5'8 and 161 Lbs- 32 Year Old, No Kids, Weight Loss Resulted in Major Loose Skin. Alabaster, AL

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This is my first post and I am less than 2 weeks...

This is my first post and I am less than 2 weeks out from surgery, scheduled for 11/18/16. I am going for a full extended tummy tuck and full breast lift with 350cc silicone under muscle implants. Would love to meet others who have been through this. Fingers crossed and looking forward to the flat side.

Prepping for the big day next week!

After going for my pre-op visit last week, I'm making sure I have everything I need. I've purchased a heated blanked, slide on warm slippers, Comfy leggings and pjs for the recovery, recliner, walker and shower chair. Still need to get a few things, but I'm feeling good!

2 days away!

I'm ready! I'm nervous, but I'm confident that this is a great thing I'm doing for me. I think the term "nesting" is what I've been doing. Meals are prepped and frozen and I've paid bills and cleaned my whole house. Now to just pray the pain is manageable. I'm hoping I can do stairs with very little issues. Anyone else recently had breast lift with implants and a full tummy tuck?

Made it through surgery and I am 2 days out .

My surgery lasted 6 hrs but I am so happy with the results. I've got some good before and afters of boobs and will post more of my belly later after when I take off my binder. Surprisingly I have a high pain tolerance and was able to shower today solo and make myself breakfast. I have taken pain meds twice and made the 2 Hr drive back from Alabama to Atlanta yesterday.

Day 5- post op

Well today I am getting my 4th shower by myself. I'm off my pain meds, but really dealing with swelling all the time, especially in the lowest part of my tummy above the incision. I've was constipated for 4 days and have been able to go 4 times now so thank God for that. I'm basically just taking antibiotics at this point and drinking lots of water and eating clean. I think my boobs are amazing and the tummy is fantastic, even swollen, considering my surgery was 6 hrs long! The swelling us worst in my lower abdomen and doc A days it should go away as the swelling subsides. He has been amazing! I'm ready to stand straight so my back is not on fire and get these drains out. Monday can't come soon enough.

Day 9 Post Op

Every time I see my surgeon in Auburn, AL it's a 2 Hr drive from Atlanta..but it's so worth it! Drains come out tomorrow..that's all I can think about. They are tugging at my skin and I'm about to scream. In better news, I think some of my swelling is getting better. Still a long way to go. It's still puffy at the bottom of my abdomen..but I'll take any improvement I can get. I'm looking at stage 2 garments because I want something comfortable with mid thigh coverage..I don't know about you ladies but having the standard Marena garment rides up and I'm always nervous it will be on my incision line. I find that garments with some shorts component don't do that and produce a smoother line..any suggestions are welcome.

Yay I'm drain free!!

So I had a great 10 day post op appt. Dr A is the best and he has a great nursing staff. There were several feet of drain lines!!, but it was pain free!! He was really impressed with how well I have healed in 10 days. Starting scar cream tomorrow! I'm done with antibiotics and onto getting back to feeling like me. I still have lower abdomen swelling but he said it will resolve in time and to be patient, it has only been 10 days;) I am very happy and the 4 hrs of driving I did today we're all worth it and reinforced that I chose the best. If you want someone who cares about the details and will keep it real with you, go to Dr. Aquadro- he is just fantastic. I'll post more pics soon. I can get back to light cardio in 2 weeks because I'm healing so well. Yay! Happy Monday for sure.

18 days post op

I've hit the 2 weeks mark- here are updated pics. Swelling is still a beast in Lowe abdomen

6 weeks + this girl is back in the gym!!

So I haven't updated in awhile. Other than the occasional split stitch, my recovery has gone so well. I had my 6w post op appt yesterday and it went great! I go back in early March for my next visit. I have been back to working out with my trainer already 4 days this week and it feels so good. I love feeling my muscles fired up again. I Can't wait to continue toning and enhancing my results. I'm definitely seeing an increase in swelling after exercise, but this is to be expected. I can't believe it's been 6 weeks- it really flew by! I'll post more pictures soon. Here is one from NYE rocking my new dress on a trip to NYC;)

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