39 y 5' 4" 123 lb (421cc) Mom of 3 Ready to Get my Big Girl Boobs - Albany, NY

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Mother of three finally deciding to take the...

Mother of three finally deciding to take the plunge. I have always had a small chest 34 except when pregnant and breast-feeding they were a double D , I swore I would never stop breast-feeding just to keep those babies. I'm tired of padded bras gapping bathing suits and not feeling proportioned. My husband keeps trying to reassure me that it's not necessary he loves me the way IM but it has nothing to do with that it's how I feel and how I have always felt. I just want to fit in a bra fill out my bathing suit and look great in my shirts, and who does not want a little cleavage. I took the step and I saw two doctors they were both great but the second dr was just amazing he answered every question I think he would've sat there all day talking to me and reassuring me he answered a question that I was going to ask him even before I set it that reassured me. I'm a gym rat I'm there five days a week so not being able to get to get my workouts in will drive me crazy. after a week 1/2 after ACL replacement surgery I was back in the gym just trying to do things that didn't involve my knee . I was set on Saline under the muscle but after talking with my doctor he reassured me that silicone was the better way to go. I am 5 foot 4 1/2 , 123 lbs , my doctor recommended between 391-421 cc which he said would be proportionate to my body. Now that this is really happening I'm starting to get a little nervous. Am I making the right choice with silicone?

Call from the pre-OP nurse

So yesterday I got the call from my pre-op nurse going over all the questions and information and the do and do not before surgery. This phone call made it real I can't believe I am finally doing this.15 days to go .I bought A comfortable sleeping bra that hooks in the front from Amazon for 10 bucks I guess fashion is not going to be a factor at this point. I have my fiber and laxatives which is something that is a necessity after my knee surgery from all the anesthesia I was not able to go to the bathroom for five days so I am not going to take that chance again.

Starting to have doubts

I'm not sure if I'm just getting nervous that this is actually happening, or the fact that in 10 years or so I may have to do it all over again.. I was reading a lot of blogs from Women who had their implants taken out. It's kind of scary do I really want to do this everybody on this site is just having them done so everyone is excited about it I would love to talk to people of had them for 10+ years is it worth it?

million dollar question… Silicone or Celine?

Going into this I was 100% sure I wanted Saline I was worried about leakage and if it did it's just saltwater right it won't hurt your body and you'll know right away if you have a leak because you will be lopsided. After two consults with two different doctors they both agreed silicone was best. Why ? They have assured me that the cohesive gel is much safer than it was in the past. My doctor even said MRIs are not necessary but I guess I just want peace of mind. I will go for a mammogram every year and if it to text something then I guess I will know. I don't now my doctor even stated he would use them on his wife and daughter that's how comfortable he felt with them. But is that the truth are they safe?

Surgery moved to Feb 18 grrr

My surgery was supposed to be the 13th but my husband could not get out of work. So we moved it forward to the 18th. I'm back to being excited I think I have gotten past the nervous anxious why am I doing this again? Stage. This website has been very helpful I love seeing everyone's updates and encouragement.game on !

For those of you girls who have had the surgery already how did you feel on day six or seven

My husband wants to go away with me for a couple of nights to get away but I'm not sure how I will feel postop day six or seven by then I be feeling well enough to be walking around the city for a while? Obviously I will not be ready for my dancing shoes just yet but wanted some insight

At this time next week the new girls will be here

Well it's almost here Monday I paid for my BA, today i went and bought a few different size sports bra's. Now it's just waiting I want it to be here and get over with.nervous anxious, excited.

Last weekend with padded bra

Last weekend I have to wear padded bra whoot whoot

2 more sleeps till the big day , and last day of chest presses

I can't believe it's almost here, two more sleep nights and I will be and my big girl bra. Today was my last day at body pump no more chest presses or heavy lifting for a while. But it will be worth it and I will be back to my regular activities in due time.

Tomorrow is the big day 7:30 AM ! Nervous /excited

I got the call today I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow I did so much laundry and cleaning I think I have everything is set meds are all set I have my husband home for a week and a half with me just so happens he had to use up time from work and it fell on this week. Nervous and excited at the same time not knowing what to expect that thank you ladies for all your updates really does help to know what to look forward to.

Surgery day can't believe it's here

7:05 on the way to the surgery center. Nervous anxious I'll kinds of crazy emotions throat is dry belly is hungry, just waiting for this to be done and over and have the results I've been waiting for forever,saying my last minute prayers ! Keep ya posted

Waiting .....

Ivs all set

Bye-bye little boobies

So far so good no pain yet besides feeling like someone standing on my chest and when I take a deep breath in and it is so tight. We'll see what tonight brings.

Day 1 post op

So far so good they brought me into the surgery room put a mask over my face next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery, lots of pressure and a sore throat from the breathing tube, which I was surprised they use that. I actually slept well last night in my own bed with two pillows. Have been taking my oxycodone every six hours. On a scale of 1 to 10 for pain I am at a zero. No pain just tons of pressure like someone sitting on your chest. The band is very annoying that's where most of the pressure is coming from I have to wear the band for one week. So far so good

3 days post op and feel great

Still feel amazing , sleeping with only 2 pillows for a slight angle. Taking 1 oxy codeine every 6 hrs , and the plumbing is still backed up after 4 doses of fiber and 6 laxatives and 2 espresso ughhhh

Day 4 no more pain meds soooo bloated !

So last night was my last dose of oxycodines I took , I can't believe my pain never went past a 0.i never would of expected that . Over the past 3 days I have had 8 laxatives 5 doses of miralax .and nothing spectacular has happened yet feel so bloated.the band is so confining and tight but gotta do it . Dr apt on Thursday .i am pleased so far , I still can't believe they are mine ,I had fun trying on different tops wow how different they fit ,I think my husband really likes them coming from the man who said it's not needed you are beautiful the way you are. The gift that keeps giving lol. So far so good

9days and loving them , it's amazing what they can do for you !

It's been 9days my journey so far it's been amazing. The worst part about this was the bloating and not being able to go to the bathroom I never had any pain, chest tightness and pressure, was the worst that I felt three days of pain medicine and after that nothing. It is amazing the way clothes fit and The way they make me feel. Looking back at pictures I can't believe the size difference and why I waited so long to do this. My husband loves them, even though he said they were not necessary and I was just perfect the way I was. I can't believe how much my libido has increased.

2 weeks , went to the gym for some lower body

I can't believe it has been two weeks already, how quickly it has gone by. My journey has been amazing And my doctor is fantastic, never experienced any pain through the whole process, just chest pressure. Never lost any sensitivity at all. Feeling a few zingers here and there. Went to the gym today and did lower body exercises on the machines and a half hour on the elliptical no arms. Did not raise my heart rate high just enough to work A sweat and it felt good. Dr. recommended leaving the Steri-Strips to help the healing process of the scars . So I have not seen them yet. No fluff and drop yet not much change.

3 weeks and back to spin class

My doctor gave me the okay to go back to spin class it felt really good. It looks so weird looking down and seeing boobs where is three weeks ago there was nothing. My confidence level has risen so much and it's amazing how clothes fit. My left breast is getting nice and soft my right one is more hard and tender hopefully that changes soon. My doctor recommended leaving the Steri-Strips on to help heal. Just making sure it's normal for the one to her and not the other.

Steri strips off at 4 weeks - not bad

I just took off my steri strips , dr said I could leave them on as long as wanted to help heal the scar , this is the first Time I have seen them. Now I started using silicone scar sheets , to help. I experienced boob sweat today in spin class , never had that before lol. Still waiting for them to drop , but am very happy.

6 weeks and so happy

I can't believe how fast time has gone by , it is so fun now to bra shop , I always hated it because nothing would fit right and there was always a gap in the bra . Now I walk in proud and pull out the 34 D drawer and go crazy . I'm back to all my normal exercise except for weight lifting classes . I see my Dr. Next week for my 6 week check up and see what he has to say.

Time flies - wish I did this sooner

I cannot believe it has been 10 weeks. They are soft and squishy, still wearing scar guard sheets to try to help with minimizing scarring. Have been back to all normal exercise routines since about four weeks, minus lifting weights. I think the size that we chose is great maybe next time I would go a little larger. But that's just boob greed talking. I love the way clothes fit me and it is so much fun to buy bras now I want to buy a new one every week. Wish I would've done the sooner in my life but everything happens for a reason and I am just thankful I was able to get them now.

5 months and still happy

I can't believe it has been over five months since surgery. I have gone from 0% pain to 100% gain. My husband did not think this was necessary and was completely happy with the way they were but I must say he is completely in love with them now. I love the way that they make me feel and look, I feel so confident in my bathing suit and cute tank tops it's amazing. I used to look down at my bathing suit top and see the gap between my skin in the suit now I look down and see BAM !!! Then I smile I love looking at my pictures to compare the difference in before and after sizes. And also the changes between month to month. I am happy with the 421 cc , perfect size - 34 D .my 9 & 11 yr old boys still have no clue . My 16 yr old well , she will be in line next many years down the road, and I will support her too ??

New pics 5m

Pics didn't load with my update

I can't believe it's been 9 months

it's been nine months , where has the time gone. Everything is going great . My only regret is not doing that soon enough and I may have gone a couple of cc's larger . But overall I am happy with the size shape and the feel of them . I still look down and can't believe they are me . I love the way they make me feel , my intimacy level with my husband has never been better. I love my 34 Ds

Just found this on my Drs web site before/after

Wow big difference

Happy 1st birthday

I can't believe it has been 1 year!!!! Wow time has flown by so fast. I'm still in love with my breasts, they feel soft and real , they are comfortable and they finally fill my bra . One bad thing , I have given Victoria secrets lots of money , it so fun buying new bras !!!! I walk in so proud and go right to the D drawers.awesome feeling ! I will admit their are haters out there , you will find out who your true friends are . So if your looking to go through with it , it's so worth every penny . Dr. Rockmore of Albany plastic surgery was awesome . I even got to do an interview with him for his website- how cool is that !!!

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