Only Skin Left After Weight Loss - Albany, NY

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This is my second time trying to get this done. I...

This is my second time trying to get this done. I wrote a review before but can't find it now. I am 65 and a few years ago lost over 100 pounds with diet and then about another 20 with diet and exercise. I was able to shape up parts like my arms and legs that I was told would never firm up. But my neck and jowls were left hanging , figuratively and literally. I feel like I have a turkey scrotum on my neck. I hate it. I am having a lower face and neck lift with fat grafting and SMAS tightening on June 20th. I am scared. Have seen all the horror stories but my face looks like a horror story to me right now. So. I am doing it.

Okay here are some pics

I am older , my primary care is against plastic surgery in general, and I keep wondering if I am insane. So I have been keeping a little mirror around to remind me of what I hate about my neck and jowls. I am a performer , and perform with mostly younger or more rock and roll type women, who have paid much attention to their looks. I raised two kids, one handicapped and took care of a very sick husband for decades. Now we can't afford this at all but I can't stand it. It is almost impossible to find ANY pictures where my neck is exposed, even if it is 200 degrees out with 100% humidity. I am having a scarf burning party when this is over.

before weight loss,

wanted to show before and after pics of weight loss that wrecked my neck. I did it with diet and exercise only. The neck was my only real casualty.

pics pew weight loss

pics wouldn't load
diet and ex only

Nervous about swelling and scarring

I have to drive 2000 miles alone 2 1/2 weeks post surgery to go to court as a witness. I hope this works out. Any hints on avoiding swelling and stitches problems?

More clearance required

I now have to get pulmonary clearance. I have Sarcoidosis and have to be followed by them. My lung involvement actually went into remission in 2000 but I have it in other places . It hasn't been a problem though in other locations and I am careful about always avoiding sun exposure because it aggravates it. I get PFTs on Tuesday with a chest X ray and an EKG and blood on Tuesday. So I should know by Tuesday if I am cleared or not.

the rest of me

These are my arms. Yeah. They are large. But the definition is pretty good on my muscles and they sag only about half what they did last October when I started working out. I was told at 62 arms would not pull up . That the skin was not elastic enough at that age. I was told that about my legs and stomach too (which had many surgeries not for beauty either) but now they have all pulled up. My "apron" is almost totally gone. Yeah . I still have scars and some loose skin, but way way way less. I am not done yet either. I am confident that I can build enough muscle to pull them in more. I might get a bit "bigger" but a lot less flabbier. The gym folks tend to think women only want to tone. I do not want to be a body builder, but I do want to fill in what I can of the loose skin. It seems to be working for me and I will be 66 this year. Do not give up. Drink lots of water too.

This is me at a performance this weekend.

I want my face and neck to match my life. I hate having to wear a scarf in this freaking heat. These are pics from Saturday night with three other performers and a great loyal fan and friend.
Albany Plastic Surgeon

So far I love the doctor and his nurse. I have pictures I will post tomorrow of before.

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