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Hello everyone and thank you all even though you...

Hello everyone and thank you all even though you have never met me! I have been a voyeur on this site for the past three weeks in preparation for my surgery on Sept 2. I am so excited to get it done and really inspired and more informed by your posts. I had my consult yesterday and it went well. I explained to my doctor that I am 50 and I don't expect to look like I am 21, I just want a "kick start" to my weight loss. I had a hysterectomy that has my hormones going crazy to include weight gain! I work out regularly so I am looking forward to good results. I had SMART lipo about 10 years ago and it went great. He mentioned my may have some "loose skin" and I am ok with that. But they said that last time and I bounced back wonderfully even though I was 40 and not 50. :-)

With that said, all advise is welcome. My pictures are depressing to me!! But I plan to lose some weight before surgery. I will post pictures closer to surgery. I am looking for any tips to get through this at 50! :-) Any suggestions for comfortable compression garments is welcome. I saw posts for Arnica and Bromelain.

Night Before - Facing MY Truth!

I am not sure how many of you had to face "your truth" but it was really a hard pill for me to swallow! I am trying to figure out how I got here! I know I went through a hysterectomy and two heart surgeries and I blamed the weight gain on the medicine BUT not all of this is medicine! I have been under a lot of stress but the stress is gone! My stress now is to get my body back into some kind of shape without excuses! I am getting my abs and flanks. I was going to get the thighs but that is my "albatross " and I will work to lose it! Looking at these before pictures, I am "THAT WOMAN" that said I don't know how I got here.

I am at just about 12 hours from surgery and I am so excited. I know it is not a sprint but a race and I will win! I want to thank all of my beautiful ladies her for sharing "YOUR truths" and your journeys! I promise to reciprocate with the details of my surgery. Well, getting ready to take a shower with my antibacterial soap and remove all jewelry. :-). I will update in the morning as I can. Good night and blessings to all!!


I am here! I am so ready BUT I am SO HUNGRY...which translates to being HANGRY!! ????

Day After

Good morning everyone! I wanted to give an up and to get an opinion. It is the day after and I feel great! I am trying to see if all of the pain meds have not worn off yet. I slept well except for sleeping on my back. That sucks!! I woke up at 2, not because of pain but because I had to go to the bathroom which has been Bo problem. I was going to skip my 3:30 pills but decided not to press my luck. I took one Vicodin versus two and took my antibiotics. I am up early because of my pets. Just fed them, since they don't care I wanted to rest, and going to go back to sleep.

Opinions please? I had drainage on the right side and I want to take off the garment and wash it but I was told to leave it on until my follow up. It is actually very comfortable and I want to keep it on but the stain is getting on my nerves. I have no more leaking so figured I could take it off....take a peek :-)...wash it and put it back on. I have another one, just not like the one the doctor gave me. What do you think? Here is my discussing picture. Good part is I see a big change. I told my friend I was going to the mall tomorrow and she said I wasn't. :-). She is on her way with a Starbucks chai tea latte. I hope everyone is doing well!

Day 3 and I'm feeling great!!

Hi everyone! Day 3 and I feel great! I have no pain, a little "achy" but no pain. It is incredible to me. My thighs don't touch and my belly looks very good for day 3. I had to take a shower but unfortunately my backup garment did not fit. Luckily I had a SPANX to put on while my garment dries. I have no complaints. I hope everyone is doing well!

Day 4 and still feeling great!

Hi everyone! I am still feeling great and all over the place! I went shopping, to a dental apt and back home for a nap. I am doing my Fantasy Football draft now. The worse part is my dentist said I have to have oral surgery on Thursday. Do I need THAT?! So I know what my weekend will look like. But happily, I am still feeling great. Swelling is down and I have no complaints.

Day 6

Hi everyone! Just a quick update while I am sitting under the dryer at the hairdresser. ???? Yesterday, I was out all day with my friend doing bridal dress shopping. I felt good while I was shopping....felt better when we finally ate and felt the best when I got home and rested!! That was too much of a day! But I am back in the swing today. I rested all morning and getting my hair done. I will post pictures tomorrow as I have my one week follow-up then.

One thing I want to add. I don't remember whose post I read it on but they suggested putting the waist trainer over the compression garment. OMG!!! That feels SO GOOD!!! I highly recommend it. It helps support movement. Love you all and I hope you are feeling good!!


Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been catching up on you ladies today and decided to post an update.

First, I have learned the meaning of "Swell Hell"! Today was my first day back at work and I am in the military so I am stuffed in my uniform and so ready to go home!! When I was home and over did it, I would lay down and take a nap! I have been here moving around and I have almost 7,000 steps on my fit bit and I am swollen. I will say it is mainly my thighs. They feel so tight. I make sure I get up and walk around regularly. I am going to give this one more hour then home!!

I had my one week follow up on Friday and it was fabulous! My doctor was so pleased with my results. He even said they wanted to use me on their website. :-) I got my second garment but I do have some questions for those of you that have surpassed this stage. I know everything will be ok but I am kindda looking for "timelines" knowing that everyone is different but maybe some tips to over the "hump". :-)
1. What are some solutions for the swelling....I have to go to work and it is not real bad, just if I sit too long it hurts.
2. I put a waist trainer over my garment at home and that felt so much better. Has anyone done that?
3. Any solution for the hard knots? This morning, I have the knots in my lower abdomen. Now I do have a massager that feels FABULOUS and I find that helps. I can't get the lymphatic massages yet but I am told not to waste my money and use the massager. I am telling you I got it for $19.99 and it feels so good! My sister sent me the Wahl hot/cold massager that I am thinking about trying. Opinions?

I will take some updated pictures soon. I am very pleased with the results. I just want to work out and I get it. My doctor said we will discuss when I return in two weeks. And while I hate to admit it, if I swell of like this just going to work, I can imagine how swollen I would be after an hour of zumba! :-)

I hope you all are doing well!

Day 12 - Feeling Great

Ok, I on day 12 and I feel great! I could tie my boots this morning! You KNOW that is an accomplishment. Well, I am heading for a two hour plane ride. We will see how that goes. I honestly believe day 10 was the worse! Yesterday was not bad and today was even far. :-). I have 2 knots but I will work them out with my massager later. Taking off and will update you later. I hope you all are doing well!

Two Week Update

Well, yesterday was two weeks since my surgery and I am so pleased! I have no more soreness except a little "ache" in my thighs if I sit too long. I have some hardness in my lower ab and right side. Not the left, just right. SMH! I can start working out in a week and so excited to do that!! I put on my size 8 pants....ok, let me clarify...I put them on but I couldn't zip them...YET! I will get those pants zippered. :-). Through it all, it has not been that bad. I have not had "pain" and I love the results! I hope you all ar doing well. I had surgery on my mouth Thursday to add insult to injury so I have a swollen face but I can't complain. I am going to catch up on all of your posts.

Almost 3 weeks!

I went with my sister to my doctor for her consult yesterday. While I was there my doctor looked at me and was very pleased. I told him my garment was cutting into my side and he looked and saw it was too big! That is a great thing! So I am in a medium garment. He said I wouldn't have to wear it all the time soon but I told him I am comfortable in my garment and it feels good. I have 2 "hot spots" on my sides but other than that, I am great. I will start running again next week. I am so excited to work out again. How is everyone doing? Pictures soon!

Six Weeks Update

I am so sorry I have not posted.  My job has been crazy and I didn't realize how hard it could be to take time to take a picture.  ????

Well...six weeks out and I feel great!  I have a spot on my right side that is a knot by the end of the day.  I think I sit or drive lopsided!  ????  My thighs still get achy if I sit still too long but they are still separated.   My lower abs also still has a knot by the end of the day but I am so very pleased and it has only been six weeks. The medium garment feels fabulous.   I don't sleep in it anymore but I feel comfortable in it during the day. 

As you can see I am not a good photographer buy it think you can see the results!

Two Months

Hi beautiful ladies! I will be at 2 months on Wednesday. I need to take pictures and I will. I did want to share this picture I took yesterday. Size 8 and no muffin top! Yeah! I still have weight to lose but I am extremely happy!
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