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I had my b.a. on 11/12/13 and so far I have no...

I had my b.a. on 11/12/13 and so far I have no regrets, other than maybe taking more time off of work. Before I was wearing a 34a, (after my measurements, found out I had been wearing the wrong size, I may have actually been a B, but I guess I'll never really know.) I have always worn the bras from VS that give you the two cup sizes of padding, so now that I have gotten the surgery its not very obvious with my work clothes on. Im kinda happy that they're not too obvious in my work clothes, however, just like most girls on here, I wish I could have gone bigger. I think my PS chose the perfect size for my frame, and they look a lot bigger in t-shirts, tank tops, and tight shirts, but I just don't think that I could ever think that they're too big.
I have wanted this surgery for years, I started researching the surgery in high school, and waited until I was old enough to get silicone, and so happy that I did.
Im almost 2 weeks post-op and Im really happy with the results. I see a lot of you on here up and taking pics in bathing suit tops the day after surgery, and I must say, I couldn't even get out of bed. I think for me the healing process has been a lot slower. I feel lucky that I have an amazing and supportive mom who took care of me for a week after the surgery, she emptied my drains, helped me take showers, and made me all my meals. The first day I got out of the house was on day 5, I went to the movies with my mom, and had to sleep the whole day the next day to recover.
Im now at day 12, and I have been back to work for 5 days. Its hard having to ask for help so much, but Im not shy about doing it. I want to take care of my girls, I worked so hard to finally afford them, and I want to take really good care of my investment. I freak out really easy if anything seems weird or out of the norm with them, and my PS and his staff have always been able to answer all of my questions, no matter what time of day, or day of the week. Im anxiously awaiting my 2 week appointment, I know they wont heal exactly the same, but my leftie has been giving me much more trouble than my right. Its still a lot higher and more swollen, but I also get this strange feeling when I sit up after laying down a while. It feels like the implant moves lower, and bubbles are inside the pocket. It doesnt hurt, just feels really weird. Has anyone else felt this??? I asked my nurse and she assured me this is normal, and will go away with time. She recently had a b.a. and its really comforting to know that she knows first hand what Im going through. It puts my mind at ease that she has felt what Im feeling and she knows what it is and can explain it to me in a way I can understand.
So far, Im so happy that I had this surgery done, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Im actually looking forward to when I can go bigger!


So far the healing process has been pretty much what I expected, mostly thanks to all of the stories I've read on this site. They are looking and feeling better every day. I can't wait to see the final result, and to be comfortable again!

I can't wait....

I love them more and more every day! My left is still being my problem child, it's much more swollen than my right, but hopefully they'll even out soon.
I had my stitches removed almost a week ago, and the incision lines look like just a little paper cut. Getting the stitches out was much easier than I thought it would be, but again, I was still freaked out just because of the thought of it. There was no pain whatsoever. I'm still pretty numb from the nipple down, but recently I've been noticing that then I go outside in the cold, or I get really stressed out at work, my chest will tighten and my whole chest will go numb, which totally freaks me out.(I'm sure you see a pattern here, I'm easily freaked out.) I'm off all of my meds and just started a Tylenol regimen to try and fight the excess swelling and pain.
I promised I'd ask about the drains so here it is: my doctor uses drains for b.a. because it helps the body heal faster by getting rid of that excess fluid for you for the first 48 hours. Like I said before, I couldn't imagine all of the fluid I saw in those drains being trapped in there. Another reason is because they believe that it also reduces the occurrence of c.c. (Which can occur due to prolonged swelling, and excess fluid around the implant.) If your doctor doesn't use drains, your body will get rid of the fluid on its own, it just may take a little longer.
The only thing I'm getting frustrated with is my restrictions. I worked so hard to finally have this done, so don't get me wrong, I'm doing everything they're telling me to do (or not doing everything they're telling me not to do) but I'm so tired of asking for help, or saying "I can't lift that, I can't do that" . I'm really independent so it's getting old. Plus, I see some girls on here and Instagram that are up and walking around, shopping, dancing, going out, and they're only a couple weeks out, and if I'm not at work, I'm at home in bed doing absolutely nothing but resting and doing my massages. I'm so exhausted all the time and I can't imagine doing anything else.
Speaking of being exhausted....holy no sleeping anymore!!! I was totally fine for the first two weeks or so, but now I can't sleep! Im falling asleep early but I'm up at 2-3am and can't go back to sleep. Last night was the first night I finally slept on my side!!!! I woke up three or four times to move around a little but I was so happy to sleep in a different position!!
My phone is dead so I'll have to post some pic updates later on.


Feeling like I can do everything I could do before surgery. I knew that the healing process was going to take a while, but not being able to do anything involving my arms was difficult to say the least.
That being said, I'm so happy that I had the surgery, and I have no regrets whatsoever.
I can't wait until they are completely healed.
I'm still wearing sports bras, I'm scared to start buying bras only to have my size change as they d&f.

It's been.....

Almost 3 months, and they're starting to drop finally.....they're getting softer and closer together, and I've gotten most of the feeling back below my nipple. Im still numb in spots but not nearly as bad as it was. I think I carry my stress in my chest, because when I'm in a stressful situation, I can feel my right side tighten up, and it gets really uncomfortable unless I massage it, which is kinda annoying in that kind of situation anyway. Hopefully that will go away with time. I still have no regrets, other than wishing if had gone bigger....oh well, there's always next time!

6 months.

It's been 6 months! I can't believe it! I had anxiety about buying bras too soon, but I decided today was the day. I'm a 32DD and I couldn't be happier.

32DD 400cc silicone

2.5 years

So in love.
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I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dr.Loutfy and his staff have been so helpful, informative, and professional, every step of the way. From the moment I walked in, I was treated like family. They always remember my name, and are always available, 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns I may have. Joy and Patty are extremely knowledgeable, and have been able to answer every question I may have. I have no doubt in my mind that Dr.Loutfy and his staff are the best team around.

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