25, No Kids, Butt with Weight but Goes with Loss, Want Full Hips and Consistent A## - Adventure, FL

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Hey real self, This is my first post so I hope...

Hey real self,
This is my first post so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I'll have waited a full year from booking once sx date arrives (10/3/14). So u can only imagine how excited I am. I just want to be completely prepared mentally and physically. Little background: others say I've always had a nice shape and I see it at times. But I guess every woman has her own views and body issues.I'm just so tired of all the body changes with weight gain and loss. I'm 5'3 160lbs so u see every ounce of gain immediately. But anyway, me and my mom are all booked as far as flights (thanks to a loving and supportive bf). Just having a hard time finding an affordable condo, hotel,etc... Please help with any suggestions. Thanks in advance????????????

New date

Well my date was moved up by a couple days (9/30/14). I just can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something on the list of things I need post op. And I'm still lost about garment changes and purchasing.

14 days preop and super excited!!!!!!

So I'm 14 days out. I feel like I'm obsessed with RS. I'm on daily. Hoping everything goes well because I'm feeling some kind of way. Hope I don't regret being vain and wanting more. Other than that I think I have everything. I ordered and picked up so many supplies. Just have to get probiotics before I leave and pick up some stuff once in aventura. Made my final payment today. Which really made it real. Also started the make me heal vitamins today. I ordered the lipo kit. So now it's just a waiting game. Longest 2 weeks of my life.

It's finally heerrree!!!!!

So I did all paperwork and got instructions yesterday. The staff in the office were very nice and helpful; which helps in this situation. On my way to center now. Super nervous. Having second thoughts but no backsie at this point or I will loose a lump sum of my payment per paperwork I signed. Also if your pregnant day of u lose 50% and have to put down 50% to reschedule. So ladies keep it right after u stop taking birth control. Will post befores and afters.

Finally crossed over. Full hips and a phatty

Hey RS,
I'm now post op day 4 and feeling pretty ok. Sx done on 9/30. I went into the office was asked to change and I met the nurse anesthetist. He was nice and finally got to meet Dr. Salama. I added my arms a few weeks ago but when he saw me
he said I had too much fat and he doubted if he could get to that and he he could I probably wouldn't see a change. My weight has been going up and down but i really should have dropped a couple pounds. They recommended 5 lbs. Which came and went. I told him that was ok he could just focus on my fat a** back and bra line lbs. So he marked me up and he told me about all complications associated with procedure and what he does to prevent it from happening; which I really liked. I guess from the way I was responding to his questions he asked what I did for a living. I told him I'm a nurse . So he said I should understand more it's not always better. And he will do what my body can take and handle. I told him I'll be the best patient and listen to all instructions because I'm aware and a little scared. Oh my mom wanted to meet him which he was really nice about. He met with her to reassure her and give her instructions on what to expect and how to take care of me. So I kissed mom and bf and told them I loved them and I would see them later. I was taken into room got IV; which hurt more than I expected and was sore for days and I have excellent veins . I want to hope that's not what it feels like when I start them on my patients but anyway; I immediately got fluids and medicine to help me relax. Then the medication for sleep. Next thing I know I wake up on a cart on my side up against the side rail I thought I was going up fall off. I woke up alone and calling for help for what seemed like forever; which freaked me out. The nurse finely came and told me to try to move. Which I did with get assistance and I told her I needed pain meds. So as I lay there she is calling my family to pick me up . Now mind they expected sx to take 5 hrs with the entire process. So I'm like wtf are they doing and was a little PO. I kind of thought they would be there waiting on me. But they were out getting the things Dr. Salama wanted me to have. Anyway they took awhile to come get me so at the end I ended up having to get off the cart so another pt could use it and sit in wheelchair with boppy pillow (I know right) I was super worried about sitting on my new ass and it was super tight. Plus I didn't get it because it was 2 other carts in room. Well by that time my family showed up and the nurse wheeled me out. We rented a minivan and they put the back row of seats down layed a blanket out and put my body pillow out had my own little makeshift bed ( great idea). Ride wasn't bad at all especially with the dose I pain meds I received not to long ago. Got back to hotel and as soon as I got up I dripped blood all the way from car to my room. So messy. Freaked my mom out. She calling the office and I'm like Dr.salama just told u this was going to happen day1 but she called for her peace of mind. So her and group of house keepers had to reinforce room so I had to stand for about 30 min. I pushed through I was just tired no pain really. Back sore from not being able to stand straight. Didn't actually take pain meds until much later. So that was pretty much post op day 1. Oh shower curtain and chucks came in handy some hotel will make u pay for messing up all there ish. Js lol

Body swelling

Most of my body is swollen especially my legs. They are ginormous I can barely walk and I'm. Already knocked knee. Read something about lymphedema in preop stuff. Hope it subsides. #thunderthighs


No cuff

My butt has no cuff and looks long wanted to projection and more of a shapely butt. I'm really scared it's not going to turn out that way. Plus I keep having set backs. Tired and stiff as hell today. And I know I'm not eating like I'm supposed 2. Plus been having issues with bowels and abdominal cramps. I'm Also super emotional everything that going on in world, back home, and my life making me super sad and depressed. Idk just having a overall bad day. I hate this garment sick of it.

Feeling better

I was on my way to my second massage during last post. I'm feeling much much better after massage. Took 2 percocets and massage was actually relaxing. I was falling asleep while she did my back. Eileen is great!!!! Scheduled 2 more with her before I leave. I was able to stand straight up for the first time today. I also looked at myself naked fully for first time the only thing I really like is my waist. Hips look uneven may be swelling and the smaller side doesn't look good at all to me. Took to a friend and she said she felt same way but give it time everything will change. So I guess I'm just feeling meh now


My waist is so nice and my butt has dropped and begun to softene already. Saw Dr. Salama yesterday and he was like "your butt is big" I'm like I know I know lol. So now I'm praying to get second drain out before I leave. He showed me how to do it on my own just in case. But doing things to other people and doing them to yourself is completely different.

Back home

Ok so I'm back home. Had a massage and got second drain out before I left which I imagine helped with my long travel day. I had to end up taking 2 flights with a delay in between. Ladies cutting a high density foam roller wrapped in yoga mat and put your thighs on flat side and put boppy around your waist for back comfort. U have to be careful because u may get a little to comfortable and start to slip back on your butt so u still have to balance with hands on armrest. This also can work in car if u adjust seat right. Will post pics soon

Post op 12 days

Bra line lipo

Ladies if u have issues with fat under arms and back. I would add bra line lipo instead of arms. Plus out of all reviews people said they only noticed small change in arms. Plus u need them for recovery. I wish I would have done some upper body work beforehand


Do your hips fluff? My hips is much smaller on one side.
Also my butt is soft midway down. It's getting softer and softer everyday. Does this mean my fat is dying?

3 wks and few days

Loving my results although one hip and cheek is smaller but it don't think it's so bad that a revision is needed. I look really good in clothes. My sister says she just stares at it lol. She asked me what exactly did I do. I told her I just got a little filler lmao. My friend is like u got butt shots bish. "I'm like that's dangerous I would never." I'm a lot less stiff. Been getting deep tissues massages 2x week. I started driving last week. Which wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.I've been actually going to family gatherings and social events and just standing the whole time or leaning on stuff. Hope it's not to much. But my cousin did sit on my butt when I was laying on couch which freaked me out and makes me want to just stay in a little while longer. Maybe it was to soon. Will post some pics in clothes.

Swelling must be all gone ????

DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH SWELLING!!!!! My butt is still nice but swelling down looks a lot smaller to me think I lost about a inch. Sure hope fluffing is real because I would love it to go back. So I'll just wait.

Before back

So fat with no body shape and looks like my butt is the same shape but fuller. Kind of getting down about volume loss

P.O. 10 wks 5 days

Miami Plastic Surgeon

100% happy with my choice. He sat with me and explained exactly what his plan was and how he would prevent complications. Which I am about 4 wks post of and no complications. I told him hips were important and my waist to hip ratio is on point. I ever decide to do any other improvements he is diff entry my go 2. Oh and all staff members very nice, caring, and compassionate; which is very important when going through something like this. I also have had no problem during this entire year long process with responsiveness. If u want booty and body Salama is your guy!!!

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