22 Year Old, 5'4".. 115lbs, No Kids, 371cc moderate profile

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Basically since high school started I've thought...

Basically since high school started I've thought about getting breast implants. 7 years later, I have made up my mind and have decided to just go for it instead of waiting until I'm older. My mom got saline implants about 10 years ago and ever since then, the idea of having a BA hasn't been so unrealistic (before I always thought only celebrities got their boobs done). I patiently waited for my boobs to start growing but they have basically been the same size since I was 13. I guess you could say I am pretty petite.. I am about 5'4" and my weight fluctuates between 110 and 118 pounds. In my opinion, my shoulders seem wide for my small frame, but I'm hoping bigger breasts will make them seem less huge. My legs are nice and skinny and my butt is proportionate to my body but my boobs are just flat. I used to wear a 32AA until a girl at VS made me try a 32B and it fit soooooo much better. It's probably because I typically buy push-ups and those require more space to fit your boob on the "shelf". Either way, I don't feel or look like a B cup and I heard that their sizes run super small anyway. (But i'll take it! ha) I do like everything about my boobs (the shape/position), just hate the size of them. This is basically the only place I can vent because my boyfriend is getting tired of hearing me talk about boobs. He says mine look great and I don't need the surgery, but is super supportive of my choice. I also think it will be cool to document my journey, especially if it helps someone else.

My main reason for wanting the surgery is because I feel inadequate in most of the clothing I want to wear. I am obsessed with fashion and cute clothing and struggle to find shirts and bikini tops that I can actually fill out, without looking so flat chested. Even though having small boobs means you don't have to wear a bra, I feel like if I don't have some support, I look like a 12 year old. This limits the styles of clothing I can wear without feeling self conscious about my tiny boobs (deep v neck, backless dresses, cutout shirts, strapless things..etc.) I am so tired of wearing padded bras and bathing suits and having a limited selection of styles that look good on my body. I also just want to feel more adult and womanly.

I have been doing endless research online the past few months, and have found a surgeon I am extremely confident in. His name is Dr. Rockmore and he is located in Albany, NY (a few hours away from my apartment in Vermont). I thought his before and after pictures all looked great and the results seemed natural looking. One of my biggest pet peeves is when implants are far apart from each other and there is an awkward wide gap in between the breasts. All of the women in his before and afters had nice cleavage. Also every single review of him that I found was 5 stars, so I thought that was really impressive. I had my consultation with him back in April, and it went great. He was very confident in his work and informative and answered all my questions. He even mentioned how he hates the boob gap (without me even having to mention it) and explained how he uses a 3 dimensional approach to make sure implants match the width of his patients chests properly. That was very comforting. I brought in a bunch of pictures of boobs I liked and he looked at them all. His opinion was that they were all a very large size for my small frame and that I would need at least 400cc to achieve that kind of look. Now that I am looking at the pictures again they do look huge for my body!!! I definitely don't want the fake look so I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I am so glad he made that point and that he wants me to look as natural as possible. He recommended moderate profile plus *silicone*, under the muscle, somewhere in the 300cc range. I tried on the sizers (the wrong way at first, they were like under my boobs... super low and saggy lol) and then decided that 350cc seemed like the perfect fit. He agreed with me so as of now, that is the size I'm going with.

I scheduled my BA for mid-late December, so that way I could save some more money and could hide my fake swollen boobies under sweaters and jackets while they are starting to drop. I figured that I wouldn't mind staying inside when its freezing outside. Plus, my job does require lots of lifting and reaching above my head, so I am taking two weeks off around Christmas so i have enough time to heal and my co-workers think I just went to visit family for the holidays.

I am a little bit nervous about going too big. I know implant cc's and sizing is so subjective and 350cc looks different on every person. On some girls they look HUGE and on others they are perfect. I have looked at so many before and afters and have come to the realization that I will have no idea what my boobs will truly look like until after the surgery once they have healed. My mom wishes she went smaller.. she asked her surgeon for a full C and she has a full D. They are REALLY big but they look good on her. I think I am leaning towards having a small C but would be okay with a full C too. I just know its really hard to find cute bras when you have large breasts, and I don't want it to be crazy obvious that I went under the knife. I feel like giant implants just look gross. He wants to do the incision under the breast fold. I can see how you could be more precise about positioning the implant that way but I am a little worried about scarring. I haven't seen that many pictures on here of scarring once it is completely healed, so I am wondering how visible they will be once everything is all said and done. But to be honest, I am just excited to finally have some boobies. From looking at before and afters (and just using common sense) it seems like if you have nice boobs before the surgery, they are going to look the same pretty much, just bigger. So when I am like "oooh jeez hers look crooked or far apart" or something, typically they were like that before. I understand surgeons have to center the implant under your nipple so they really cant change too much about the way your breasts look. This thought has me staring at my boobs in the mirror all the time, trying to picture them with implants. I am pretty hopeful and think they will look amazing.

My surgery is still about 4 months out so now I am just playing the waiting game. I'll keep updating this thing and post pictures as time goes on.

Some before pics

Wish pics

Laying down beforeb


Before, better view

With the sizers in at my consultation

Less than two days until surgery!

I figured I would post some more before photos because soon it will be too late. For some reason looking at my boobs in pictures makes them seem way less flattering. Yikes!

Pre-op me in Cancun last may.. wish i was this tan still

5 Hours post op and I already love them!

Dr. Rockmore is so talented at what he does. I had such an amazing experience and am not really feeling any pain yet.

Day 1

I could not be happier with my results.

Day 2 laying down

Definitely more sore today

Size large sports bra

its so weird to be able to fill this out

Night #2 post op

definitely sitting high and pointy with minor bruising, but not bad for day 2


pre op vs. day 2

Day 3 PO

Day 4

I hope they don't get any smaller than this. They look a little bit more even in this photo

Night 4 post op

I hope they look bigger when they drop and fluff.

Best cuddle buddy ever

shes been by my side this entire time

Day 6 Post Op

my breasts feel fine but I have been having the worst muscle spasms in my back and left side for the past 2 days. Heating pad helps a bit. Does anyone else have this problem?

New sports bras (one week PO)

I haven't noticed any visual changes but they feel a little bit softer and less stiff.

Love this outfit

New bra - day 12

34c lightly lined

Day 16

3 weeks post op

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks. They're getting way softer everyday. Sometimes I wish they were bigger but they look pretty big when I am naked and I feel very proportionate. I'm not trying to give into the boob greed. It's kind of nice that I can still wear a push up bra if I want to without looking too busty for my size. I still haven't been properly sized but I tried some on at the semi annual sale and think I might be a 32D but one 34c fit me well too. I can't wait for the bruises to go away.

No bra

Day 22

Just an update so I can keep track of my progress. I think they've dropped a little bit.

More pics


Feeling good!

I think my results are starting to look more and more natural. I have gotten compliments from a few of my friends who have all said they are the perfect size for my body. I kind of wish I went a bit bigger but I still love them!

I love trying stuff on now

One month!

Smooth sailing

I am so amazed at how quickly I have healed this past month. I can not recommend Dr. Rockmore enough - he is a true professional. My surgery was quick and my results are exactly what I wanted. I am glad I decided to just go through with it and get the procedure done because now I like the way my clothes fit me (with the exception of a few tops I had to get rid of because my boobs didn't fit) and now I have the confidence to go get active and get the rest of my body back to the shape it was in a few years ago. One of my lead favorite parts of my body has turned into one of the best parts :)

Got sized today

I finally gave into my urges and went to Victoria's Secret to get sized. The girl was SO nice and helpful. I'm not sure how accurate this is because I thought for sure I was in the C cup range, but there I am a 32DD!! WTF and one bra was too small so I had to buy it in a Triple d. I know their stuff runs small but damn. I'll have to go to some other stores and try their bras to see the difference. I'm a little bummed because it's actually kinda hard to find cute bras in a 32DD. However I wouldn't want my boobs to be smaller than they are now. Obviously I will fill out the bottom of the cups a little more as I heal, but the main problem I'm having with bras is that the center part of the underwire doesn't touch my sternum. There is always a gap where the bra is lifted off of my chest in the middle. I read that means the bra doesn't fit but I'm surely not an E cup! That would be ridiculous. I'm wondering if this is something that happens with fake boobs in general. Has anyone else had this problem with bras????

5 weeks (Almost)

6 weeks post op

Everything feels normal at this point. I'm trying to keep up with my scar treatment but am probably not doing as well as I could. My only complaint is that the scar on my left breast is more visible because that crease was higher than the right breast. I am convinced that Victoria's Secret bra sizes are wacky because there I am a 32dd/DDD. I've been doing a lot of reading and it seems like the majority of women don't wear the right bra size so I would love to try getting measured by someone else. I'm so looking forward to buying bathing suits this summer!

Entering week 7

At this point I'm totally used to having boobs and feel like they're part of me. I'm just hoping the redness in my scars diminishes fast, because they're still very noticeable.

Ordered some bikinis

Getting close to two months

8 Months post op

It's been a while since I posted so here ya go! My surgeon offered to treat my incision scars with a Vbeam laser to help smooth them because they are slightly hypertrophic. When I wear fake tan they sort of blend in with the rest of my skin, so it's not too bad. I need to make an appointment soon but I've been working a ton and am in school so it's hard to find a good time. Dr.Rockmore said he considers the laser treatment covered as part of my surgery charge which is nice. Overall I am very satisfied with their shape and appearance and have gotten a lot of compliments. Sometimes I wish they were bigger but maybe some day when I am older we can go that route. For now they look natural on my body I think. Super pleased!
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