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First off, I am 24 y/o with no kiddies and a...

First off, I am 24 y/o with no kiddies and a womping 32A cup. I've teeter-tottered back and forth on whether or not I should get the ol' implants for ages. Honestly, I like small tits! ...just not as small as mine are. haha. Oh! and not to mention, I have a little asymmetry adding to the list of insecurities. Anyhow, I considered BA about a year ago after an old bf suggested it and then threw the idea out after my best friend had objected to it as soon as I told her. At that time, I had not done my homework on BA and decided that jumping into an extensive surgery to please a boy was not the greatest reason to go through with it.

Now that I schooled myself a little more, elaborated further on my feelings to the best friend, and kicked the douche bf to the curb, I feel like I would be doing this for the right reasons: ME! I've hounded many of my fellow BA buddies about their experiences with BAs, read through the old med-surg books, watched several surgeries on youtube, and most of all, I have read nearly every review on this site! I love it. :) My bf knows it is now part of my nightly ritual.

Sorry, I am a tad scatterbrained (i'm so excited to add to the reviews!). Okay! SO, I want a really natural shape. Silicone. and I am aiming for a full B cup to a small C. But I'd prefer B. I have my consultation set up for May 30th. I know everyone says see many docs, but I've talked to several coworkers of mine that have had BAs and their results are fantastic. I am just going to see how the consultation goes and we'll see from there :) I'm hoping to head to the OR in July. tata!

Well, now that I am even more boob-crazed than...

Well, now that I am even more boob-crazed than before and my consultation is ever-so slowly creeping up, I am thinking I gotta' go moderate plus and small Cs seem perfect. I'd really like to have breasts similar to the lovely Anna Paquin. Hers look totally great!

Also, the only person that I've been really hesitant on informing about the big BA is my brother. I told him and he had the totally "supportive" reaction which was, "If you want everyone to lose all respect for you then do it." It kind of bugged. But hey, not everyone is going to agree with my decision. Such is life. I know he will eventually get over it.

Well, I am little iffy about the PS I'm going to...

Well, I am little iffy about the PS I'm going to now since I talked to this nurse that floated over to my unit last night. She had a tummy tuck done by a really awesome surgeon that she said actually does really fantastic BAs more so than tummy tucks. And then she told me that she has heard a few people say they've gotten really botched BA results from the PS I am going to see tomorrow morning after work!! So now I am a little nervous. haha. But of course this is just hear-say and if I don't like this doc (not that I am fond of MDs anyways, hence why i chose to be a nurse), I don't HAVE to go to him. :)

So, now I get why they say go to several PS before choosing the ONE.

P.S. I am an RN.

P.S.S. I have noticed that I know many nurses that have had successful BAs. And they're all quite awesome ladies and I trust their judgement on their thoughts on PSs just because of our increased knowledge base/experiences.

I will conclude by saying Happy Mom's Day to those of you who are a parent to Humans or Animals. And If you know a RN/Nursing Tech, tell him or her Happy-Last-Day-of Nurse Appreciation Weak!! :) tata!

Haha "Weak". I meant "Week".

haha "Weak". I meant "Week".

Yesterday I had the consultation with Dr. Loufty....

Yesterday I had the consultation with Dr. Loufty. I will first say, I should not have went to the appt when I was so exhausted after working my 3rd 12 hour night shift because I was not the most lucid. Thankfully my mother was there with my list of questions to help get the information I was needing.

I pretty much felt like most of my concerns were answered before I could really ask anything.

It was extremely hard for me to gather up the courage to pull down the paper vest in front of an audience the nurse, the nurses orientee, the PS, my mom. It's funny because as a nurse I am numb to people having to undress in front of me or having to be in unpleasant situations that most would consider embarrassing. But I had massive anxiety and felt so vulnerable to expose a good chunk of my insecurities. I can officially empathize with my poor patients!!

After the MD convinced me to take down the paper vest so that he could do his measurements properly, I finally explained that I am not going for anything extravagant and a very natural look. He told me he felt I was being very realistic by going natural and only going up roughly a cup size. He was very confident in saying that he could very easily meet my expectations which made me feel I was making the right decision.

After he left the room, his awesome right-hand nurse assisted me in trying on 175cc & 200cc low profile silicone implants which had a nice gradually larger look on me. I was guessing it was probably a medium size B. The nurse was very firm that it was really hard to tell exactly what cup size it could be. She just told me to go with what I felt looked the best on me. I also tried on 200cc & 225cc low profiles and they also looked great and possibly more towards a full B. Maybe a very small C and they looked fantastic IMO. I definitely had to remain open minded on the the it very well could be a C which to me sounds a little dreadful because I want to remain somewhat petite. I also told the nurse I was trying to correct my asymmetry and she felt I really was doing this for me :)

I also really liked that the nurse told me, "Now, your not going up very big and your friends may try to talk you out of this but you need to go with what you want because this is FOR YOU." And I immediately told her how several people I spoke with have already told me I should go bigger. But I'm not doing it for them.

I was so excited and decided to go with the 200cc&225cc. I was so pumped I just took the dive and threw down my deposit! The surgery is booked for July 17th! I definitely feel will have to do some pondering. If anyone has some suggestions on things I should think about, please feel free to advise me :) brain-storming and present some questions to the nurse when I go back for the Pre-op date. I realized now that I didn't even show these people my "dream boob" pics :| Okay well, I double check later. I'm still feeling really confident with my decision

Low profiles are n

*low profiles are not what I want...

So, I still have a month to go before the BA but I'm starting to really freak out because I really don't think I want low profiles. I feel like they won't give me the cleavage and projection I am wanting. I've emailed the nurse a couple of times regarding the dream boobies and if I can try on mod profiles but she still hasn't responded!!! And it's been over a week since I emailed her. I suppose I just need to call...all I know is I don't want floppy boobies!!!

Some pics

pre-op on July 1st!

So I finally spoke to and exchanged email with the RN regarding profiles and such. I also finally showed her dream boobie pics and and asked her if those shapes and looks are something I can achieve. She told me that my goals are not unreasonable at all for my size and shape. She also said that I can try on all the profiles at pre-op and make my decision at that time. Hooray! I feel somewhat at ease.

The only bummer now is the waiting game to see if my work is going to approve my time off. Now, that we are super short-handed at work, it looks a little grim about getting my time off approved (surgery day JULY 23RD)! I will be sooo upset if it doesn't get approved because I feel like I have been patient waiting for 2 months to get this done. I am now psychotic with excitement and cannot get the thoughts of awesome new BooBies out of my head! haha.

Waiting is torture

Pre-op is July 8th & I am a bit antsy!! And starting to go through the nervous/doubting phase. ("Am i making the right choice? what if i am an one of those Unlucky ones? etc.") It just needs to hurry up already so I can quit the worrying.

I think I'm set on mod plus and small Cs!

perhaps I am nitpicking?

So, I started looking at the before and after pics on my PS website...and I started realizing there were many results that I would not want. Many of the before boobies were asymmetrical and just as asymmetrical (not to mention either super far apart or super close together). The nipples were mostly all pointing different directions...I know not every surgery will be perfect. But I feel a PS would post more of his best work...hopefully that is not it... And I do have a couple friends with great results but I started researching more surgeons and found a surgeon who has better results with patients with asymmetry. I set up a consultation with him...The consultation is right before my pre-op with the original PS.

I did email the RN at the first PS office and she couldn't answer my questions or provide me with anymore before and after pics. She just suggested that I make another "re-consultation" appt. I was a little disappointed with her response. I felt like I was becoming a buggy patient. I realize I had tough questions. But all I really asked is if he lowers the breast crease in order to correct asymmetry. I did mention that I was concerned about many of the before and after photos but perhaps I wasn't seeing the right ones and if she could provide me with more.

My poor bf was thinking I am just getting a bit nit-picky because I am nervous because the surgery date is approaching. idk. Maybe he's right. I just want the best results for me...especially if I am willing to spend this kind of cash and go through this sort of pain. And I see many of you with amazing results. I just want the same.

Quick update: pre-op

First, I cancelled the extra consultation. I was definitely just freaking out. Second, pre-op went amazing! All my questions were answered and I feel I have a realistic expectation about what I can expect after surgery. I now know what are reasonable changes and what are not able to be corrected without extensive surgery. Also, this entire time, I am getting moderate plus profiles. Idk where that miscommunication was born but it's all straightened out.

So, all I have left is staying healthy, taking vitaimn C, and and avoiding any meds except Tylenol. I start bactroban 7 days before surgery to kill any possible MRSA I could be carrying due to exposure in my job.

Now, the next week and 6 days need to fly by!!

Yay! In BooBieland!

Surgery was not bad. A lot of nausea in the recovery room. But now I am home sleepy on the Percocet! Haha. Thank you for all your support gals :)

POD #1

So, far I am still doing okay, just really tired. I am really only taking tylenol and icing for the pain. I think I am having those "zinger" things occasionally, (surges of pain from the incisions up). My lefty, the bigger boob to begin with, is way more swollen than the righty. So, like many of you guys, I can't wait for swelling to decrease and D&F!
Also, I have drains in place and I really cannot wait to get those taken off so I can wear a normal shirt and see how they actually look! Friday can't come soon enough!!

I know it is only POD1 but I am starting to get bored not being able to do anything but be home and helpless. I am not even suppose to open the darn fridge! Which brings me to my next thought, I haven't had much of an appetite. Hopefully today I will. I have been drinking tons of water though :) Hope everyone is doing well.


This morning was a challenge to get up but my parents helped me. glad to have someone around for times lije those! I had my first post-op appt. The nurse removed my drains today...that was a bit of a discomfort! Also, I've had muscle spasms lately so I started flexiril which seems to be helping. Boobies don't look too bad but of course they're high and a little oddly shaped. The nurse told me to expect some more swelling the next few days since the drains are gone. Overall, the nurse said everything's working better and to stop icing and just take the muscle relaxer. Hope everyone's doing well :)


Ahh! Frankenboob!

Starting with the positive, I showered today. I was advised to shower not facing the shower spout. It felt so nice to get cleaned up!

I was so excited to see the changes this morning but they looked square and high. Geez, the nurse was not joking when she said I was going to swell more! O_o but I just covered them up and put on a normal, slimmer fit shirt and it was awesome to see the size and know that's with no padding :)

Also, I feel this weird sensation in the right breast like I can either feel bubbles/fluid under the implant. I don't like it. Hopefully it will go away when all this swelling goes down.

Picture update


I feel so much better today. Each day it's a little easier to get up and the pain is lessening :) also, I don't feel I'm as upset and frustrated with how strange my boobs were looking.

pod # 8

I have to say getting my job to understand my limitations has been really difficult for me but hopefully I will get it straightened out when I go back to work next week.

Also, I have been having pain inner side of my left breast that is a dull ache that hurts by breathing. It's not severe. And if I gentley press on the area it is tender, so I am hoping I did not injure anything at work.

My 1 week post-op appointment went really well. The PS and RN told me everything was looking great which was really good to hear. I have to admit I really don't like the way my boobies look right now. The left breast( orignal bigger boobie) has a little different shape than the right. I'm well aware the left nip will always point a little further to the left than the right nip, but I am starting to get frustrated that my nips do point down. I hate to be a baby or let what someone said get the best of me but I did have an older woman on RealSelf post a comment on several flaws she noticed on me post-op and I don't know why I let the negativity stick with me but it has. Honestly, I have never ever seen anyone be negative towards anyone on this site, and of course, it has to happen to me :/ Anyways, I just hope I can be happy with my new boobies in the end.

Pod 7/8

2 wks

So, I've started a "finger walking" massage around the sides and top of the implant so the muscles will loosen and the implants can drop. Is this type of massage what most if you gals use? Boobies haven't changed much. But I will post q pic anyways. I must be BooBie patient with this slow process. I want instant results.

3 weeks post-op

Well, it's been 3 weeks and things are so far so good. I got my stitches removed yesterday and my incisions are healing really well. I finally got sized as advised by the PS and nurse at Chico's or Dillards and not at Victoria's Secret. The gal at Dillards who helped me explained how they certified to do sizing unlike the associates at Victoria's Secret. I don't really get how these measurements work still but what I have understood is my breasts are wide so it causes the cup size to be larger although I do not have as much projection. Anyhow, the bra she brought to me fit very well and did not rub my incisions or breast tissue. I finally asked what size it was since I told her I guessed I was around a B and she told me I was wearing a 32 D. I was really confused. My new boobs are not giant at all but apparently sizing is a little tricky. I'm know each bra is different so I am sure I will just have to try things on to see if they fit correctly. I bought an ugly g-ma bra to get me through the next few weeks, until I can finally wear something pretty. :) I will post updated pics in the next couple days.

3 wk photos

Pic update

I just had to share a pic update. I tried the 32C and it squished me too much! I definitely don't have the projection of a D or even C, my breast with causes the size increase. My projection is much like a B, which is exactly what i wanted. i am loving my boobies!!! But the 32 D fits like a glove. :)))


Okay it's a full B/small C projection.


Here's a bathing suit pic. I've gained a little more weight since I've been pay no mind to the love handles. I am planning to start the process of getting into better starting Monday since I can do lower body exercises now. I want to finally have a toned body now that I have boobies. I kept the extra weight in the past so I could hang on to what little breast tissue I had.

I saw a before and after pic of a coworker who also had a BA who worked super hard to get a toned body. Her before body shape was very similar to mine and she looks amazing (but not freakishly muscular) now. It's kind of my motivation that I can so it too!! :)


...excuse all my typos...sry!


Quick update. Things are going well :) I'm really liking the results! It has been really hard to complete 30 mins of massage per day when I'm working. I also have been cheating on wearing wired bras instead of wireless a week early. My incisions are doing good and I made sure the wired bra doesn't rub them. I just couldn't resist how awesome my boobs look in them and I find them more comfortable for me to wear. On a side note, I have noticed the last 2 weeks that I have a little bit of the "fake boob gap" between each gap. So the cleavage looks kind of strange in lower cut shirts. Anyways, hope you all are doing great!

week 6

quick update: My 6 week appt went really well. I just need be my breast massages a little more aggressively and often. (I won't lie, I've shaved off 5-10minutes of massage/day). "The more massage, the better" is what my awesome nurse told me. The massage should help the boob-boobs round off on the bottom. She also told me to expect to see bigger visual changes around the 3 month period. anyhow, I am in the process of moving from NM to OR, and I would totally not suggest moving or making any huge life changes in the middle of your recovery period. I can now do arm exercises as long as I don't work my pectorals which is a lot more challenging than you might think! I will try to post an updated pic, although there's not any major changes, as soon as I can. Hope you all are doing well :)

Officially 7weeks today

They are rounding out a bit! Yay! :) hope all is well!

3 months

So, I noticed the last couple weeks the right dropped & the left is still high :( but I took some pics & emailed the nurse to make sure I was still progressing well, & she said things look great & to stop massaging the right as much & focus on the stubborn lefty. I still minor tenderness if the incision is pressed against firmly. I'm able to exercise except the pec muscles still. I guess I just wish they were closer together to create a little more cleavage but other than that I think they're great for my body.

1 year post-op

First, I have to say I definitely don't regret my decision to have a BA. However since doing this I learned that there's a point where you just have to accept our imperfections. My new breast aren't perfect. My rights slightly lower and the asymmetries there. It will always be there. But who cares? I have the pretty lady breasts that I have always waited for. Although, after much thinking, I'm sure I had this procedure because I've grown up thinking (largely due to how society defines beauty) to be a "pretty, attractive lady", I need to have this lovely set of boobies. But really that's not the case. I was pretty before and I am just as pretty now. I do wish I was able to come to terms with the fact I was never "ugly" or "lacking" before the surgery.

So to whoever may read this, you're pretty. Don't sell yourself short. :) and good luck whether you have surgery or not, gorgeous!
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Loutfy was suggested to me by two friends who had breast augmentation done by him. Dr. Loutfy and his awesome staff were all very nice and realistic with me regarding my expectations. I feel that every answered my questions promptly and I was accommodated aptly! As far as surgery goes, I feel this was a very great experience that could only be made possible by a great surgeon and an amazing team of staff!

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