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Hello all! I decided to begin this journey a...

Hello all!

I decided to begin this journey a little early. I decided this year that I would have a BA. I am 5'4" and 140 lbs. My current breast size is 34B. I have a bit of a sag, because i have lost weight and gained weight. No kids. I will post pics as I get closer to my surgery date. I am looking to achieve more fullness and a little more volume in my breasts. Not sure what size would be best, but definitely going for a natural, but attractive change.

I also will be having a BBL in February, so I would like to fully recover from that before having the BA, which is why I am waiting til July. I have had one online consultation and one in person consultation for the BA surgery.

My first online consult. was with Dr. Azurin of Body and Breasts in Coral Springs, FL. I never received a quote, because they recommended a lift after I sent pics, and I thought that was ridiculous. I knew that I had a slight sag, but not enough for a lift. I thanked the office for their time and kept on looking,

My second consult was with Dr. Michael Chiaramonte of Bella Cosmetic Surgery in the Washington DC area. I found him online and fell in love with his natural looking breast work, not to mention he had over 80 before and after pics to look at. He also performs the most BA surgeries in the area.
My husband n I met with him which made me more comfortable. My husband is very supportive as well. We both asked questions, then I got measured and tried on implants. Dr. Chiaramonte told me that silicone would be best for me, under the muscle, inframammary incision, and I did not need a lift. Amen!! He measured my breast diameter at 14 cm which he thought was pretty wide for my small frame. I tried on the implants and I liked the 450 cc implant best, which is what he had me try on first. My husband thought that size looked great too!! I went in thinking maybe about 300 cc would be great, but quickly saw that it made no difference at all. I didn't bother trying on anything larger, which I now regret. No big deal. I can always change my mind.

I felt even better after speaking with some of the women who worked there, because they also had their BA surgery done by the doctor. They talked about how easy and painless their surgeries were. Surgery on Thursday and going out to dinner w/ friends on Saturday. I contacted the office the next day to pay the deposit and schedule my date. My surgery is on 7/30 and pre op appt. is on 7/15. Cost is $6750 which will cover everything except for meds.

I am excited, but wondering if I am choosing the right size and worried about it looking as natural as possible. I'm not sure which profile would be best for me and I forgot to ask the doc. I'm sure he will make a rec., but I'm thinking moderate plus profiles. I also don't want to see the impression of the implant when I look at my chest. I hate that look. It looks like two oranges (or volleyballs if larger) trying to bust out of someone's chest. Natural, natural, natural is what I am about with the appearance. I love GoBigTallGirl's results. They are so natural looking, especially for the large implant size. Hoping to achieve this type of look. The doc told me as long as I stay within my chest wall measurement, then I have nothing to worry about.

Anyway ladies, thanks for reading. As I get closer to my date, I will update with more info. and before pics. In the meantime, I will be following all of your updates. Thanks for all that you have shared!!

Thanks for reading!

Any ladies who are getting surgery or ladies who...

Any ladies who are getting surgery or ladies who have already had surgery have a wide chest wall measurement? Just curious to know what the doctor recommended for implant size and to also get an idea of what it looked like after surgery. Was it too big, too small...do u wish you had gone bigger? Would love to hear from you.

My doctor recommended 450 ccs due to the wide...

My doctor recommended 450 ccs due to the wide chest wall measurement, but I am scared that may be bigger than what I want. I would probably end up being D cup, because I am B cup now.

Had to post a pic just for the review to update...

Had to post a pic just for the review to update and be seen by RS members.

Trying to decide between moderate and moderate...

Trying to decide between moderate and moderate plus. I want an extremely natural look, but a little more projection. I also want to look proportioned. How did you ladies determine what profile was right for you?

Had a BBL recently in DR with Yily de Los Santos....

Had a BBL recently in DR with Yily de Los Santos. After seeing many girls there who had a BA done, I have decided to go with her for my BA as well. Pushed surgery back since it will require leaving the country again. Plan to have it hopefully in November if time permits. Excited again!! She was a great doctor and I had such great results with my BBL, I am positive my BA will be the same.

Change of heart

Decided not to go through with breast implants altogether. Thanks ladies for your support!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Had a different procedure with Dra Yily and she produced great results.

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