29 Year Old Louisiana Born and Raised. My Butt Looks Like a Textbook! Lol - Adventura, FL

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Greetings everyone. My surgery is scheduled July...

Greetings everyone. My surgery is scheduled July 11th with Dr. Salama. I am 29 years old, 5 ft 6 in and 165 lbs. I do not have any kids...no spouse. I have wanted to get my butt done for as long as I can imagine. Unfortunately, my mom is the only one in her family who does not have a but and she passed it along to my sister and I. It's weird because from the front, it looks like I should have a but, but from the back it looks terrible and I hate it. So I'm changing it. I havent told too many people only because I don't like negativity and I need all love and light around me. I am so glad to have access to the Real Self community. This site has helped me out tremendously. I will be staying at the Serenity Recovery House in Hollywood, FL since I'm traveling from out of state. I just started taking my iron pills and vitamin since I am anemic. This was recommended by Dr. Salama's staff. Can anyone tell me what I will need to bring with me to Florida? I want to make sure I am well prepared, but honestly I have no idea what all I need to bring with me. I've uploaded a few before pictures. I'll add some better ones later. Please let me know if you have any questions for me!

Just received my clearance forms from Dr. Salama. It's getting real!!! Lol

So i just received my clearance forms from Dr. Salama. I am in the process of booking a recovery house. My front runner is Serenity Recovery Retreat since they are affiliated with Dr. Salama's office. Has anyone ever stayed here before? If so, spill the tea!!! Lol. I am wondering if I should get my labs done before I book the recovery house just to make sure everything is a 100% go. The deposit is nonrefundable. I am having mixed emotions about my procedure. I'm excited, scared, nervous, and anxious but more so anxious. I decided to take off work for 2 weeks. I have some sick leave I need to use. I just hope I feel like coming back afterwards. Lol. I hope my parents wont be disappointed in me for having this done. That would really break my heart. I just hope they understand that I am doing this for me and it's what I've always wanted. I'm not telling them anything until after it's done! If anyone has had this procedure done, what did your parents think? I'm curious to know. My best friend is coming with me and I am soooooo glad she will be there! I think I may add some wish pics later. I'll also upload better pics of my bum! I love the shape of Asa from the Shahs of Sunset.

The Recovery House I Booked Will Be Closed Due to Plumbing Issue! WHAT DO I DO?

So i received a call yesterday saying that the recovery house I booked will be closed due to plumbing issues. I am glad they called as soon as it happened to allow time for me to make other plans, but I'm not sure what the "other plans" are. I am currently looking to book an airbnb. Does anyone know of any good nursing aides or care givers in the area. Dr. Salama is my surgeon so I will be in the Adventura/Hollywood, FL area. Thanks for your help.
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