Female Hairline Lowering in October 16 - Adelaide, AU

After a couple of months thinking about this I...

After a couple of months thinking about this I have finally decided to have my hairline lowered. Anyone with a high forehead will understand the daily struggle of trying to hide it or make it look more feminine. This has bugged me since an early age and I never knew the procedure actually existed until I started looking into it properly a few months ago. I watched the procedure online also and its not pretty but felt I needed to know exactly what I'm letting myself in for! The reviews that other people have written has helped me to make my decision and so i'm finally going in :) I still feel that I need some time to mentally prepare for it because I've never had cosmetic surgery before, so I've booked it for October with Dr Marzola in Adelaide. I will be travelling interstate to have this done. So far I have had my facetime/skype consultation with Dr Marzola who is lovely and i'm pretty much good to go. I measure 9cm and have long features so not entirely sure how much I want to take off. I have been told that 2cm is usually quite easily achieved but I would probably not go any further than 3cm personally. I am also a bit worried about the potential shock hair loss but other than that i'm looking forward to having it done and feeling more confident in myself. I would love to hear from anyone who is having this done or if anyone has any tips of advice having had this procedure done please share. Thanks :)

Before photo

Before photo

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