My Full TT with MR, Lipo of the Thights, Flanks, a Little Bit of Lower and Upper Abs is in Three Weeks! - Alberta, AB

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Hi ladies! This is my first post ever - I do not...

Hi ladies! This is my first post ever - I do not promise but I will try to keep you updated with my personal experience with the procedure I Am about to have ( November 20 is THE day :-))

In my first post I just want to share my story and tell you about my reasons for the upcoming procedure plus my personal experience with different consults that I had.

So, I am a single mother of 4- year- old wonderful twins.
I also used to be overweight - went from size 18-20 ( 200 lb) to size 4 -6 (117 lb ). I did it through healthy eating and exercising. I have kept it off for two years now and it just became my lifestyle . I do fall out of the wagon here and there but the secret is to get back on it as soon as you can. It is normal for any woman to fluctuate weight-wise throughout her life but again - whenever you start gaining , the key is to realize it, admit it and start DOING things again.
I'm also an emotional eater but let me to tell you this - it is manageable to have it under control even through the worst stress if you put effort into it. This year I have been through enormous amount of stress - you can judge for yourself -
I started a fast track program on January 7 2013 ( classes from 8-5 plus projects until about 12-1 am ) . I do not have any family in Canada so the kids , the house are on me. At that time I was also married to my dear husband who got diagnosed with a serious mental illness on January 11 th ( the way I found out - he beat me up for the first time after 10 years of incredibly happy marriage ). So on top of my school and the kids I got to deal with his illness and my emotional state that was out of norms to say the least. In march he got hospitalized for a month into a psychiatric department after beating me up again plus destroying a bathroom during his attack.
I was visiting with the kids every day and maintaining high marks in school. For all these months I only slept for 4 hours.
Then in May he passed away and I was left widowed at 29 with two beautiful children trying to digest what has happened this year out of the blue. And still in my fast track program...
I still managed my eating and started exercising even more - it helped me and still helps ( because it only has been 5 months of grieving ) with emotional pain.

Then 3 weeks ago my daughter had an open heart surgery. She is recovering nicely though and going back to the day care tomorrow.

So, as you can see there has been a lot of stress in my life and after thinking about a tummy tuck for 4 years I finally decided to get it done and maybe walk into a new year with a new me and finish up this awful year with something nice for myself.

I am extremely nervous and have all these what if thoughts - what if I am gonna die, what if I hate the results, what if I would not be able to manage the kids even after 2-3 weeks, what if I will not be as flat and nice as I imagine, what if my scar will come apart, etc etc etc .....

I have been to three different consults - one in LA with Dr Grigoryants. I loved the pictures on his website and flew there back In 2011. I liked him and probably would pick him as my surgeon, however, by many people who had a TT done I was advised not to travel that far. One thing I also kinda disliked about him - he looked extremely tired to me. He does lots of surgeries I understand but I would want my surgeon to be well rested while doing my surgery. Everything else I liked about him. Oh, another thing I thought was kind of strange - they refused to show me N actual photo album. Still do not understand why...

Then in September 2012 I had a consult with Dr. whidden in Calgary ( I am from Calgary). I have heard good things about him, thus if decided to go see him.

- I did not like his bed side manners at all. He is so distant it feels he does not care.
- his staff is nice but very pushy - from the beginning they were saying things like : we cannot book a consult unless you already figured out your finances . After I came for a consult they gave me to fill out the forms for a surgery right away saying that it is required. They also go through details of the surgery right away and telling you that they will order the compression garment right away and I was keep telling them that I need some time to think about it.
I personally do not like to be pushed into anything and I decided not to go with this doctor.
Later my friend had a boob job done with him and she was very disappointed in the way she was treated and in her results. According to her, he was hard to deal with after the surgery was done. He also did not admit his mistakes and refused to fix them.
Her boobs did not drop a year after as they were supposed to according to him.
To redo he asked for 7000$ ( not far from the original $10000 that she paid). She also wanted to get a little bit bigger size but he convinced her no to. Now she regrets she listened.

My third consultation that I just had on October 30 th 2013 was with dr Campbell.
I liked him a lot.
I came with 21 questions - he answered every single one in details.
During my consult my daughter wanted to go to the washroom and could not wait. I asked hi if it is ok. He said absolutely take your time and he looked completely relaxed and not annoyed by it.

He seemed very knowledgable - as I said he would go into details about any question you asked. I have done 4 years of research about the procedure and had even more questions when he would start explaining things.

My consultation took about 1.15 minutes - I did not feel rushed at all.

He is also a general surgeon in two hospitals in Calgary so it put my mind in peace knowing that he does whole bunch of other required types of surgeries on daily basis.
His bed side manners are awesome.
His staff - I saw one complaint about his staff - not sure where it came from. I liked them. They were very informative and helpful. Especially RN.
So, I booked my surgery for the 20 th of November.
Getting nervous but trying to be logical - it is a widely done procedure. In Calgary in the last 30 years there have been only one woman who died from it. But with any surgery there is a risk.

The risk to die in car accident is 1/5000, here the risk is 1/50000
So, you have more chance to die in a car on the way there :)

I do not have any pics to post yet but I will as soon as I get some.

The expected cost is $ 11800

I also need to hire someone to help with the kids so there will be additional costs.

I hope this helps, ladies :)

Plummy tuck preparation

Hi ladies !
So, today I have called my dad - to get a final family approval for the surgery :) he was the only one who was not aware of this happening. I was surprised how understanding my sad was - I have to tell you he is a pretty conservative guy and I expected to hear lots of cons agains me preceding with the surgery. But now he said I had the right reasons and it seems to him that this surgery is actually needed.
Anyway, after this final approval I feel that now is the time to start preparing for the surgery since I only have 16 days to go ! Oh, my God! Thinking and researching about it for 4 years and now 16 days to go...

So, what I have done I made a list of things that I will definitely need ( that everyone who has done the surgery seems to be in need) after the surgery in the first two weeks plus a list of things that I think I might personally need ( does not mean you will need it). I basically reviewed endless amount of videos on YouTube.
One of my favourite is April29Oregon. I really like her positivity - one of the most important things we need while on this journey :) plus, what is the most important is that she is very informative and very open about her own experience.
I found her list to be the most inclusive and seems what I would need as well.
Today I started shopping - slowly but surely :) i do not want to start running two days before the surgery and stress out that I cannot find something.
I also decided to organize everything in the way April did - to have a shelf by my bed with the most needed things.
I have only got a few items today and planning to do mor tomorrow.

Here is the list that I have now ( I will be updating it I guess as needed):
Topi foam
More compression garments stages 1&2
Garbage bin
Recliner ( there is many used ones on kijiji for $40-$50
Antibacterial soap
Bottled water ( tons) - I decided to get some only for the first 4 days and then I hope to be able to use my 4 litre brita filter that I have always used ( it will also force me to get up to get some water )
Hand sanitizer
Air freshener
Rubbing alcohol
Wisp for your teeth
Gauze pads ( lots)
Stool softener ( I got docusate sodium capsules USP 100 mg) - this is what my doctor prescribed
Lots of Q- tips
Disinfectant wipes
Feminine pads
Your make up bag :)
Tempur pedic pillows to help you to get up from your bed
Lots of pillows to surround yourself - under your feet, back, etc
Gadgets to stay connected :) - phone, laptop, iPad ( get the charger close as well)

Another I think super important thing I started doing today is cooking !

I have read lots of diet suggestions, problems associated with a tummy tuck.
The basic idea is seems to be as follows-
You will be very tired to cook even when you start getting up.
And you need very healthy low sodium intake diet.

As I mentioned before I have list 90 lb so I have been eating pretty healthy for about three years now. Thus, I know exactly what healthy is. If you are not aware of whether or not you are eating healthy then perhaps you might need to do some extra research because it seems that everyone says healthy eating = faster and better recovery ( especially swelling wise - to have less swelling that everyone is concerned after TT you need to eat healthy and low sodium diet).

Thus, knowing that I will be tired I started making some food and freezing it .
Today I made some soup and cutlets.

Soup - I basically got some veggies ( carrots, Brussels cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, mashrooms) and skinless chicken pieces. Boiled it with almost no salt in it. And then using blender just puréed it.

For cutlets -

I used lean turkey ground meet plus lean pork ground meet. Then added 2 eggs, 4 medium size onions ( cut really fine), plus shredded carrots and a bit of salt. Mixed it all up in a bowl. Then using a non stick skillet " fried " it to give it a form. Then put all of them in a pot, added a bit of water and steamed it on a low.

Then I threw it all in the freezer :)

I want to have healthy Meals ready because I have read many reviews when girls complain about lots of swelling due to poor diet.

Tomorrow I will continue with my shopping list and cooking :)

Talk to you soon, ladies :)

Plummy tuck preparation

Sorry for mistyping in the subject :) it is obviously Tummy Tuck preparation

Few More items added today to my pre op shopping list

Microwave ( I do not have one at home so now I need to get one )
One time use dishes, cups, etc so I don't have to wash
Cheap lunch boxes for freezing more foods

PS - I also got my compression stockings today ! Oh, my God! I really start feeling that IT is about to happen :)

It is about to happen !!'

So, tomorrow is THE day !
I know many of you probably have a question - r u nervous ?

You know - I was so busy till right now that I had no time to think about it at all !
I was settling in a new house. Plus, getting my recovery corner ready :)

In addition to the previous list I have added one important addition : hospital bed and a walker.

So, the hospital bed in Calgary cost $100 for two weeks ( minimum rental ) plus $105 for both ways delivery & set up ( coop medical supply store on Macleod trail ).
Walker - two- wheel one cost 12.87$ for two weeks ( minimum rental)
I do not have a recliner at home and my bed is pretty low so for me it was important to get the bed.

I also finished all my cooking plus I bought frozen dinners just in case.

My surgery is in 12.5 hours !!!
Just had a light dinner as recommended.
I hope to be able to update soon :))

Oh, and I also put the Xmas lights on so the kids do not bug me after my surgery :)

Talk to u soon guys :)

B-b, my yakee tummy :-)


So excited - it finally happened !!!!
Was thinking about it for 4 years and now it is done :)))
Thank you ALL for your support - it really did help :))))
I am extremely tired now so I will post all the details later. Now just wanted to THANK YOU ALL and to share my excitement :)

Few hours after the surgery pics

My first pick at my new lovely tummy :)

1 month Post Op

Few more pics / 1 month after my full TT - I am ver pleased with the results :)
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

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