22 Years Old Need the Body I NEVER Had - Alexandria, VA

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Okay so I am 13 days away from my procedure. Yes I...

Okay so I am 13 days away from my procedure. Yes I am nervous but more excited then anything. I can't wait!!!!!! Not in a million years did I think I would ever be able to ge this done. I've been chubby mostly all my life. Once in college I lost about 60lbs and I was looking and feeling good and then BAM I got pregnant. So of course you know what happen after....yup I BLEW UP. But moving for after one year of having my child I am glad to say that I will be having affectio for after one year of having my child I am glad to say that I will be having Liposuction. I will be getting my surgery done from Dr. heron in Alexandria, Virginia on May 18 . I'm getting upper and lower of Abdomen and upper shelf but upper shelf buttocks done. I will be posting pictures later on today when I get off work of my body now before procedure. Unfortunately I wanted to get a butt lift, but at this time he is not offering that but in a month he should be back to doing it, so hopefully he will still be doing that. but if not I'm definitely going to look for someone in the DMV area to perform that.

Stomach pics before procedure

I'm so embarrassed about my stomach hopefully this procedure helps!!

Expectations to high? (2 days pre-op)

So like I said before, I know my stomach isn't going to be completely flat but I still want to see a major difference. More than likely I will have to go for a second round. But I have seen some ladies with big bellies who have had a major difference in the abdomen area. So for me is this unrealistic. I'm really starting to get antsy about it because I want to get my money worth. The pictures I uploaded is something similar of how I want my results to be. None of the patients had tummy tuck

Today was the big day

So yes it's 10 hours post op. And I can truly say I'm realize and anxious to see my body. The smart Lipo was cool I was hurting a few times, and DR. Heron gave me some more nummess medicine and I was good to go. Dr. Heron was very nice and sweet and so was his assistant they were very patient. They took out a lot of fat so I'm hoping I will like the results. he kept saying he didn't think I would get this much fat out and said I will love it. Lol so we'll see.

2 month update of smart Lipo to stomach

Hey you guys it's been two months since my surgery, and I'm so fat I'm okay with my results. I knew that I wasn't going to have a flat stomach and I kind of messed up. Instead if getting a top shelf for the buttocks (lipo your lower back to make your butt look bigger) I should of got my love handles Lipo instead. That would have made a major difference in the appearance of my stomach. But overall I'm satisfied, I'm going on a diet to improve my results but I think I will be going back for round 2.
Dr. Roy heron

So far the doctor and his assistant seems nice, however both times that I came there (consultation and pre op) they seem to be In a rush. And I felt like I need to hurried up and go so I didn't ask the questions that I need too

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