22 Year Old, First Augmentation 2 Years Ago Going for a Revision - Adelaide, AU

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I had my first breast augmentation when I was 19...

I had my first breast augmentation when I was 19 almost 20, too young and I realise that now. I had my surgery here in South Australia, Adelaide and am very unhappy with my results! Im not 100% certain what I have in me cause I was never given the card of what implant size etc he put in. But I said I wanted 400cc Round so I assume that's what is in me. I should have done more research into my orginal surgeon cause I probably wouldn't be needing a revision if I had :( I was young and I just wanted big boobs, I didn't think a lot could go wrong and that all those nasty consequences would happen to me.. But they did. I am now getting revision surgery in July in Phuket, Thailand by Dr. Sanguan and I am so excited but also so scared of not being happy again and something going wrong. I've already had 2 dreams or should I say nightmares about things going wrong :/ I don't know if I should take this as a sign or just forget it. I plan on going bigger possibly 550-600cc and maybe teardrop implant. I would love some reviews on Dr Sanguan and other revision stories like mine xx

T-minus 48 days till Revision Op and wish boobs!

I'm starting to get quite nervous about my revision and stressing and second guessing my decisions and thoughts on what's best for me and what suits me.
I currently have 400cc (I think) was never given my implant card so no idea...woo great surgeon (NOT). I want to upgrade at lease to 600cc. I feel like my curvy/athletic body and big ribcage can handle that size and still look realistic! But sizes look different on everyone and scared I will go too small again!
I will leave wish pics, I like the natural and big boob look more then the fake look as I think with my thin skin and boney chest area fake looking ones will look rediculous. I think I've already decided on tear drop but I've seen some round ones look so natural looking so I'm unsure :/ help!

Surgery was meant to be today but...

They didn't have the right size implants that I was after. They only had 485cc teardrops in stock and I wanted at least 550cc-600cc this time so they have to ship bigger ones from Bangkok! So now tomorrow is the day, surgeon wants to do over the muscle so he can start fresh from the hack-job my last surgeon did which I wasn't too happy about but I guess whatever he thinks is best! He knew exactly what my problems were and said I have a very complicated problem which both breasts (which I knew) left double bubble and right capsular contracture.. Awesome. the nurses are lovely here and check on my every hour or so, only thing I'm worried about is that my mensturation is meant to be here by yesturday/today and still hasn't come so it's most likely going to be here tomorrow and I've heard they can sometimes delay surgeries or cancel them due to having your period during the op! ???? stress is an understatement right now!

5 days post op and so happy!

I am 5 days post op from getting my revision surgery! Stats are now 545cc tall height, high profile Teardrop over the muscle under the breast fold incision!
They look completely different! In the best way, I can't wait for them to drop and fluff more and so stoked with how close together he got them when I had such wide set boobs! Will continue to update as time goes by to see if they change a lot or not :)

1 month post revision op!

Some post op pics!
Stats: mentor 545cc tall height, high profile textured teardrop implants, over the muscle!
Dr Sanguan

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