Implants Redone After 10 Years - Uneven Breasts 3 Weeks Post Op and Dissappointed

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Hello, I am 36 5"3, 114lbs and had breast...

Hello, I am 36 5"3, 114lbs and had breast augmentation 10 years ago with saline 375cc. I decided to have them redone because they had moved outwards a lot and I had such a space on my chest (with no cleavage). My doc decided anything bigger than 450cc mod plus silicone would look unatural on my body, so I went with his choice.

I am concerned so far that the left breast looks lower and the right is much fuller on top? I am dissappointed with the surgeon, I mentioned 5 days post opp they looked uneven and he said, no they were fine, and didn't even book me to come back again.

I am going to book an appointment to discuss my dissappointment but I would like to know what my options would be. Which one went wrong, does the right maybe have hardening, or were they just positioned wrong (my nipples are uneven also, one sits higher). I had terrible bruising on the right side, and was very swollen on my chest between them. If I require further surgery will my scars be worse? I would really appreciate any advice, I am so sad I am lop-sided now):

It has almost been a year..and the doctor has...

It has almost been a year..and the doctor has agrred to fix my right breast for $2000, which I still feel is unfair, I had BA done in 2000 for $6000 with him, again in 2010 for $8400...I don't know if I want to go back to him and I am very nervous to fix it...yet I feel very insecure when flexing, expecially in workout clothes or swimsuit,,,would appreciate any feedback on whether to fix it or leave it>>>thank you

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