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Hi! My name is amari. Im 18 and a 44H (which you...

Hi! My name is amari. Im 18 and a 44H (which you knew already!) I know I'm posting a little late into my procedure, but I guess It hasn't really hit me yet that it's happening. I’ve had bigger boobs since before I can remember. I never really thought they were as big as everyone told me until I looked in the mirror one day and say two watermelons hanging from my chest! I realized I need to have this surgery done, not for anyone else, but for my health and wellness. I had a consultation in early January, and they said it could take until the end of February to get approved. Luckily for me, they called back in about a week with the date of my surgery! I’m not at all nervous, which is weird because the only other surgery ive ever had is my wisdom teeth, which I was terrified for! I think I’m calmer than anything, and ready to see what I’ll look like with smaller boobs! I told my surgeon (Michael Yoo) that I wanted to go down to a C or D (no doubles!) but we haven’t really discussed the size I will be. Hopefully something not too eye catching and comfortable. Since my surgery is the day after tomorrow, I won’t be posting much pre op things, but I’ll be sure to post at least once or twice a day from hear on out!

feeling better...

Hi guys! I’m really sorry I haven't posted I’ve been having trouble finding my review since I’m new to the site :( but I’ll tell you, it has not been an easy ride since the surgery. first, when I woke up, I found that I had to use the restroom BAD but couldn't no matter how hard I tried (weird right?) and when I managed to go a little, I had the worst pain you could imagine...which led me to believe that I was put on a catheter. When I asked my nurse and she confirmed I won't lie I was definitely upset because I was completely unaware that they were going to be doing this. I would've liked to know...oh well. The surgery was about 6 hours long, and that Wednesday night I had to stay overnight. The first night I was given morphine through an IV and had a lot of nausea and vomited once…… I also didn’t eat anything until Thursday morning. Thursday was tough. One I came home, I tried laying down in my bed but found it was getting harder and harder to get out of bed so I’ve moved to the couch and it’s much better. Since my reduction was so large, my doctor has had me keep my drain tubes in until Monday. The medicine I was given (Percocet) has helped a lot with pain, but it is making me very dizzy and tired ? I’ll have to change to something a little less strong soon. I’ll keep you all updated and if you have any questions please leave a comment and I’ll answer them all. Thanks for supporting me so far I really appreciate it!!!

3 days post op!

so i woke up today with no pain, surprisingly! But that's probably because i took a percocet at about 3 this morning so i wouldn't have to much when i woke up. I’m down to taking one Percocet because while they were helping immensely with pain, I was really out when I would take two of them and I had trouble remembering and staying awake. I think I’m healing pretty well; I just can’t wait to get these darn drains out! They’re so annoying lol. I haven’t really posted pictures because I haven’t gotten a good look at my breasts yet. I don’t want to look at them and be terrified lol! but I’ll try and get you guys a few pictures pre op and post op today :) but quick question for anyone that would know, I haven’t had a BM sine Tuesday before my surgery and it is now Saturday, should I be worried? I’m starting to get a little nervous but I’m chalking it up to the anesthesia. Well since I just woke up I guess I’ll go relax for a little bit, talk to you guys later today!

thinking i over did it

So today marks my third day glued to my couch. Idk if it’s just me or what but I absolutely hate laying around and not doing anything all day so today I went an ran a few errands with my mom. When I got back home I immediately felt sore on my sides where the drains are and tired so I’m thinking I may have strained myself a little too much. I think I’ll be spending the rest of the day back on the couch watching TV lol. I’ll post later tonight to I absolutely love seeing new comments on my review it cheers me up knowing I have people supporting me :)


I hope you guys don't mind how much I've been posting I'm trying to make up for the days I missed lol. But I took off the surgical bra to clean it today and finally got a good look at my new breasts and I'm in love!!! They'll look absolutely amazing once I loose some belly fat but I can't tell you how nice it was to take off a bra and not have my breast sag as soon as I took it off everything stayed in place :) I've left it off for a little bit now and it's relaxing but I'm still a little scared that I'll move wrong and hurt myself lol they take some getting used to! Right now they don't even feel like they're actually mine lol, but I'm sure that'll go away. I'll probably post again tonight and update :)


Hey everyone, so I fell asleep after my shower at about 7...and while I was asleep I had on an older sports bra that was nice and loose fitting, even though my doctor said to only useMy surgical bra, this bra felt the same if even more comfortable than the other bra so I figured I could use it while I was waiting on the other one because not wearing a bra was getting very uncomfortable. When I woke up at about nine and tried to get up I had the WORST back and stomach pain and I have no idea why :( I have the surgical bra back on now so I'm praying it'll go away but it was the worst and I'll be sure not to do that again! Well I'm gonna try and get some sleep everyone have a good night love you all

Good morning...?

So in order to have as minimal pain as possible, I set my alarm on my phone to take my pain pills every six hours around the clock. This morning at about 3 I was supposed to take one but for some odd reason it didn't go off so I woke up at about 4 and took one (good thing I tend to randomly wake up at all hours of the night!) but when I woke up it felt like there was a knife where my drain was :( it was weird because the right drain, which I had slept on, felt fine but the left that had no pressure on it whatsoever hurt like no other! I can't tell you how excited I am for tomorrow to get these off. I feel so useless with them I want to get up and do things but I have to be careful that I don't mess them up ugh! I woke up about an hour ago and took my medicine and drained my tubes. The fluid have gone down immensely there's barely any in them anymore so I'm talking that as a good sign :) my mom is taking my brother and sister to skymax today so I thought I'd tag along, I'll post a little bit later hopefully I won't wear myself out too much :) hope everyone is having a good morning!

Itchy and tired

So just hot home from going to skymax with my brother and sister for a few hours (I was not participating). About a half hour after we got to the place I got that awful pain in my left side that I had before. I toughed it out but by the time we were home I was wincing at every bump and had trouble making it in the house. I took more medicine and I'm waiting for it to kick in now so I can relax and get some sleep, I'll post a little later tonight, thanks for the support xox

Nothing new

Nothing really new to report, still having this awful pain in my left drain site...but I put a small washcloth Between it and my bra and it's not hurting as much now. I do have a question though, when can I take away the tape on the underparts of my breasts and on the nipples? Do you think my doctor will take them off tomorrow? I hope so, I'm starting to get impatient I want to see my breasts completely finally! I don't know if it's the medication I'm on or what but I've been so emotional today....which I never am! Tomorrow I'm gonna try and go as long as I can without taking any pain meds. I really want the Percocet out of my system it just makes me feel drugged out of my brain even the 1 tablet I'm taking now is starting to get to me I'm sluggish and tired all the time and to be perfectly honest I feel high 100% of the time and it's not a very good feeling to me :( I'll be sure to make a post after my appointment and post more pictures tomorrow, hope everyone has a good night!

Feeling sad this morning

Well hopefully everyone had a better morning than I did, I woke up like I have been since I've been on the Percocet at about 4am to take my medicine. It took me forever to get comfortable and fall back asleep because of you guessed it, my freaking tubes. I woke up this morning in tremendous pain because of them. It got to the point where I started crying, not because of the pain, but because I was so sick of them being there! Then I started crying even harder for no reason!! A little but about me: I never ever cry, especially not in front of people. And on the rare occasion that I do, it's never because I'm sad it's always because I'm angry, so being this emotional is totally new for me and I'm not liking it at all!!!! But my doctors appointment is at 3 today so I'm currently counting down the minutes until I have to go!!!!! I'll make sure to post right after I get home hopefully with no tubes....oh and today is day one with no percocets!

No more drains!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted I'm so tired today I came home after my appointment and slept until just now! But anyways the appointment went good I got the tubes out thank god!! :) I asked how much he took off and you'll never believe...8 pounds!! I didn't even realize I was THAT big! He mentioned that I am still big and said something about another surgery but I think I can live with my size now, I'm super tired so I'm gonna try and go back to sleep idk why I'm so tired! Night everyone

Quick update

Juat a quick question for everyone who's had the surgery before, did you feel numbness in your overall breasts? Did it go away? I'm really hoping in time it'll go away, I just started noticing they're very numb at the bottom and they don't even feel like they're mine....I hope it goes away I don't like the feeling very much :( now that I've been looking at them more and more I'm really pleased. They're still big but they fit my body now. My doctor said the swelling could take up to a year to go away!! I hope not! I want to start working out ASAP to get a summer body but I know that's the worst idea right now, I'm just gonna start eating healthier until I can start hitting the gym. It's rough not being able to do a lot of things but I'm thankful that I was able to have this surgery and come out of it this well :) my doctor said that I couldn't buy any new bras for a few months still, but I could get sports bras so I think I'll go get sized and get a few, the surgical bra is actually starting to feel tight and uncomfortable!


Hi everyone!! Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I kinda slept all day! So I have good news....I think the numbness is finally starting to go away! But I'm starting to get more pain around the bottom of my breasts where the numbness was but I can deal with the pain I absolutely hated not having feeling in my breasts! I keep getting compliments that I look skinnier, which is SUCH a hige confidence booster :) oh and today is my one week mark! It's so weird that just last week I had massive boobs and now I'm this! Lol, oh and quick question, my doctor said to let my tape fall off, but I keep having little strong come off and it's getting annoyinh, any ways to sort of speed up the tape falling off? Please let me know! I'll post tomorrow I promise I'm just in such a good mood I can't keep my train of thought lol! Ill keep everyone posted lots of love!

No tape!

So I know I'll probably be scolded but I removed the tape today.....it came off really easy but I was a little nervous about what I was going to see but I really do love the way they look :) barely any pain today, just soreness in my under arms, nothing new other than the tape but I'm just taking it day by day, I have an appointment in about 3 weeks for a checkup and maybe by then I'll be able to get sized and get a few bras. Not that I'm complaining LOVE wearing a sports bra and still looking perky lol, but I'd like to find out my size and pick out some cute bras....oh well I'm probably getting ahead of myself, only time will tell!

Quick question

I was wondering if it would be alright to go back to my room in the basement. I'm a very conscious sleeper and I really just have trouble sleeping anywhere that's not my bed or around my things (I know...weird right?) the slightest things will wake me up! But it's in the basement and it's about 11 steps. I moved upstairs for the time being so I could be closer to the kitchen and on the same level as my family in case I needed something, but now I'm a lot more independent and on no medication so I'm wondering if it would be smart to go back? I miss my room lol!


Okay ladies I need some help, my left breast is not healing correctly I think? It's always sore but only on the underside, in the picture I put with this. It's really red and inflamed and I'm not sure what to do any suggestions? Should I call my doctor?

Less pain

So today there's less pain on the underside of my breast. I got some Vaseline and cortisone and that has help a lot, there was no dampness under my breast as far as I know, I try to pat dry as much as I can. Thank you so much for all your answers I really appreciate it! Xoxo


Hi guys! Sorry I've been lagging on posts but I do have a few new updates. For one, one of my breasts (the larger one) has a HUGE bruise on it and I'm not sure if it's part of the healing process or just because of my clumsy self but I'm hoping it goes away soon! Also, I need advice on flakiness of skin? The skin on my breasts are like peeling and I want this to go away ASAP! Any suggestions? I'd really really appreciate them :) other than the bruise (which is crazy painful btw) I'm doing good! I haven't really had any major problems to report it's been pretty normal, I just can't wait to start to exercise summer is right around the corner and I wanna wear a two piece for the first time in my life lol!

Long time no see

Hi everyone :) I'm really sorry I haven't been posting but I'm doing really well! No pain anymore and the scars have faded IMMENSELY. I personally used Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly and it took about 5 days of putting it on morning and night for them to fade down to what they are now in the picture. Before you decide to go out and buy some expensive scar cream grab some Vaseline and put it on before bed. It's literally $1 most places and it works for just about everything got me!! Pimples, blackheads, scars, itches, I LOVE the stuff lol! But anyways, I think i lost one more long review and fall it quits for a while, I'll include everything I've learned felt and experienced so stay tuned!!
Irvine Plastic Surgeon

So far, Dr. Yoo has been great! Hes clearly explained everything to me and made all my appointments really easy and relaxed.

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