Botched Wedge Technique Revised W/ Trim and CH Reduction - Alberta, AB

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Last spring I had my first procedure done. After...

Last spring I had my first procedure done. After finally biting the bullet I called for a consultation only to find out the wait was almost a year, after all that patient waiting the appointment was just around the corner I received a call informing me the Dr. no longer offered the procedures anymore. I went to my family doctor (who did not support the cause at all) and he sent me to a local gynaecologist who could help me out. I went in for the consultation with a photo of what I wanted (after years of research I knew damn well what i wanted) and he turned me down right away, he wouldn't do any work around the clitoral hood and he didn't want to take off as much as I wanted from the labia. All this felt like a slap to the face because he wasn't willing to work with my wants at all, however since I was desperate to just get this all behind me I agreed for surgery anyways since he was willing to write it off as a medical expense.

The surgery took place in an OR under anaesthetic, we were to do the surgery and while we were there he was going to put my new IUD in place. Cut to a couple hours later I wake up groggy, high out of my tree wearing a diaper with a dilated cervix and I have no idea what the hell is going on, the doctor has taken off on vacation and I'm left with lovely nurses who tended to me but had no instructions on post op care and no prescriptions. It wasn't until a couple days later while cleaning myself that I realized he had done the wedge technique as he never bothered to explain ANYTHING. I was feeling pretty damn good and after a couple days of rest I went out to do some shopping and while getting out of my car I had a huge sharp pain explode from the area of my incisions. I drove home and couldn't really see anything in the mirror but now I'm googling like a mad woman and realize I've blown a stitch and am reading all these reviews of it happening to other people and I am freaked right out.

Cut to x amount of weeks later when I'm meeting with the doctor for a post op checkup, the stitches have indeed blown (on both sides now) causing the incisions to come apart and I now have square labia. Square. The doctor gets me on the table and looks and Is like "oh yeah it's not so bad it could pass as natural". Whatever you are on Doc, I want. My vagina is square.

So here we are a year down the road and I start back up with my doctor research which leads me to Dr. Allan, I decide I'm interested and see he has the option for a phone consultation and am booked to speak with him in a month. This time I ask all the right questions and get all the right answers, although I have to pay for this procedure (I believe it was $5600 for both CH reduction and the labiaplasty) I am feeling happy and confident as he told me if I'm not 100% happy with the outcome he does free touch ups. My surgery was booked and a couple months later the day was finally here. I went in and did a face to face consultation, we went over what I wanted, applied a numbing cream and a few minutes later I met him in the procedure room. Here he drew what he was planning on doing, he explained every step and answered all my questions so we began with the freezing and got on our way. The procedure took about an hour and a half - 2 hours and was painless due to the freezing (in some areas I could feel him put the freezing in which was uncomfortable but not unmanageable), I received a care package with instructions (wooo hooo!) and he gave me his card and told me to call or text with any questions. A couple hours later I had pretty heavy bleeding (was applying pressure with gauze and it was soaking through in 30 min) so I text him since it was now after hours and the office was closed, he was at the office in 20 minutes and put some more stitches in the areas with the bleeding to help put pressure on them.

I am now 8 days post op so it's pretty hard to say how things are going since it's all very bruised, swollen, lumpy etc. but I am beyond pleased with my experience with Dr. Allan and am crossing my fingers that everything heals perfect this time! My two experiences were night and day and I can't stress enough to do your research and find someone who makes you comfortable, takes good care of you and is willing to accommodate your wants or at least consider them!! Will continue posting post op photos. Good luck everyone! :)


Almost 1 month post op now. So far healing seems to be going good, had one stitch open up along side my clitoral hood where the dr preformed the wedge technique to tighten up the skin but it started healing over on its own. Only issue ive had is its itchy as hell!!! To the point where I've been kept up at night on the verge of tears because I'm so uncomfortable. I've been applying polysporin liberally (the kind with the black label had a bit of a numbing agent) morning and night or whenever the stitches feel tight or itchy and when the itching is unbearable i throw an Ice pack on the area which is the only thing that helps to relieve it.

2-3 weeks post op

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