Just turned 31, ready to get my sexy back. Mommy makeover coming soon

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Today I officially gave my deposit for my surgery...

Today I officially gave my deposit for my surgery date. Now it's finally real, I'm scared but pretty excited too, the date is still pretty far away so why do I feel so nervous already? I do feel more motivation to workout now though, my cost of surgery went down $1000 after losing 15lbs because I no longer require lipo.

My feelings are all over the place

Somedays I'm so excited, other days I feel so afraid. Afraid of the pain, afraid I can't do it. My surgery is a little ways away and I might have a nervous break down before it's even time. Can anyone tell me about the true pain following a tummy tuck ?

Japan vacation

I've been in Japan for a little over a month and going to the beach everyday makes me even more excited to finally get a flat stomach again. I feel like once I have my tummy tuck it'll really push me to workout harder.

72 Days

As of today I finally have enough money saved to move forward with my TT. I'm more excited that I won't have to take out a loan or put anything on my credit card. I'm so ready to have a flat tummy again, it's been 8 years. I'm ready to be Hot!!

Time on the move

I can't believe how fast the months have gone, I'm about 32 days out from surgery and getting more excited everyday. I'm so ready to get my body back and just feel sexy again. I've waited almost 9 years for this so why are these last 32 days so difficult.

24 days away, getting so close

I'm getting so excited, scared but excited, I can't believe how close I am. The days are going by so fast, all of my supplies I ordered have start coming in. Truthful I'm scared of the pain, I pray everything goes right, but I'm ready.

Had my pre op today

Today I picked my implant size, the doctor wanted me to get 700cc high profile implants but that just wasn't what I wanted. I went with 550cc instead, and I'm happy about my decision. I can't believe I'm
18 days away, time has really flown . I took care of all my paperwork, some of the wording scared me to death lol I made my last payment, and I got my shopping list. So close yet so far.

6 Long Days

As of this moment I am 6 days and 15 hours away from the new me. The closer I get the harder it is for me to sleep, I'm happy, scared, excited, and depressed all rolled into one. But I've waited 8 years for this, no turning back now.


Today is the big day, I'm not freaking out or stressing, just ready.

So far it's been worth it

So far so good, I'm just praying it stays that way. Got my drains out yesterday at nine days and thank God, I think they caused me more pain than anything else. I'm still walking bent over but day by day I'm getting better. Also yesterday was my first day driving, it was a little weird at first but it felt great to be out of the house.

3 weeks post op

Tomorrow I'll be 3 weeks post op, I'm still in some pain but everyday I get better and better. Yesterday was the first day I was able to sleep in my bed comfortably, I'm so happy to be back sleeping in my bed, oh my it felt amazing. I'm ready for my 3 week appointment so I can get these stitches out and get back to the gym. Oh yeah I keep swelling like crazy. Other than that I'll see what this scary really looks like in 3 days

Week three

I had my stitches removed and was released to start walking on the treadmill. My three week appointment went great but I was told to keep my binder on during the day and tight bra on until my left breast drops a little more. All my scars a looking great, I can't wait to start scar therapy

7 Weeks

Today I made 7 weeks and I haven't updated because I've been feeling down on myself about the swelling. I'm swollen from the time I wake up until that time I go to bed. It's hard and gets depressing, I honestly don't know if I'd do it again if given that chance.

9 weeks today

Today marks 9 weeks since my surgery and I must say it's been once heck of a journey. I'm still wearing my binder 24/7, I started back at the gym week six and it really hasn't been that bad. Oh yes!!!!! I can finally sleep on my stomach, and I've been practicing siting up from the laying position without using my hands for support as much. Next I'm working on taking most of the sodium out of my diet, I know it's not helping with the swelling.

A week away from 3 months and still swollen

No real change, still sad that I'm still swollen

4 months in 11 days!!!

So today I finally broke down and cried, I'm so disappointed with my results. Right after my surgery things looked great, about 5 weeks in I started to swell and since then it just hasn't gone done. My doctor was absolutely NO HELP at all, I looked better than this before surgery. Now I look pregnant with a big scar from hip to hip that hangs out of my pants. I still can't wear jeans because my hips hurt so bad, I still can't wear my clothes from before surgery because I'm still to big. I'm very upset and disappointed. Thanks for letting me rant and get it all out.

7 days till

This morning I woke up pretty flat, it didn't last long but it did help me to feel like things are and will slowly get better. I've also started meal prepping and hitting the gym as much as possible.

4 months

I must say things have been slowly but surly getting better. I'm back in the gym 4/5 times a week and my tummy is starting to stay flat even through my workout. The only worry I have now is losing my love handles since I didn't have lipo. Oh and let's not forget that I still have swelling.

I wish I could take it all back

This surgery has been a waste of thousands of dollars, my stomach has not been flat since week five. My doctor has not tried to help me at all. I've been on my own trying to figure everything out, I wake up and I'm flat, after I get up I'm big and look pregnant all day. I'm upset and lots. I still can't even wear jeans or anything around my tummy
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So far so good

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