Salama! May 19 2015! Excited, Scared, Happy, Finally :-D Aventura, FL

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Hello pretties! of course I have been lurking for...

Hello pretties! of course I have been lurking for a while now. Quite some time..Finally going to do this "Fo sho" lol. I'm so nervous. Scheduled for dr. Salama may 19, 2015. Scheduled for bbl. added over thighs may add chin too idk. Trying to get my model on lol. No need to spend all this money and not show off as much as I can. My Fiancé is just as excited as I am. Although He has some concerns about the procedure as a whole but he completely supports me. Such a blessing. :-)

Is anybody else scheduled around may 19th

May 19, 2015. Is anyone else scheduled around that time frame with Dr. Salama?

How are you girls flying back home?

I'm considering buying a row of seats so I can stretch out on flight back home. Are you all doing the same thing? Or do girls just kneel in the seat in the praying position?

My girlfriends don't know about my surgery:-/

Soooo I haven't told any of my girlfriends about the surgery. I just don't want to hear the negative comments. The only people that know about it is my fiancé, sister, and my mom. I haven't decided if I will share with my friends or not.

Medical clearance

So everything looked good on medical clearance except my pottasium and A1C. I also found out I was anemic. I guess most women are anemic. Doc explained potassium was high because my blood had clotted in the tube. Also A1C what 5.7 instead of the recommended 5.6 and below :-( which was really confusing because Ive been eating pretty clean, however type 2 is starting to run in family :-(... I didn't fast before the blood work up because I was at doc for a follow up and just mentioned the medical clearance paper work. The doc was like ok she can do the blood work now. ... So I am saying all that to say, hopefully that A1C which is my main concern, will come down. The high potassium is the tubes fault, and I just have to take some iron for the anemia. I'll keep yall posted. I go back in 2 weeks for blood work up.

Bbl pillow

So I purchased the bbl pillow from It was like $80 total. My sister bought it for me. It is made very nicely. I will try and upload pics of me sitting on it later. ... It was shipped in a box with "bbl pillow" written write on the shipping box lol.

Bbl pillow

Bbl pillow came with a little brochure.

Dermal piercings

Has anyone had surgery with their dermal piercings in? I've had my dermal for 1 1/2 years no rejection. I know all piercings have to be removed but since dermals are supposedly permanent, do people just have surgery with them in? Anyone have experience with this?

Getting to real

Hey dolls. So I'm just looking over my packet from Dr. Salama's office, and I'm getting more scared by the minute. I know This is a huge surgery, but I didn't expect to feel as nervous as I am. I keep looking at some of the paper work then closing the folder, going back reading some more then taking a break. I don't know if it's because I've wanted this for so long, and now it's happening so I'm like "OMGeee" lol. Girls, how do you all keep from getting overwhelmed and nervous out of ur mind?? :-/
I'm Freaking out, a little..

:-( fiancé not supportive after all..

Just needed to vent. My fiancé who was at first supportive is no longer supporting me and this surgery. He has hinted at ending our relationship if i go through with this. I'm so heartbroken that he will try and take this from me. Him being unsupportive has taken away all my excitement. I just can't believe this. I just can't believe him. My surgery is 2 weeks away. :-(

Omg 1 week to go!

Hey girls. I don't mean to keep saying how nervous I am but I am so nervous. I hope I'm mentally prepared for this. I keep thinking how I'm literally going in looking one way, then coming out looking another, all in one day. You know how you have been wanting something for years then you finally do it, then you start thinking super hard lol. That's how I'm feeling. ive never done anything so big before. I've never been away from home for so long (10 days), The last time I was on a plane was eight years ago!! The last time I had a procedure done was like 2002 ( liposuction that didn't turn out so good).

Woke up this morn w/ a cold

So I thought maybe this was allergies yesterday evening. I have a cold with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and yellow phlegm. I'm so upset. I fly out Monday for surgery! I certainly don't want to have surgery with a cold. I'll call Salama's office in a few to see how I should proceed. :-( I can't believe this.

Update on the cold

Spoke with Nomie and she advised I take zinc in addition to my vitamin c and if I take anything for cold it needs to be Tylenol. I Will be making sure I keep up the salt water and listerine gargles as well.

Update on fiancé

So he apologized for being harsh about the surgery. He said he was just in somewhat of a panic because he didn't think I had done my research and he felt as though I wasn't taking all the potential risks seriously. He was upset because he had all these feelings about the surg and he didn't want to say anything. He also said he thought I hadn't taken into account the pain level I could potentially be in. And he was also feeling a a way about me traveling back alone.

So we talked again recently this time calmly. I explained that I am scared and I wasn't taking anything lightly. I told him that this isn't just a procedure you just walk in off the street and get. It's not a "pumping party" type of deal. I explained I had to get all this blood work done and EKG and that it was a big deal and if anything looked sketchy in lab work, the dr would not proceed. No one wants to take extra risks.

He then said he felt comfortable in letting me know all hai feelings and he was feeling better about it. He still wishes I wouldn't do it but he's ok. When I told him this morning about me having a cold, and I was nervous about the procedure, he looked at me in shock almost. Then he says " look I know u not about to cancel, you been wanting this all your life" I said whattttt! ? I said well I have to call the office and let them know. He said ok. I went to sit on the patio to collect my thoughts for a few. He then opens the patio door and said " people don't have surgery with a small cold, it's just Friday. You will be fine by Tuesday. I think you are worrying too much."

Nerves got the best of me

So. I ended up missing my flight because I went into a full out panic attack at the airport. I've never felt like that before, ever. I was sweating and couldn't catch my breath and crying.. However I got on a flight leaving from DC and I got to the recovery house at 12am. Needless to say I missed my pre opt and had it the morning of surgery. I can't believe I acted like a big ass baby at the airport .. Ugh

B4 pics

I took these pics in July of last year when I made my appnt. I was about 200 lbs in these pics. I lost about 15 lbs b4 the surgery.

right after surgery

The pain wasn't that bad after surgery. I really expected worse. I was more in a fog and a little nauseous then in pain. When Justin picked me up there was another lady in laying down in the back as well. It was nice to have someone else in there too. She was about 3 weeks post opt though. She booty was nice and big. I got the strength to ask her how my but was looking and she said it look really nice and round lol. I was happy to hear that. At pre opt salama said I had a lot of fat. I got nervous all over again. I was like omg I'm not going to get the results I want. He can only take out 4 liters. I'm like I went on a diet and everything. He asked what was more important to me. I told him to fill her up as much as possiable and give me some hips.

Day 2 was a bit more uncomfortable

Had my post opt and it was so uncomfortable taking the garmet down

After shower

I hope I'm not sounding gready

i don't feel like my butt is big enough. It's way better than what i had. It feels packed to the max and I know I still have to "fluff" but I feel like I should more projection. I'm going to stop looking at it so much because when u keep looking at stuff u may find something else

First massage

I took 2 percs before the massage. It was intense. But I'm less sore and I don't feel as stiff. The tighter garment feels good too

Took my garment off for a while

Booty still stiff and hard. But I'm liking things so far.

Recovery house food

So the caretakers really feed you plenty here. And they make sure you are full. They have a snack bowl with healthy snacks you can have at anytime and there's fresh fruit as well. But if you have that one snack that u crave you may want to bring it. But trust you will not be hungry lol. Those 3 meals a day are big meals. You probably won't have too much of a big appetite anyway.
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