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I'm looking forward to having a flat stomach which...

I'm looking forward to having a flat stomach which I haven't seen since I was 17. I am hoping to fit into my clothes more comfortably without having to hide my lower bulge. After gaining 90 pounds with first child at 17 and losing 80 of that 90 my stomach was stretched beyond repair without surgery. I'm also having a hernia repair with the tummy tuck

Final pre-surgical visit

So two months tomorrow I will have kicked the smoking habit!! Go me yay!!! Visit with doc today to recheck skin and fat since quitting smoking ( 11 lb weight gain ) Doc says everything looks good to go just a little more lipo necessary now since gaining. I discussed with him what I should realistically expect from procedure and was very pleased with what he said. I should expect a major improvement in my central abdominal area as well as hips and waist . No boxy look here I hope!!!! Lots of contouring to be done! Starting to get a bit anxious as my surgical date approaches but I guess that's to be expected. Time to start stocking up on necessities for post surgery....

Surgery complete

So let me start by saying this procedure is not for the weak... surgery center was fabulous they had me in and out to the comfort of my home in no time. The anesthesiologist gave me my cocktail in my vein and that's the last thing I remembered. I woke an hour after procedure and my wonderful nurse got me a drink and up to the bathroom which I walked and was super proud of myself. I was very alert and coherent leaving the facility which seemed strange because I thought I would be groggy a bit. I got home and immediately I walked around for a bit then used the potty which btw I recommend a lifted potty for anyone getting this procedure it has been a lifesaver for last 24 hours. I got in my recliner with tons of pillows and stayed awake while family members visited my room off and on. I did set an alarm to stay on schedule with pain meds(oxycodone and I don't get along well) so I'm taking only 1 pill or a half and I'm also taking Motrin every six hours. It's been 24 hours since procedure I am bruised a lot in hip area I'm not daring enough to open binder yet. Doc said I could shower but I'm waiting one more day I'm too scared yet lol. I'm moving around often and I've been able to sleep a few hours here and there. Pain level is about a full 10 today and burning from lipo as expected. Oh and btw try not to cough it's absolutely the worst pain ever!!!! Dr visit 1 week will give updates

5 days post

This morning woke around 7 am back and forth to bathroom for 2 hours waiting on movement lol. I think the hardest part of this recovery for me so far is getting things going down there!! I have been taking Phillips stool softener since first night. I have also started miralax 2 days ago. At night the swelling is pretty bad which I'm attributing most of it to the constipation. Appetite is nothing compared to pre surgery. I have noticed that the more I move around and exert energy the more I'm capable of consuming. Yesterday I started weaning off of prescription pain meds in hopes of being able to reach regularity. The Motrin helps alleviate some of the pain!! I showered for the 2nd time yesterday and the water felt so good on my back!!! Finally looked in mirror after shower oh my I will say my Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore is truly an artist!!! Very very happy

First post op visit

Yay yay yay both drains have been removed and stitches out only ones left are in belly button!! So I woke this morning feeling like I was hit by a freight train... I must have overdone it yesterday walking around and shaving my legs and hanging out in dining room....morning is usually the best time of day for me but this morning was awful and of course it was dr visit day but thankfully the appointment was in the afternoon. My dr is very pleased with my progress he said I should be standing straight in a day or 2. I had both drains pulled what an experience.... right drain no pain or burning left drain ooooh my well let's just say I shouted a few not so nice words but burning sensation ended quickly... I had a lymphatic massage after my visit and that was wonderful and courtesy of my doctor!!! I still have some lipo bruising but not so much on tummy just left flank is real sore still. I am 8 days post op and already have about 85 percent of sensation back in my tummy!! That's a blessing and a curse I feel every little pain!!! They also changed my binder to a shorter one thank you thank you!! Looking forward to the next week and starting scar therapy...
Albany Plastic Surgeon

After meeting with 3 surgeons I chose Dr. Rockmore because I felt very comfortable with him. He's funny and always smiling. He listened to all my questions and concerns and not once did I feel rushed during consultation. His staff is very friendly and very accommodating.

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