My Accutane Journey (Indian Skin)

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Just started accutane(20 mg daily), too early to...

Just started accutane(20 mg daily), too early to really say, I tried benzoyl peroxide for a month to no results,an the sad thing is. Never had moderate acne, just mild, teenage acne, clear till 4 months ago, when I started getting tiny bumps on my cheeks which started turning into pastules, am not sure how it happened, but if horrifying, I mean im a college student, this is the worst faze of your life to have acne:(:/
PS the photos make it seem like its not tgat bad just red, but I was lying down so the bumps aren't that visible also I had applied. Nadoxin 1% cream, so my skin looks all shiny n smooth( apart from the pastules and redness of course) but trust me its not that mild looking, the level my acne has escalated is very disheartening, fingers crossed for Accutane:|

Day10- Its gotten worse

The title says it all.

pustules are back, and spreading...

Stressed, 12 days now, no improvement, i know it starts after at least a month but the wait is killing me, i just hope it doesnt continue to make it worse.

on day 36th

its going good, ive not had any bad side effects from it apart from a lot of dryness but thats manageable. Just wish there was some way to get rid of the marks as well , fingers crossed!

almost 2 months in

well im seeing great results , and its working thats for sure, im still on 20 mg per day and experiencing stomach pains but apart from that no bad side effects other than dry lips.
im worried about the red marks though, anyone know to lighten them up ,that would really help!

Red spots

my skin feels smooth again is great to feel that after horrible 7-8 months, red marks remain but ive started cosglo gel for it will update if its effective:)

2 months and 2 weeks

the level of improvement is wonderful to see, my skin feels smooth again :) red marks remaining are the only sign that is ever had acne problems. Im prescribed cosglo as a day cream and Adalene nano gel as a night cream. the marks are fading away:) im very happy:)

5 months now

acne is gone just red marks are left which are slowly fading and the skin is so smooth again :)

Accutane course finished! chemical Salicylic peel day 1

I'M finally done with my 5 months accutane course, today was d first day of my chemical peel, stung a bit but all went well im hoping to see progress soon :)
Accutane doses:-
1-3 months everyday 20 mg
4th month everyday 10 mg
5th moth every day 5 mg
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