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Well 10 days and I will have my fleur de lis and...

well 10 days and I will have my fleur de lis and panniculectomy with dr Kevin day in albany or. I'm nervous and excited and worried all at the same time! dr day and his assistant Cathy have been amazing spending so much time explaining and drawing on me to see what will be gone! I have gastric sleeve 4/4/14 and lost 175lbs and now it is time for me to get my ability to run and play tennis and not have my feet go numb!!! Darn the hanging tummy skin!! I've earned this! But it ll be painful to get me to where I can do even more to maintain this loss!!!

Nervous 9 days till surgery

so I wish I knew what I was going to look like I'm not unrealistic I won't look like Barbie I don't want that but smooth and flattish?! Ugh can't find any pics on here about a fleur de lis being done only to see some examples :(

7 days!!!! Till surgery!!

im so excited I measured from my tummy skin to the steering wheel! Lol I tried on all my dresses for compare to after pics.... I can't wait to not have an applause when I run... Ladies you know what I'm saying if you have the skin I do!!! My husband... I pray...is ready for this responsibility of taking over house operations AND our toddler without reward lol :( for 4 weeks at minimum per my dr! Sorry TMI but intimacy is soooo important in a marriage! I met my husband 22 days after gastric sleeve surgery while at 320lbs highest weight was 365...Now am 190 and he says this is totally up to me because e loves me and my body... I'm ready! Hardest part not lifting and cuddling my 16 month old!! :(


oh my lanta!! I'm losing my front butt this week... Yes it's what I call it!! Especially because it's bigger than my REAL butt!! I took the liberty of snapping some side shots :( here they've! Can't wait to see the difference...ANY THOUGHTS ON WHAT I SHOULD BUY TO HAVE READY...food, ointments, comforts??

Two days!!!!!! Doubts & dreams!!

okay panicking a little! Holding my 16 mo old realizing I may not get to do this for a long time! My heart aches. I know it will be worth it...but ???? in other news got my arnica supplies, silicone stops, pineapple everything, comfy shorts, recliner next to couch so little man can climb up next to me. Grandparents will have little man the first night just in case we have any issues!! I'm so excited! Nervous for my husband and his sanity as I'm usually very mom wife role and he's work yard role. We shall see!!!! GOOD BYE FRONT BUTT!! ??

It's here in 8 hours!!

okay night before surgery bag packed. Recliner set up. House clean.. Sitter set for baby. Final ewwww pictures!! Sent love to all family.. Just in case. Clean sheets for after proceedure 1 surgical shower neck down scrub fest!! I'm excited nervous terrified and curious! I ve wanted this so long I'm scared it won't turn out like I hope. I just want to run! Have my feet NOT go numb while on treadmill or in car!!! Pain I can do... But I worry about the incision and infection. Im A splenic meaning I don't have one which makes me a little immune deficient so I ll be on antibiotics. Deep breath!!! I'm coming to the flatter side!!

Flat side!!!

well it's two days PO. And I think I'm doing great! Day one I don't remember much except that I woke with no tummy laying on my legs!!! There was pain but honestly not that bad! Went home about 5 pm. Recliner was best idea and worked well. Had some broth. Lovely narcotics and had a pain pump. Will take pics soon.

Pain pump lol

well went for my day after check up with surgeon who made a special visit to the office!! I told him the tube didn't look full on the pain pump and that I didn't feel any relief. He was shocked to find it CLAMPED OFF!! So all night I hade no pain med. but honestly wasn't too bad!!! So word to the wise make sure pump is unblocked before you leave the hospital!!!! Dr said all went great. I'm really swollen but he removed 14 lbs of skin!!!!

Days 4 & 5 OUCH OUCH

okay so my... I got this mentality is out the door! So had to stop the narcotic on night of day three as I was itching and had a headache straight from the devil. I still have the pain pump is so we just went to Tylenol. The incisions don't hurt to bad more than anything it's my back!! Being hunched over and feeling the urge to stretch is hard. Sooo hard. It's funny because before I would've had my back go out because of the skin hanging and pulling now it's holding on but the muscles are so. Sore!!! Going to second follow up today. I kind of feel like a giant water balloon puffy!! But I slept through the night still in recliner. Not sure sleeping all night is a good thing because I'm so stiff in the morning. Walk walk walk! In other news! First BM after four days! My husband clapped for me then got not so happy because he has to flush the toilet... It's too low for me to flush. I was worried about wiping but man is it EASY!!

Post op 5 day dr visit

well...I'm allergic to derma bond the adhesive they used. So on to steri strips. Rashes everywhere but doing better one the derma bond was removed. Dr day said I'm healing good no sign of infection just irritation from derma bond. Drains still in and pain pump to because it wasn't on the first 24 hours it still has a little left. I'm a little worried about the upper abdomen swelling but dr says it's gonna get smaller. I did this surgery strictly to help me continue to exercise and not have numbness in my feet or hurting back... But part of me wants it to look better too... Nervous about end result. I'm no Barbie and I'm not afraid of working out but I want a head start.

Got to take a shower today!!! Ahh even though it was tiring I got all the glue causing rashes off my skin!! Part of my tummy is so tight and other parts are a little looser. Can't wait for these drains to come out! My pain pump will be removed at home by my husband...dr showed him how gulp! Lol making progress finally no heAdache and got to hit Starbucks for my SF FF SALTED CARMEL MOCHA ON THE Way home!!! Ahhh. Thanks hubby!

Home alone!!!????

so I made hubby go to work and babys at daycare so I am home alone!! We got everything within reach and stocked water and TP and Tylenol! I walked around the block today! Pathetic! Hubby will take out the empty pump today as in already getting feeling back. It's kinda like when your foot falls asleep and wakes and burns and tingles and it's annoying and shocks you with electric shock occasionally. Not unbearable. Bowels are going good. Standing a little higher. Last night wee changed pads and bandages and the incisions look way less angry from the allergic reaction to the derma bond. But I have a weird shape on my right lower hip and we are trying to bind it to push the fluid out but wonder if that will need a fix.

10 post op fever

ugh so yesterday got a little fever of 101.7 I'm thinking a cold and not incisions. Took my second shower today awwwww! But dang does that take it out of you! Incisions look good I tjink with steri strips it's hard to tell. Sleeping is the worst trying to get comfy. I see the doctor tomorrow and pray he'll take at least one drain out :( I would say of all the drains are the worst pulling leaking pushng in the wrong way oy!! I feel so bad for my hubby because our toddler is teething and has a low fever also I think he'd rip his hair out if he didn't shave it off!! Getting closer I hope to normal.

Icky drainage

so my left drain is still clear and normal but my right drainage is creamy and gross so headed to doctor to see if this is the reason for fever. We shall see!

Day 11 post op. Infection

so had my check in with surgeon. He does not like the drainage from the right drain but says the best treatment is to keep it In and let whatever abcess drain effectively. Incisions look good beyond my rash irritation from the original derma bond. He took the stitches outta my belly button and noted that the bleeding means I have good blood supply for healing. He said all looks good if we can get this infection resolved. I have no spleen I should mention I lost it when I was 16 and my immune system is not as strong as it should be. So I originally had a 5 day antibiotic that I took and I think that warded off any infection. So we re doing a stronger one this time! Hope it heals follow up in one week!

24 hours after infection

well. I must say I am feeling better!! Heavy antibiotic is working drain fluid is so much better looking still a little milky but huge improvement. Belly button looking good. Right now my biggest concerern is my GINORMOUS MONS PUBIS . Pics to follow I of course know many have said this is normal but holy crap! My doc thinks that's were some of the infection is related to skin reaction from tape for drains . I'm sitting here with ice on the girly part! Hoping some of the pain and swelling will decrease there. Walked three blocks today. And made de arbol salsa by using my grabber to get the ingredients outta the fridge lol!!

Arnica tea

so during bandages we are doing arnica tea swabs and boy does it feel great warm and wonderful!! Drain fluid is clearing nicely and my cc's are dropping and I'm excited for Tuesday to see if these dang drains can go!! Low fever only now 100 and antibiotics are working three walks today. Baby steps !

Drains out! Scar gel!

So drain came out on 9/8/16 and now I'm using scar gel and VIT e oil massage two times per day!! So far going good moving around a little better and trying to get more active. Still can't lift baby and Borge baby and I are sick :( ugh

Stand up shots

So I'm finally getting around to posting some standing up clothes on I ll get some of without clothes when I remember. But definitely flatter! Still super swollen wearing binder 24/7 and trying to walk more!

Stand up shots

So I'm finally getting around to posting some standing up clothes on I ll get some of without clothes when I remember. But definitely flatter! Still super swollen wearing binder everyday all day. binbinder 24/7 and trying to walk more!

Gettin' real

Fyi I didn't get my thighs done! I'm not afraid of working out so that starts next Monday! I'm moving more and sooo swollen at the end of each day! Ice packs help! So saw my PS on Thursday for another incision check. He says looking great I'm doing vitamin e oil massage over all abdomen and scars then twice a day skin medica scar silicone gel. My doctor said I could finally have sex!! Ummm oops. Well we found a way to have me use no muscles and were able to have sex on edge of bed at two weeks. I know they said to wait but hey... My husbands hot lol! So being very careful!! I do have serious itching and a lump above my belly button and a marble on my right side under the skin my doctor says is a muscle incision knot and is having me use powered massager to soften the scar and muscles!! Yay!

Suture abcess feeling good!

So I'm about 6 weeks ish and got a little red spot on the right lower incision. Had a tiny bit of drainage so I went to the surgeon as I do not have a spleen so my immune system is not great. He said it was just a suture abcess and we are putting antibiotic ointment and a gauze pad as I'm allergic to adhesives. All in all feeling good back to work after a week and a half and tho I'm swollen at the end of the day I'm doing good!!

Front view

Right now my sides are swollen!! But you asked I deliver lol! So fyi when you start to feel better it's easy to over do it!! I think I lifted and moved WAY WAY TOO much and am hurting quite badly tonight :( I am swollen beyond belief and hard :( I'm allergic to the darn bandaid the dr stuck on my little suture abcess for two hours and now have a rash... But still worth it! Icing the belly and my husband gave me the best vitamin e oil massage!!

Pics for last post

7 weeks out

Well I thought all was going well...and then I went back to the gym...???? so both spots over my hips are irritated. Band aids causes rash and the swelling was intense. All I did was the elliptical for 25 min then arm lifting. Sweeping still in tummy after two days. Dr said I'm over doing it and have to cut back on lifting.

8 weeks more rashes

Ugh so swollen and lumpy! Dr says normal. so I'm 8 weeks definitely doc thinks dog ear revisions on both hips. I'm whole torso covered in rash related to an antibiotic shot I got for an unrelated infection for cold season. I'm immune deficient without a spleen so they treat any infection very seriously in me. Well I was allergic to this injection and now have full torso rash... However he thinks I may also be allergic to the scar gel as I am not getting rash to clear. Seeing dr on Monday. Mons is not getting smaller and dr says my muscle wall was lower and could be pushing it out and may want revision. Not sure what to do yet. Still worth it but frustrated. Fun to shop but irritating to itch!!!!
Corvallis Plastic Surgeon

he is friendly informative and awesome!!!

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