procedure done. Make sure there is a clear understanding of what can and cant be done and the agreed upon result. I wouldn't have wasted $3500 for only two inches of fat.

Two months post-op

The previous pictures do appear to make me look thin but please keep in mind I am fully clothed with a compression garment on as well. These are my up to date pictures without the garment.

Tummy Hardness

So I now am experiencing constant hardness in three areas that have not resolved with compression or massaging. I have still not been seen by my doctor for my follow up post op appointment but I will be calling today to demand to be seen. I have been doing some research and it appears it can be a tissue build up which is common after smart lipo or seromas which is also common after any liposuction or TT procedure. I will let you guys know the outcome soon.

Update on Smart-Lipo

Since the last time I checked in I have been searching around and researching other doctors. Knowing what I know now I should have went to a Certified Plastic Surgeon and got multiple opinions before committing to a procedure/doctor. I went to Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery Center and had a consultation with Dr. Samir Rao and his recommendation was that I get a TT with lipo in some areas. He suggested a TT because of the stretch marks on my abdomen as well as the possibility of sagging skin. I'm not so worried about sagging skin since I am young and I have great skin elasticity nor do the stretch marks bother me (I'm a proud momma). My overall goal is to look better in my clothing. After 3 pregnancies, one of which was multiples, I just do not like to be constantly asked when are you due or what are you having??? Ughhhh. That shit is so inconsiderate and people don't know what a person has been through before just shouting comments like that. But back to my consultation. Dr. Rao did say that there is a great chance that traditional lipo could yield my desired results. However, he was not willing to operate on me until June. So in the mean time I started browsing. I now will be seeing Dr. Ortega in Miami, Fl which is easily $3,000 cheaper than having the procedure done in my home city of Washington, DC. I am scheduled for May 24 and you can follow my story at:


The best advice I can offer is shop around, shop around, shop around and CHECK CREDENTIALS. There are so many misleading advertisements and I'm sad to say I fell victim and gave someone $3500 for nothing. I have nothing against Dr. Heron, however, I feel that the young lady that represents his company misrepresented what he could do and he wasn't honest with me about what he could do for me. Not to mention he left my stomach with hideous black scars that have began to form keloids after I told him prior to surgery that my skin is prone to keloid and may needed to be treated to prevent this.

Just a JUICY update!!!

So I don't feel safe posting here anymore because I am being watched and harassed every time I post something but I'm not going to give a fictional account of my experience because my RS sisters deserve to know what's really happening. I am now being threatened to be sued for harassment and defaming a doctor and business but to me it looks like they are harassing me, they created an RS account just to respond to my review, then opened up the line of communication by emailing me but you be the judge....

Hey guys, so after posting my last review I apparently ruffled a few feathers. I started receiving comments from one the staff members from the office I had my smart-lipo procedure as well as emails a week later. I am now being threatened to be sued because apparently I am defaming the doctor and his company which i do not see that anywhere on my review. Please let me know if you see something directly derogatory or defaming about the doctor and his business!!!! I have read and re-read my review and I think even in the comments I am constantly saying he is a nice doctor HOWEVER he did not deliver the results I was looking for. I talked about him not being a PS which is public information. I also talked about the false advertisement which is what she seems to be most upset about. The young lady who advertises for him posted another advertisement about butt lifts and fat transfers, and I questioned the staff about it because as I said before he isn't a PS and if he is doing these procedures it's illegal and I would contact the proper authorities.

But anyway, this is my real life experience: I am saddened by the financial lose I have taken as a result of this, I am upset and even more self-conscious about my abdomen because of the keloids, the indents in each hole he poked in my stomach (which was 7 by the way) and black marks I have now developed but lesson learned. I have to put my big girl draws on and move on, God will handle everything I need him too. He has never forsaken and I trust that he won't now. I am just thankful to be alive because I have read some horror reviews about botched surgeries and articles about fatalities. I'm going to share with you guys the new advertisements and emails that have now turned into threats about prosecution. Please tell me what you think!!!
Dr. Roy Heron

I absolutely loved Dr. Heron. His personality is great and he definitely eased my mind during the entire procedure. However, he oversells himself and makes promises that he cannot deliver on. My results don't nearly resemble the many pictures I seen prior to surgery. The young lady who referred me received credit towards a free/reduced price surgery. Her ass clearly is stealing other people's pictures and uploading as if they are Roy's work (I will post some examples under my review shortly). I am almost 90% sure that he is well aware of my disappointment with this surgery and hasn't made any efforts to have a follow-up appointment (which was included in the price of my surgery) with me or rectify this situation. Buyer Beware!!!

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