23 Years Old, No Kids!! 5'6 and 116 Pounds

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Haven't done it yet but super excited, I'm...

Haven't done it yet but super excited, I'm starting of at a 32A I'm 5'6 and 113 pounds want to go to a full c small d I'm set my size any where from a 450cc to 475 cc high profile. I chose dr Theodore lazzaro as my doctor, he has 36 years of experience and I love all the results I've seen from him, looking forward to my result

Yay boobies!!!!

Had surgery this morning, it went flawlessly ????. I ended up Getting 475cc and 500cc. I will put up pics when I can????

3 days post op

Post op day three photos still lots of swelling but no pain, go back in three days to see my plastic surgeon for my first post op visit super excited to see them drop and fluff ????

3 month post op

3 days post op

No more pain really still pretty swollen but kinda squishy and still numb incisions itch a little

Post op day 4

Post op day 4 still tight and swollen but pain is barely there super excited to see them drop and fluff they are also a little more squishy

6 days post op

New sports bra ??

Loving them ??????

Still a little tight but doing messages daily!! My numbness is barely there, still no nipple sensitivity ???? but I love the look and the shape and to be honest I feel like these have my boobs from the very beginning ??

Coming up on my 3 week mark ??

They are getting squishy I notice I can definitely do more with my arms, like I'm not straining as much, I absolutely love the size! Can't wait to have sensation back in my nipples, oh and I have noticed one dropping a tad faster then the other

Incision tape removed

First time I got to see my incisions and they look awesome for only 3 weeks out!! I was also instructed to start messaging them every night before bed to break up scar tissue probably gonna use Cocoa butter

1 month post op this past Friday

Update 4weeks post op feeling awesome they are really squishy now and I can completely push them together, they are still stiff and slightly numb in the mornings when I wake up but I do my daily massages and nightly scar massages so that seams to help thinking about putting up a video bc pictures don't really do them justice lol they look so different at different angles
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