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Well my countdown is on. Everything is paid for...

Well my countdown is on. Everything is paid for and a date is set! Sept 5th. Getting things together now for my recovery. Hoping to be prepared, is anyone really? Anyways... I am a 27 year old mother of 2, 5'8/ 140lbs/ 36B. I breastfed both of my children for 6 months min each. I cant say they left me with terrible breasts as I always had a deflated cup but I can say that my breasts got smaller!?! (Maybe that was just from the change in tissue?) My breasts are even more deflated anyways lol! Now that I have my girl and boy Im done having children. I am hoping this experience helps with overall confidence and just feeling like a sexy woman again! On the flip side I get nervous when I think about it too much and have to watch boob diary vlogs, which totally help! Thanks so much to those who have made them!!!


20 days till surgery!

2 weeks

Only two weeks left. I've been on a bit of a roller coaster as far as worrying about size, recovery, healing and having everything in order for recovery. On the positive side I got my arnica and scar cream in the mail :) that makes me feel a bit more prepared lol I feel like i'm nesting! Anymore suggestions for foods or things to have around for recovery would be great! Also anyone here have 500cc implants? I'm hoping they aren't too big. I know the bigger you go the more complications can arise. So if you have any input on size id like to hear it! I hope this size is the right for me :)


Decided to put up a couple more befores in a solid color bikini top. No padding (profile pic has padding!)


Not sure why this one wasnt added.


Well I have been reading many stories on here and my life has been consumed with reading about and looking at boobs! Anyways reading all these stories has left me feeling better overall about everything. This includes not telling anyone about my desicion to go through with this. I didnt want anyones negativity influencing me. Afterall it is my body, I am an adult. My life journey/path is mine to choose. Ive read about girls on this site getting hate mail! Wowzas! Apparently some people have too much time on their hands and feel the need to judge or harass others. Well save your breath and do yourself a favor, take care of your own. Some people blow my freaking mind! Anyhow wishing all you beautiful ladies the best through this journey :)

1 week pre op!

Nothing but excitement now. Ive gone through the worrying and all the what ifs lol just ready to start healing and to get past that part of things :p

Surgery T-.....

Well got the call today. Finally got the time, 8:30 a.m. Sooo glad I got into a morning slot. I am going about 4hrs away for this surgery. The kids and my hubby wont be trying to blow too much time and will be nice to get home by supper :) I'm confident everything will go smoothly. I chose my surgeon based on his experience, reviews ect. So I am willing to travel to a smaller city for this. Im right in the middle of Calgary and Edmonton so its clear how good this docs reviews were lol but geez would have been soooo much easier to go to one of those cities or even get it done here! Suppose it just goes to show how much homework I did :p Anyhow morning appt and I pray to god i'm not super sick feeling after!

Getting closer.

Cant wait to not have to wear these insanely thick pushups. I have been religiously around family and friends lately so there doesnt seem to be as huge of a difference. But god the are uncomfortable. They slip up all the time, always need adjusting ect lol not much longer now though!!!


Anyone have any idea what the best pain killers are with least amount of side effects? I'm sure my dr prescribes vicodin which sounds kind of intense. Are there better options?

48 hrs till surgery!!!!

Wowzas! Time to start packing for the trip tomorrow!!!


Approximately 24hrs and I will be on the otherside of surgery. I really cannot believe it. Best of luck to all the other girls who are getting surgery tomorrow. Of course to all you other ladies as well! I had forgotten to mention something about my procedure! I have not read any stories on here that have done this so I gotta share. I have given my surgeon the go ahead, if needs be, to even out my nipples! This may sound crazy to some but essentially I want my breasts to look even, including nipples. So if he does go ahead and do this i will have an incision on the top half of a nipple. I am going with a crease incision for implants so I may come out with an extra scar. To be completely honest Id rather worry about that than of nipples pointing it completely different directions :p Call me crazy lol Anyhow I imagine I will be posting before surgery so talk to you soon :)


Wow girls it went sooo smoothly! I was more worried about waking in pain than anything but I didnt! This is surreal. I'll update tonight :)


The Breakdown of my day!

Alright ladies, finally home! Im feeling much better than I expected and Ive only been taking Motrin! I was prescribed Percocet as well so i'll try taking half of one this evening and see how it goes :)
The day began and was to be at the hospital by 8:30. I got in about 10-15mins early and hadnt sat down for 5mins in waiting room and was taken back by the nurse. She checked my height and weight then got me to give her a urine sample. Went to my curtained area w my bed gown ect and got changed. The Nurse was very pleasant and got my IV in one try! After she had my drip going she asked a bunch of questions about medical history/fam med history ect. After this she went to grab a bag of antibiotic for my drip, added before surgery. Not long after my awesome doc, Dr. Hassel came in drew on me like i was a canvas for piece of art lol he did some measuring and squished my boobs this way and that to make some lines. I was able to ask some questions about followups, stitches, arnica montana and my nipples lol i was surprised to hear I wouldnt need to be back to remove stitches as they all dissolve and also dont need to see him for 6WEEKS! Whaaa? He gave me his personal # if i had any issues in that time. He also decided my nipples would be fine as I have never noticed a real dif between the two (i was a bit relieved). As far as arnica montana goes, he said he very very rarely has bruising occur on patients. I suppose he has been doing this for 20yrs and has 5-6 BAs a day. Overall I wasnt extremely nervous. Mainly just concerned with how I would feel when I woke up. After talking to Mr. Hassel I felt so happy I chose him! He is just great, easy to talk to and knows his stuff. He took some before pics in this time as well. Shortly after he left the anesthesiologist came in, Dr. Hughs, asked about med history ect and explained what he would be doing for me. I voiced my concern about nausea, with the drive and all, and he reassured he would do his best. He also said their were other things they could provide me with on my way if I wasnt feeling fine. He told me he would meet me at surgery and off he went. I quickly went for a pee n off we went. By this time it was 5 to 10, seen a clock on way in :p we waited outside of the room for maybe 5 mins, got a cap and in we went. I went onto the surgical table(not gonna lie, this room creeped me out! Just like the movies with those big metal lights above u) but Dr. Hughs was great n chatted with me as the strapped my arms n legs to secure me. We were discussing mexico, they gave me some oxygen, told me I may feel a sting and I was out. I woke up so sleepy, just wanted to go back to sleep then remembered my boobs! Had a glance down but couldnt see much. Nurses asked how i felt pain 1-10 maybe a 5 so asked for something for pain as I didnt want anything worse. They hooked me up and felt fine. A little tight at upper pole and a little sore on right side that was seriously it. No nausea at all. Got wheeled bk to my lil area got some water the apple juice n a digestive cookie, then called my spouse. He was there max 10mins, i had another pee, he helped me dress and I was on my way! On drive home had my motrin n ice packs and some soup. I feel much better than I had thought. So guess we will see what tomorrow brings lol w

Good Morning :D

Hey ladies :) just want to let you know I slept great. I did land up takin the percs as I said I would last night. Ive worked my way up to 1.5 every 4hrs. Im not feeling bad, not what I would have thought. I have less range of motion of course but the pain isnt too bad. Inbetween working my pain meds up even the soreness was tolerable but wanted to be able to sleep. Yesterday when my hub grabbed my prescription the pharmacist straight away suggested a laxitive. He gave 'Lax a Day'. I will be starting that today along with my bromelain and my arnica. Even though the doc doesnt think i'll need it I figure why not :p can help with the healing process anyway. Today bandages come off so I'll post some pics later :) If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Day 1 postop

Wraps off and showered. 500cc sub muscular silicone.


I just discovered I can feel my nipples and they are not hyper sensitive either lol I was surprised to discover this even though my incisions are in my breast fold. And speaking of the incisions they look to be about 3cm long. I'll post pics soon. Strips come off at postop day 10.

Better and better.

Already noticed i'm not feeling as sore at the end of the 4hrs between meds. Range of motion is getting better also, can move my arms! ive been very careful keeping my arms close to my body. The most discomfort i have felt was on my sides, under my armpits, but has subsided greatly. Now it is just the upper pole stiffness that is a bit sore. Have not felt my incisions at all pain wise. I would have to say overall feeling better. One thing I will note is I had a coffee this morning and it put me on edge. So Im guessing its the mixing with the Percocet, made me edgy n kinda grumpy. Didnt like that feeling at all! So I figure i'm gonna start cutting back the meds slowly as I am feeling better anyways. I'm not waking up at the 4hr mark needing ice till meds kick in for example. Very tolerable. I will get some pics up today and hopefully some in that green swim top for comparison. My breasts are very rectangular or olive shaped to me lol gotta love the torpedo effect!


Back to motrin now and this bloating sucks!!!




Lets try this again lol!

4 days post

4 days already and doing great! I have not been taking anything for pain for approx 24hrs. Only discomfort is my back while trying to sleep (always rearranging pillows boo), upper pole stiffness after laying for a while and a bit itchy in clevage and below breasts. I can lift my arms,brush my hair,dress myself, open the fridge simple things like that. I can't pump hand soap, open jars or lift anything heavier than a big can of soup :p I have more energy and zest again! My breasts are slowly softening and moving downward everyday. My right side is settling faster than my left so far looks a little silly but to be expected. I'm really looking forward to the day they settle and fill out. All n all I am loving them but cannot wait to sleep as i choose. I'll post more pics soon!

New Sports Bra

Day 5

Getting better everyday. Had a full day of running around a bit tired now but feel good. Every bump while driving doesnt feel uncomfortable anymore and am able to lift somethings ex diaper bag. I am able to put my arms up over my head but cant do a full stretch. My arms tire out quickly i cant hold anything straight out for long like if i go to pass something. Any how becoming stronger now and breasts are getting softer but not dropping much from what i can tell. Soon enough ;)

Day 6!

Cannot believe it has almost been a week! Well today I drove for the first time and it went well. Had to keep hands on lower part of the wheel for the most part but Im not hurting at all. I can lift babe as long as he just wants snuggles n not being rowdy lol I can lift my arms fine, open close the microwave above the stove or grab stuff from top shelf of the pantry(as long as its not too heavy). I did a load of laundry today on my own, not so exciting :p and went to get my nails done. Home now and not hurting in any sort of way shape or form. Overall I cannot complain about this experience. My breasts arent dropping much but softening up n slowly becoming more n more squishy :) not much else coming to mind.... Oh! My nipples are pretty much always hard and feel good! Kinda sexually frustrated because of all that lol but soon enough will be able to get that blood pressure up!

Day 6 pics

Always have issues uploading?


7 days already

Cannot belive last week at this time i was anxiously waiting for surgery. So so happy i went through with it! I feel great although.... Last night my lower back was killing me. Had a full day of running around then wing night and a movie with some girlfriends. My back hated me! Im sure the new weight, high heel sneakers and improper posture didnt help. Ah well. Slept flat on my back with no problem and no signs of morning boob or just plain old laying back boob lol hated that stiff tight feeling. Any how its been a week and luvin my tatas!



Heres that bikini top again. Not sure if there is much difference. Right side is still winning the race lol


2 more days until these strips are off. Im sooo excited to have the girls completely free. Then to get outta these sports bras ive been stuck in. Only 6 days till cute sexy bras. Otherwise not much new. Can carry my babe now :D:D:D thats been the hardest part! Not being able to lift carry or snuggle my kids has been really painful. Past all that now though and was only a week! Looking forward to the days to come!


Today is day 10 and the strips are off. Just quickly took a couple pics right after they came off. Not cleaned and newly exposed. Wasn't sure what to expect but happy with how they look thus far.

Not the best lighting

Will post a couple more after they are all cleaned up. P.S the tape and glue sucks.


A little up date on those incisions. Dont mind the flakiness. I believe it is a type of glue as it does not come off easily. Overall I think they look really good!


Hey ladies :) Everything is looking awesome! The top of my breasts are still a bit firm but I can push my breasts together!!! Ive been able to for a couple days now and I love it. Much more softness in my lower pole and starting to fill out a bit more. Upper pole I can push n squish but still a bit unnatural feeling. I am able to lay on my right side but my left is still a bit tight. That Left side has been a bit stubborn but I see hope! Only sucky thing I am experiencing is sore swollen upper abs :( they are sooo tender. Ive read that this can last for 2-4 weeks. Cannot wait till im not sore and 100% again.


As of tomorrow I do not have to wear a sports bra 24/7. So today grabbed a couple cute things.

2 weeks PO

Just posting some pics of the incisions. I know that was something i was curious about before my surgery!

Almost 3weeks now....

Hey ladies! Almost 3weeks post opt and feeling great. Not much is new here very subtle changes in firmness and dropping. Still not as soft as i know they will be but it will come. I went out this past weekend, first time out with the girls and i felt fabulous! Talk about self esteem boost! I never really noticed it before that night as I wanted to look great and just rock the new bod, was awesome. So other than that I have noticed a bit of hyper sensitivity in my left breast (i never lost any sensitivity in my nipples). Still havent heard any of the gurgling ive read so much about and havent had any issues with feeling the implants or noticing they are there. Ive read so many story of girls wondering when their implants will feel apart of them. I have not had this issue at all which i would have expected with a larger implant size. I have noticed they are seeming smaller to me lol! I dont wish them bigger thankfully but i suppose just getting used to the new look. I may take some pics to see if there is a difference :)

3 week pics

Looks to me righty is being stubborn. Drop and fluff already!!!

4 weeks!

Cannot believe it has been a month with my new breasts! There hasnt been anything overly dramatic going on with my breasts but they are settling nicely. I love how they are looking so far but looking forward to my muscles chilling out and letting loose. My right side's upper pole still gets a bit firm when ive been lifting or my blood pressure goes up. I think this is because its my dominate side, im a righty, so taking a bit longer for the muscle to relax. Also my armpits feel a bit sensitive to my deodorant after shaving? This sounds bizare but i've never had this issue before and havent done anything differently. Deodorant is the same. Other than that my ribs/muscles under my breasts are still a bit sore and tight. ive woken up in the middle of the night with a bit of pain, in this area, from sudden movement. It is bearable and has only happened twice since sleeping how I chose. Overall much softer though! Here are some pics, I'll have to compare as well.

5 weeks!

Well ladies I must say I am pretty much 100%! I can do everything i need to do and my breasts don't stiffen up at all :D I'm also back to work, i'm a hairstylist so i hold my arms up for lengthy periods of time. Even with that i feel fine at the end of the day. I can lift my 5yr old with ease as well. Laying on my stomach ect all feels fine. My breasts are so soft and squishy! The right is still slightly higher but i can only tell when i point/press at top of implant and look in the mirror. Anyhow everything looks great and no one has commented or asked if ive had them done. I will try to take and post photos soon!
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