29 Yr Old Mom of 2 - Abilene, TX

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Originally scheduled BA for May 29 but my kids...

Originally scheduled BA for May 29 but my kids going to summer school so I rescheduled for July 10. So excited. Had my consultation in March. 360-390cc Saline under the muscle via transaxillary incision. I'm so excited! I had nice big boobies when Breastfeeding my youngest child but they're back to B


Where's a good place to find non-padded, no underwire, open in the front bras for recovery? Also I'm not really sure what size to buy. I'm currently a 32 sometimes 34 B. I'm planning to get 360-390 (hopefully more towards the 390 cc's) so do I buy say a 34 C and a 34 D and a 34 DD just in case since there will be swelling for a while? What do y'all recommend?


For some reason this pic didn't load with the other 2


Those of you that are post op-- how long did it take for you to be able to lift your arms to put a shirt on, wash your hair, light things like that?

Wish Pics

Here are a few wish pics

Pre Op pics

The stickers are covering tattoos.


Got my prescriptions filled yesterday. I was so surprised when they told me it was $13! 34 days until surgery and I am anxious to say the least lol. I know it's common to start questioning if this is right as we get closer since this is an elective surgery and I've started doing that. I'm really looking forward to getting past the surgery itself and on to the recovery.


Today I paid for my surgery. Cha ching! Got my ice packs in the mail that I ordered from Amazon. Should get the Arnica Montana and scar guard soon as well. I'm getting super excited and have been deciding between the moderate profile and high profile and am thinking since my PS generally uses moderate profile I may stick with that one. 29 days!!

High profile vs moderate plus

I'm so torn on which profile I want. My surgeon typically uses moderate profile but after looking at reviews where so many people wished they had gone with high profile and after looking at before and after pics I am really starting to think I want the high profile. Then there's moderate plus that's in between high profile and moderate profile where it doesn't have so much protection and still had the width as well. So many options! I wish there was a way to see how each profile would look on me.


3 weeks until I have boobies!!!
So lately I have been going crazy in my mind trying to decide which profile I want and I love the High Profile look. My fear is now that I have changed the profile I want the ccs may not be the same. Like they will be too big or too small since I don't really know what they will look like. My ps doesn't have sizers in HP or even carry HP so I have to tell them in advance if that's what I want. So I really have no way of knowing what I'm getting myself into. Just concerns me. Any advice would be great. Thanks ladies!

Decided on HP

So I've finally decided on a profile and decided on High Profile. I'm confident in my surgeon and know that he knows what he is doing. When I went in for my consult I showed him a wish pic and he guessed the ccs I'd want and he was right on the money so I have confidence in him that I can get the HP and he will make them look good. I'm so happy I have finally made a decision lol. I'm going to call tomorrow so they can order my boobs lol, after that I just owe the anesthesia fee on the day of surgery and the only thing I lack is a bunch of pillows but I still have a few weeks to get those. Getting anxious :-)

Done obsessing

I have been so back and forth about the profiles. I looked up the dimension info and decided ok I am going to get mod +. Pondered on it a few days and finally called the office. Let me just say that Dr Tobins nurse is seriously amazing and so helpful and friendly. But she pointed out that the Allergan moderate projection in 390 cc is 4.5cm (my original want) and the 400cc Mentor mod + is 4.7cm so realistically if I stay with the Allergan moderate profile and even fill it to the max 420ccs then they will pretty much be the same projection. Which makes me feel more comfortable staying with the moderate profile that he keeps a stock of. A concern I had was if something happened to the implant during surgery he wouldn't have another one on hand or if for some reason it didnt fit the way it should he wouldnt have the extra ones on hand to fit my exact body then this was all for nothing. But ok back to reality. Im staying with my surgeons recommended Allergan moderate profile just maximum filled to give the more projection I want. 12 days!!

Less than a week

Less than a week until "B" day (boobie day lol). I have everything I need for recovery so now I just wait. Im getting a bit anxious, nervous, a little scared but over all pretty excited about it still. Im sure being 4th of July weekend it'll go by quickly. I plan to get a bunch of cleaning and preparations done later this weekend. Plus I have a test and 2 finals in my class this weekend that I'm not looking forward to.

Before Pics

I took some before pics to compare with after my BA. I probably should take the time to blur my tats but oh well. I do have a QUESTION about the Hyland's Arnica Montana 30x it says to take 4 tablets 4 times a day, is that right? So I'd take 16 tablets in a 24 hr period? Just making sure because that sounds like a lot. Thanks in advance.

Today's my big day!

As of right now I'm just nervous and starving lol my stomach is growing. I'm scheduled to go in at 9:30 and surgery at 10:30. I'll update when I'm out :-) Wish me luck everyone.

I have boobs!!

Hanging out in the suite, my sweet little brother is here with me. I'll update later with more details but I got 360.ccs in both and everything went well.


Laying down I use to be completely flat, nothing at all, I am at an incline but here's a pic. I am so very happy with my results so far.

morning of post op day 1

Posting pics then the journey this far. I already see a difference, not sure if they are swelling or fluffing lol.

Here's my journey this far

Day of BA~ I arrived at Dr Tobins office and signed some papers, then I was taken into a room for pictures and to go over sizing one last time which I said I wanted 390 overfilled, then was taken to a nice suite to change into a gown and robe and wait for my turn. Then the anesthesiologist came and got me and we went over my history and she ran an iv and gave me something for nausea which also helped calm me a bit. Then Dr Tobin came in with the pre-op pics saying that my fold line was too high and I wouldn't be able to fit 390 without risk of complications, he recommended 300ccs, I told him I trusted his judgement and would like to go a big as my body would accept without complications. I want to look good not weird lol. So then I walked to the OR, laid on the table and probably had a 2 sentence conversation before falling asleep and the funny thing is I was dreaming that I was finishing my conversation in recovery haha. When I woke up in recovery the nurse took my iv out and helped me walk back to the suite where I started out and also my brother was in there waiting for me. He's the one who drove me and stayed with me. Anyways I got some crackers and water and then took a pain pill. Oh also I have a history of vomiting when I come off anesthesia and she gave me something in recovery and I never once threw up thankfully. She was great. So after a few hours of resting in the suite Dr Tobin came in and checked them out and said he was able to fit 330ccs filled to 360ccs so I was happy to hear that! He said surgery went well, right one went in easy while left gave a little resistance. I came home and have been in bed for majority of the time.
The first night~ I woke up every 30 minutes to an hour. When it was getting close to my time to take more medicine the pain got a little intense but nothing unmanageable. Ice packs feel awesome!! I have my post op appt at 1 pm today. I have also noticed when I move my arms I feel like a bubble or something moving near my shoulder, doesn't hurt, just feels weird lol. Like my shoulder is farting air hahaha.


This sternum pain is no freaking joke.

2 days post

My amazingly wonderful loving boyfriend helped me shower, dress, and brushed my hair. He has been such a blessing and is taking very good care of me. I'm still sore and sleepy. Slept most of the day actually. My chest is really tight. Here's some pics from after my shower. But a wonderful tip I was given today is instead of taking 1 tablet every 4 hours for pain take 1/2 a tablet every 2 hours and that so far has helped me manage the pain better without feeling awful for 30-45 minutes before my next dose like I had been. Plus I feel like I can function a bit better too. Although since I've showered I'm now ready to curl up in my bed and sleep for the rest of the day lol.

2 days post pics

Morning Boob?

Those if you the have already recovered or are recovering, what were your symptoms of "morning boob"? This morning I woke up with tightness, soreness, but added in some killer nausea and headache. I skipped the pain meds and went back to sleep and haven't brought myself to get back up yet. Wondering if this is morning boob or if it's from the meds? Thanks!

Post Op Day 3 pics

These pics are from yesterday that I didn't get posted. Yesterday was awful. I'm feeling much better so far today. I'm all alone today for the first day so I doubt I will get a shower in until my boyfriend and son are home but after a nap I may attempt to clean myself up a bit. I have the boobie blues that's for sure. I see my 2 year old trying to care for me and it makes me cry because as his mom I am suppose be taking care of him. I feel like this was a terrible idea and my son deserves his mommys 100% attention. Maybe I should have waited until he was older. But there's no going back now. I assumed the 2-3 days of down time would be light activities and not completely out of it. I know each day has it's own challenges and today this is mine. I need to keep in mind that it's only temporary and it will get better. I haven't taken any medicine since 7am yesterday and the pain is tolerable, just stiff, sore, and feel like they stick out a mile from my chest. I feel like once the tape and strap are off I will be able to move a little better. I get the tape off friday and will also find out then how long I need to keep the strap on.

Day 4

I managed to stay awake all morning and finally had a bm and feel much better, I have serious booby blues today and cry at any thought of my children. I did take a bath by myself, didn't wash my hair but shaved my jungle legs and relaxed, it was nice. Got dressed on my own too which I felt was a huge improvement from yesterday when I couldn't even get out of bed without throwing up. Yesterday was awful. Anyway after my bath a took a few pics. You can see my right is bigger and more swollen, it's the one that hurts most but I am right handed too. Other than being on an emotional rollercoaster today I do feel a lot better. I'm hoping my bath didn't over do it do I can snuggle with my boy later today. I've sure missed him!

Day 5

Today has been slightly better, I'm still a bit emotional but haven't cried through a box of tissues yet so we are making some progress lol. I managed a shower by my self , washed my hair, and even brushed my hair which is a chore with full mobility lol and I feel much better about my decision today. I have a load of laundry in the dryer that may end up staying in there but at least they are clean. After my shower I tried to put a bra on (just for coverage) however even the biggest bras I bought thinking, no way they would ever fit, are too small, at least right now anyways. So I'm stuck with headlights until I can find something but right now I just don't have the energy to do it. I'm worried about going back to work on Thursday and having to drive my 2 year old back and forth to daycare and lifting him in and out of his car seat in my truck. Climbing in shouldn't be an issue since he can do that on his own but getting out I have to pick him up and he's a good 30-35 lbs. But every day I have seen an improvement so I am praying God gives me the strength and ability to manage that when the time comes. I can see a difference in my left one, definitely moving down some and maybe I'm odd but I like my smaller one better lol. Could also be because my right, the bigger one, gives me more pain and discomfort. I know they heal at different paces so hopefully tomorrow righty will catch up a tad. Here's my pics from today and took some with clothes too so I could see how nice they will look. This was my shirt I was hoping to fill out a little better since its one of my faves. Setting them in clothes gives them a different look and we aren't pin pointing every detail. Surviving another day :-)

I'm am idiot

So I guess I was feeling normal for a whole minute while scrolling through Facebook and went to reposition myself on the bed and lifted myself up with my arms. I didn't lift long as I immediately let go when I felt an implant move and heard a gurgle. Did I just mess something up??? I pressed it back down and felt it move. Please someone tell me it'll be okay??

Day 6

Feeling better today. Managed to clean up my son's toys that were thrown all over the living room, took a bath to shave, then a shower to wash my hair lol. I return to work tomorrow so that'll be interesting although I'm kinda happy to gain some normalcy. Thankfully tomorrow and Friday are only 4 hour shifts. So here's my question of the day hahaha.... had anyone else noticed one nipple changes color? As you can see I have pinkish nipples and my right one has turned kind of a brownish orangish color and of course it's the one that I use more and is the one that has more twinges of pain and aches. Anyone else have that happen or should I call my surgeon?

7 Day = 1 week!!

Finally hit the 1 week mark!!! Yeah!! Went back to work today which was only a half day and I work from home so I didn't have to get fancied up to go anywhere yet. The first couple hours were really tough and I was having awful awful awful nerve pains in my right boob and even Tylenol did nothing. Took the strap off and wouldn't you know it quit. So I left the strap off while working which was just the last 2 hours. Made my life So much easier hahaha. I was able to finish out the day without anymore tears. I emailed my surgeon about the different colored nipple and he thinks it's just bruising but he'll look at it tomorrow. Can wait for my post op visit tomorrow to get all this tape off and find out how long I need to wear the strap for. Morning boob woke me up 3 times last night and was very rough on me this morning and then of course the nerve pain kicked in and ouch!!! But I'm feeling much better and relaxing in bed until my kiddo comes home in a few hours. Tomorrow I'll be posting a look at the sisters with no tape Woohoo! Oh and lovely flaking has begun so I've just been putting cocoa butter on, any recommendations?

Day 8

Finally saw the sisters in full glory! I think they are going to look amazing once they are done fluffing and changing, currently I think it's kinda funny how they look like a duck face from the size hahaha. But I definitely see the potential! Post Op appt went really well. They removed my tape and made me feel so much better about my slow recovery. Some people recover so quick and easy and mine has just not been that way. But I did have some pocket work done to fit the implants in so it is understandable and they aren't concerned. Dena the nurse really is so helpful and understanding. She and Dr Tobin have been such a blessing through out this process. Anyways back to the appt, after the tape was removed I saw the bruising under my breast and that helped me understand why there had been pain there. Also my inability to raise my arms is due to the muscles so I can slowly start stretching them a bit to loosen them up and will feel better. For the morning boob they suggested taking my hydrocodone before going to bed to help relax the muscles a little more and if I'm still not feeling any better in a few days or so they'll call in a Rx for some muscle relaxers. I was also cleared to take ibuprofen so maybe that'll help me more than the Tylenol had been. I'm feeling much better knowing that I have some relief ahead.

Day 9

Feeling really good today. Somewhat normal again. Still have limits of course but finally feel great mentally and a lot better physically. Definitely not 100% but felt about 80% today which is much better than I had been. My arms are still limited on movement but getting better. Had slight morning boob when I woke up but it went away quickly and I enjoyed majority of the day pain free. Got a little stiff this evening so I took a half of a hydrocodone and that's now gone too so I'm really happy to have finally had a good day. Plus I wore my first bra today and felt sexy and amazing. I know the sisters have a long way to go but just the fact that I had boobs in a sports bra and looked normal in a shirt did wonders to my confidence. Down sides to the day are my chest has broken out from the tape and my boobs are flaking pretty bad so I put cocoa butter on. Hope everyone is healing well!

Day 10

Didn't take any pics today. I was sore, stiff, and felt like I had a major sunburn on my upper arms and boobs. I'm guessing all that nerve pain I had from them reconnecting has now made them hypersensitive. Hydrocodone helped take the edge off tonight though. Tomorrow I'm back to chasing my 2 year old around and changing diapers and some how going to get him in and out of the car seat in my truck for daycare. Not looking forward to that since his daddy has been taking care of all those needs since my surgery and I've been able to recover and just play with him when I was feeling good. Prayers for strength and patience tomorrow would be greatly appreciated. Since I'm posting this at midnight it may show up as I'm 11 days past but it's just due to the time. Hope everyone is sleeping well tonight. Oh and tomorrow I'm also back to work full time, boo! Night all :-)

Day 11

My lovely boyfriend woke me up this morning and said he would take our son to and from daycare which was so nice! So tomorrow I will begin taking him to and from daycare but I have a little more confidence in my ability. I plan to take a half of a hydrocodone when I wake up to take away the morning aches and pains before attempting to dress and change him but I think we can manage it. Hopefully it won't be as bad as I have been anticipating. Anyway today I worked a full day and had minimal discomfort. Yay! I'm pretty sure I have mondors cord in my left arm pit which is most likely the reason for my limited flexibility in that arm. I did soak it in the warm bath tonight and it helped greatly. I took some comparison pics of day 8 vs today day 11. I can see a difference.

On a side note

The cami's that I use to wear on a daily basis will absolutely not fit anymore lol had to call my boyfriend into the room to pull it off me because I was stuck hahaha. But what I was wanting to tell y'all is.... My boyfriend of nearly 5 years has never shown much interest in my breasts (except a few comments when they were big when I was breastfeeding) and tonight I decided to wear just a tank top braless and he has copped a feel twice and told me "damn babe those are very very nice". First time he has ever grabbed my boob and he did it twice in one day lol. That made me smile so big!!! He's also come in to kiss me goodnight multiple times tonight and a kiss goodnight is a rarity with him. :-) This evening alone has made the past 11 days completely worth it!!!!!

1st morning getting little guy to daycare

I have to brag on my amazing son, he is the best 2 year old ever!! This morning I got his chocolate milk that he must drink every morning, we snuggled on the couch because he was cold, then I went to change his diaper and he climbed up on his bed and lifted his legs, diaper change went well with zero pain. Got him dressed, again he was a champ. Then when getting into my truck I had to scoot the front set up because someone had moved it back and when I turned around he had climbed in on his own so I buckled him and we were off. Getting out is what I was most afraid of because I usually lift him out. I said "ok baby mommy needs your help to get out ok" he grabbed my hand and jumped down to the floor board, then slowly stepped out on the running board and jumped off. I was like WHOA!! He has never done it before but he acted like it was nothing new. I am just amazed at him right now! Perfect morning!! No pain!!! Yeah!!!

Day 12

Today has been great so far as y'all see above this morning went great. Managed to pick him up from daycare and remain pain free. I tried on an old swimsuit I wore while breastfeeding (I was a D) because we are going to our family reunion the weekend after next at the lake and needles to say I will need to buy a new one lol. Probably won't go into the lake except the swim spot with my son but it'll be nice to tan in a swimsuit.

Day 13

I definitely over did it today. While at my "in laws" my nephew was fussy so I was holding him and walking him around. I felt fine while doing it but tonight my sternum is hurting. I took pain meds but it still hurts. He is only a month old so I didn't think it would hurt anything since he's so tiny still but I guess I'm paying for it now. And tomorrow will be a long day at work, 10 hour day most likely. Boo! So not looking forward to that. I took a couple pics to track my progress but nothing fancy. Hope you all had a great day!

Day 14 **2 weeks!**

I thought the 2 week mark would never come lol. Today was a long 10 hour day at work and for some reason my company is being dumb and making me file a short term disability claim even though I was only out for a week and used my vacation time to cover it. I don't get it. But apparently I have to do it. So annoying. I hate my job but love the benefits it provides. Anyways I got through the day with only 1 hydro so that's nice. My arms are finally loosening up, quite a lot today actually. I'm very tired since I had a long day and my son is grouchy. I spoke with my daughter for a good 30 minutes which was so very nice. She's at her dad's for the month of July and won't be back until next Thursday. I can't wait to see her!! It kills me every year when July hits. But thankfully because of the surgery I've been a bit preoccupied. I took a few quick pics but nothing fancy. Tomorrow I'll post comparison pics since it'll be 1 week since they removed the tape. They are finally starting to get a little squishier. Happy healing ladies!!

umm did I go back?

I just woke up at 4 am with massive morning boob so bad I thought my boob was going to explode. I took that darn strap off and I'm hoping it'll chill out. Geez it was like I was back on day 4, ouch! My right (the one hurting) is starting to feel a lot bigger than the left. I'm hoping it's just changing faster than the left and lefty will catch up soon. I know week 2-3 had a lot of changes going on. Ok back to sleep now, I hope.

Day 15 - As promised...

As promised I have done some comparison pics and wow a lot has changed in 1 week! Kinda can't wait for next weeks lol. Today went pretty well, had some sternum pain so I took a half a hydro and feeling better. I also took a couple fun pics today too :-)

Day 16

I'm posting this after midnight my time so if my days look off that's why. Today I went shopping for another sports bra, one that's a little lower in the front so I can wear v neck shirts without my sports bra showing. I did find one. But I also decided to try on a wireless non padded bra and was disappointed when I found that I'm currently a 36D, I was a D while breastfeeding and felt I wanted them to be bigger so that was depressing. But I typically wear a 34. They didn't have any 34s and I need a 36 right now so they aren't snug and I have a little room for D&F. I am really hoping they end up a DD at least. I also had to get a swim top because we are going to the lake next weekend for a family reunion. XL fit the boobies nicely but we're too awkward fitting since my boobs are still high. I ended up buying a large and a few tank tops to go over top so my massive cleavage isn't showing. Normally I'd be happy to show them off but my boyfriend's family is very conservative. Every year they have the reunion at the lake, in the same cabin, same weekend every year and maybe one of two will bring a bathing suit and the rest wear shorts and tees. And the 1 or 2 wearing swimsuits are tankinis with shorts. They'd all have a stroke if I walked out wearing a bikini, showing off my tats and cleavage lol. And I'm a dummy and forgot my phone at home while I was shopping so I didn't get any pics and haven't taken any today so I'll post pics of them tomorrow. Night!

Day 17

Today has been a good day. I lifted my son into a chair and it didn't hurt thankfully. And I wore my new bra for about 5 minutes then took it off because it rubbed on my girls that are super sensitive as is so it's going back. So then I decided to go shopping for a more comfy bra and I thankfully found 2. Also I managed to get into one of the camis that I use to wear regularly and actually I'm wearing the pink one in my pics above where I'm trying on sizers. It looks a different color in the one I'm posting tonight but I guess it's the lighting because it's the same bright pink one. Anyways I was super excited when I bought an XL sports bra and 2XL. What??!!! Boob greed from yesterday is officially gone! Anyways other than sensitivity I felt great today and even got groceries for the first time.

Day 18

Today my hypersensitivity was getting very annoying and I'm ready to move passed this phase. I dealt with it for about a week and it needs to go away now. It's not that it's really painful it's just that I'm so over it. Move along! Every few days or so I get ansy and I'm ready to return to normal everyday life without any pain or discomfort. I know, I need to be patient... but I'm a very impatient person lol. Wha wha wha.... ok I'm done. I still love them and I feel super hot topless now and even in a sports bra. Who would have thought "I" would be hot in a sports bra hahaha. Anyways hope you all are doing well and morning boob let's us all sleep well tonight.


I guess I now know why my hypersensitivity was so horrible yesterday. Hello mother nature... stupid period! The worst part is that I was on my period when I got my ba done and I'm only 2.5 weeks post op... Someone needs to tell her she's got her timing way off and I'm suppose to be enjoying the beach this weekend!!! Ugh!!

Day 20

I already had my post written up and pics about to be posted then bam my phone reset. Dumb smart phones! Anyways, today's been good. I slept all night without walking up at all and morning boob wasn't bad thankfully. Just my back hurts today but that's normal with the monthly visitor coming. And of course I still have sensitivity but it hasn't bothered me much today. I got to snuggle my 6 week old nephew, love that kid! It's storming here so hopefully I will sleep great again. I'm posting some comparison pics since I'll be 3 weeks tomorrow, yay!!! :-)

3 weeks!!! day 21

Uhh I thought this day would never come lol. I'm so happy to be 3 weeks finally!! Today I felt really good. I did take sine pain meds but mostly because of my back and my incisions were feeling sore this morning. My daughter is finally hone from her dad's! She's been gone since July 1st. My son had become get shadow today lol following his big did everywhere! She's 10 and he's 2. They actually get along really great. My brother is actually 8 years younger than mg as well and we've always been really close so I hope my kids are the same way. Anyways I'm going to make this quick since it's 1 am here and I have to go to work in the morning then pack and had to the lake that's a few hours away. I'll update over the weekend when I can. The reception is terrible there but there's a few spots I can get service in. Happy healing!! Oh... question... do you think my boobs are still high? I feel like they have dropped and I'm afraid if I keep wearing this strap another 3 weeks it'll make me bottom out. Is that possible? Do y'all think my boobs need to drop some more?


Geez... I need to proofread before posting lol. Oops! Hopefully y'all get what I was meaning.

Day 22

I'm at the lake at a family reunion so I haven't taken any pics today. My kids are having so much fun with their cousins. I had to pick up my son twice today and it was weird, they just felt odd so I immediately put him down. I know I'm allowed to pick him up but it just doesn't feel right. Maybe as time goes by it'll get better. The hugging didn't hurt thankfully. I'm pure exhausted from the day though so I'm going to keep this short. I'll take some pics of where I'm at tomorrow and post for y'all. It's beautiful here! Happy healing!

Vacation & Day 24

My mini vacation was awesome!! It was great spending time with family. I went in the lake but only up to my knees which was enough to play with my son in there. He's never gone in the lake and for the first time he decided to walk right in and start splashing around. It was so great. His grandma has a pool and my daughter swims in it about once a week and he just squirts the toys from the edge, will not get in. So it was very amazing to watch him just go right in. I also went on a hike which was exhausting but great to be out. I'll post pics of our hiking trail and views. Surprisingly only one person noticed my boobs but she didn't say anything she just kept looking at my boobs lol. I did tell one of his cousins during our hike because it came up in conversation that I'm taking pain meds and she's like umm ok... why.. so I told her and she was great about it. I had very little pain Saturday but today after the hiking and playing in the lake and my sunburn have caught up with me and I'm very tired and a little sore. Not bad but it's there to let me know I did too much. Also I've noticed a numb spot under my right nipple, feels weird. I can tell they are fluffing a little more but I'm ready for my right one to get over this odd shape and for my previous folds to go away so my boobs won't have a crease in them just under my nipples anymore. My poor daughter is sunburnt like crazy. My little guy has a slight burn on his face but not bad. I caked that sunscreen on him since we are so fair complected. I guess my daughter didn't reapply when I was telling her to. When we got back we found out our dog went missing from the in laws back yard so we searched for her for hours, gave up and was driving home and I got a call from a lady that had found her last night and she took her in for the night and thankfully I have a tag on her so she was able to call me and I got my fur baby back. Chloe will be 5 in October and I've had her since birth. I was in tears looking for her. Anyways hope all are well! P.s. most pics won't load because they're too big apparently so I'm just posting a few that will load.

Day 25

I still have morning boob but it's not near as bad as it was a week ago. I'm hoping it's going away. Today's been a good day. Not much to write about. I'm going to start massaging them to see if they'll loosen up a bit. They're still extremely tight. I'll start those tomorrow.

day 26

I babysat my nephew that's 7 weeks old and he was fussy so I did lot of bouncing and carrying him around trying to sooth him so I'm pretty sore tonight. Also my daughter had cheer practice tonight so I sat outside in 95 degree heat for 2 hours. My boobs are not happy with me. My daughter's coach actually asked me if I'd be an assistant coach this year and I said yes but now I'm kinda wondering if I jumped in too deep because I'm also in school full time and work full time and practice twice a week with games every Saturday might just be too much. I always attend my daughter's practices and games which is why I was quick to say yes, however I didn't think about having to lift the girls and catch the girls. I think it might be too much on my new boobies. Plus one of my classes will be on a practice night so I'll have to have my boyfriend pick her up from practice since I'll be in school when she gets out. I'd really love to do it though. I am very into cheering my daughter on at games and I have the cheer mom stickers on my truck and a custom made shirt to support her. I really hope my daughter won't be upset if I turn down the offer. But with 5 classes, working 40-45 hours each week plus cheer I'm thinking I could really use those 2 hours she's in practice on the day I'm not in class to sit and watch her while doing homework. Anyways I am posting some comparison pics from day 20 vs today day 26. Night all! Happy healing!


Right didn't save for some reason so I had to go resave them. Here we go..

day 27

Didn't get to post these last night. I was plum exhausted and went to bed. I'll post more of an update later but here is yesterday's pics, day 27.

Day 28= 4 weeks = 1 month!!!

Wow I can't believe it's already been 1 month!! I started the massages 2 days ago and I feel like they are helping the implant to feel a bit more comfortable and I'm more comfortable moving them a little and feeling more comfortable just touching them in general. I know they're starting to squish a tiny bit on their own so I can't tell if it's helping to massage for that yet. I don't really have much morning boob anymore just tightness when I wake up. I'm finally sleeping comfortably now. On my back still but without all the extra pillows and I'm no longer at an incline which helps my back tremendously! I still take a pain pill or two through out the evening because by then I'm sore and I still get tired easily. I can reach straight up with my right arm but still doing the exercises to work the left. It's now about 80% but getting better every day. Thank you mondors cord, because I didn't have enough limiting my flexibility lol. I'm loving the fluff my boobs are starting to get! I'm hoping my right nipple doesn't stay off centered, it looks weird in pics but isn't as obvious in person. Hope everyone sleeps well tonight :-)

Day 29

Not much to mention today. My boobs are really starting to loosen up and I'm pretty sure it's due to the massages. I've been massaging for 3 days and I noticed a big difference. The first day they didn't move much at all. Only took 1 half hydrocodone today Woohoo! Pain was easy on me today. I had a friend come over and she's always had big boobs, DD's and today is the first time I've seen her since around April and her boobs don't look so huge to me anymore lol. She's like "man I wish mine were perky like yours" BA boob win hahaha.

Day 30

I think I've over done it today with school clothes shopping, a clothing party at the in laws, then more clothing shopping. All for my daughter. Nobody else got anything. But she got 8 shirts for about $70 and all name brand stuff so she's pretty happy about that. All the shirts I tried on looked weird because I grabbed small and medium sizes which is what I used to wear and now they don't fit in the boobs so I didn't feel like going back to the chaos to find size large just to try them on. It's tax free weekend here in TX. I did but a cute shirt from the CAbi party, I'll post it once I get it in the mail. Have a good night ladies!

Day 31

I'm having an off day. I'm thinking it's because I've been tired all day. I've been feeling down because I feel like I should be at 100% by now and I haven't taken any pain pills today but it's just that I'm ready to stop feeling like they're so tight and I feel like they're getting smaller so I tried on a few bras that didn't fit right and then decided before going to bed I'm going to take my daily pics and do some comparison pics from 1 week ago to show myself they're still changing. Anyways I can see on the side shots that they're still fluffing but in the front facing pic I actually do look smaller. Maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me because I'm grouchy, tired, and having boob greed today. I know they are wayyy bigger than pre op but I'm just down because I was unable to go the size I wanted and right now I'm feeling like they're too small. But then I remind myself that I'm still in sports bras so maybe one I'm back in under wire bras and the girls gain some cleavage I won't feel so bad about it. I'm surprised I even have boob greed because I got the biggest my body could handle and I told myself I would just be grateful to have breasts at all. *sigh*. Like I said it's been an off day. Going to bed so hopefully I'll feel my happy chipper self tomorrow.

Day 32

Thanks for letting me boo-hoo yesterday lol. I'm feeling more myself today. I'm thinking coming off the hydrocodone is also effecting my mood and making me tired. Anyways, I spoke with the head coach of my daughter's cheer team and told her that I can't change my Monday night class so I can't coach on Monday's but I can be there on the Friday practices and at all games. And also that I can't do any lifting, stunts, catching, etc. Until I am cleared from my dr in about 3 weeks. I told her if she needed someone more available right now and that can be there for all practices then I'll completely understand. She said "Oh no, we want YOU!" And we'll have our previous head coach there on Monday's so we won't actually be short on coaches at all and it will work out because we will not even have any games before I'm cleared. So I guess I'm coaching after all lol. So ladies that are 7 weeks post op and over were you feeling well enough at 7 weeks to lift 100 lb girls with assistance? In the beginning we have a coach on either side and one at the back. So I'd be lifting a leg to push her up or I'd be catching her when she falls which would be right on my boobs so I'm probably going to try to stick with lifting the girl and spotting.

Day 35 / 5 weeks

I'm feeling a lot better. The only soreness I have is mostly from tightness and muscle spasms. I'm able to lift my son without any pain at all which is nice. Still difficult to scrub things. Like counter tops, dishes, etc. That motion is just so weird still and I feel so weak and I can't stay at it for long. My right one is fluffing a lot more than the left but I know at this point there's a lot of changes still going on so I'm trying to be patient about it. Only 1 more week of this strap! Counting down the days lol. I'm still hoping they get bigger as they fluff. Not so much bigger but fuller if that makes sense.

Day 39

I haven't noticed much changes lately. I've been doing my massages once or twice a day and out of nowhere today my boobs decided to squish together, yay!!! Finally loosening up enough to move these babies around. I'm so excited that I had to share! Then I thought, well now that they're comfortable I'm going to try one of my old bras I wore while nursing my son which is a 34D just to see if it would fit or if it would be small. It is a push up under wire bra so it was on long enough to look in the mirror take a pic and it came off. I'm certainly not trying to hurt these beauties lol. It's too small!! I had to tuck my nipples in hahaha. I'm posting a few pics just to show where I'm at now. It's amazing how quickly they are still changing after 5 almost 6 weeks. Keep coming girls I'm falling in love lol.


Yesterday I was lifting girls and spotting stunts because we needed an extra coach to complete the stunts at cheer practice and last night I was so sore I thought today would be a day in bed but thankfully I woke up feeling great! Yay!! This is my first stunt I'll be in in front of hundreds of people on Friday so I'm a little nervous but I'm sure we'll do great. I'll post my weekly update with pics tomorrow. Happy healing everyone!

6 weeks + 4 Days

Sorry I'm late updating with my 6 week info. They say time goes fast after the first month and it sure does! I'm back in school, kiddo is in school, cheer practice games pics etc going on, plus work, and my crazy little guy running crazy. Fridays stunt went perfectly! I've been nominated for the ice bucket challenge so we're doing that Friday during cheer practice lol. It'll be fun. My boobs feel great but they're pretty hard still. Can't wait for them to loosen up. And I'm about to start so they're sore and achy. It's crazy that I'm 6 weeks post op and about to have my 3rd period. My body is going all crazy. My right one is fluffing a lot more than the left still and it's obvious now with my shirt off. I'm starting to sleep on my sides when my boobs cooperate lol. Oh right and I'll post a Linux of my new car, 2014 Ford Escape SE!! I love it!!

comparison pics

5 weeks vs today 6 weeks + 4 days... still changing a lot!!!

8 weeks!!!

Wow I can't believe it's already been 8 weeks! I never thought I would say that lol. Last Friday I went to my surgeon and was cleared for all activity. I can even wear an underwire bra for special occasions if I want (although I don't own any and haven't even been bra shopping yet and I have no clue what size I am). I'm still wearing sports bras (loose). I feel great. No pain. No soreness. No longer stiff. Really the only time I get sore is when I wake up on my stomach. I have 1 more post op visit in a month were we'll take after pics. I saw the before pics and yikes lol I'm so glad those tiny little ugly ducklings are gone. I didn't realize how horrible the girls were looking lol. Maybe I'll get brave enough to post them soon. Hope everyone is doing well. :-)

9 weeks

I'm hoping lefty fluffs to catch up soon but other than that I love them. For some reason it hasn't been letting me post pics but I'll keep trying.

9 week pics

Trying again

11 weeks!

Life had gotten so crazy busy that I didn't even realize I didn't post my weekly pics last week until like Tuesday lol. I got 2 new pups, brother and sister. They're 8 weeks today. Today is also my 30th birthday!!! Eek! House training 2 puppies, school, work, 2 kids, cheer leading and trying to get pregnant has my life insanely chaotic but I love it. So many blessings!

Comparison pics

Passing 9 weeks vs 11 weeks. Plus I tried on some bras, 36D and 34DD. Didn't buy any but I thought about it. Passing those pics too.

30th Birthday in the hospital

I spent the night in the hospital Friday night because I kept almost passing out and I happened to have been driving on an interstate when it happened. They did a ct scan, blood work, urine tests, an ekg and a chesr xray and they determined that I have a heart condition and I need to follow up with a cardiologist. Tomorrow I'm calling to make an appointment. I'm not taking this news lightly because my mom died 4 years ago on Tuesday from a bad heart. Prayers would be great! Hope everyone is doing well! LuvNHugs!

3 months

Ugh, I had thus while long post typed up and then lost it! That's annoying. Anyways, I called to make the appointment with the cardiologist that Monday and was told I couldn't get in until November. I was also forced to resign from the company I'd been working for for 6.5 years!!! I worked from home and my internet was shut off, my boss called me the next morning and told be I either had to resign or be terminated for job abandonment and after 6.5 years I wasn't going to let that be on my record so I resigned. Which means I also lost my insurance! Right now I'm just trying to take it easy, keep calm as much as possible and not get to worked up about stuff. I'm hoping the stress of my job was causing my heart issues. I've only had a few episodes since that weekend in the hospital. If the continue I will get insurance through my school and see the cardiologist as planned. I'm posting pics of my 3 month post op that I meant to post on 10/10/14 when I took them. Sorry for the scare everyone. Thank you for your concerns!


Yikes sorry for all the typos! Also, I'll post comparison pics with new photos tomorrow.

4 months post op

My boobies don't seen to be doing much changing anymore. These pics are from 11-10-14 which was exactly 4 months post op. I never did get a call for my 3 month post op visit so I guess I need to call them to schedule it. Not much to report now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Comparison pics

3 months vs 4 months

6 months post op today

I can't believe it's been 6 months!! I really need to call and see if I have another post op visit at 6 months since I haven't seen them since about a month post op. I am curious if I can wear normal bras daily or sick to these unattractive sports bras lol. Don't get me wrong, they're comfy but I am ready to feel sexy. I definitely say this was worth it!!! Only down side is they are not as big as I wanted. I don't have the cleavage I wanted and the only time they squish together is if I manually do it, they even have a big gap when I have a push up bra on! And when I lay down they are soo ugly because they're so far apart. I sleep in a sports bra because it bothers me and I try keeping them together during sex because they look awful to me. Other than that I really do love them. They look great standing up naked hahaha. I wish I had been able to go the size I had wanted but I'm happy I no longer have itty bittys lol. Alright time to post pics.
Abilene Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Tobin and his staff have been excellent from consultation to my many questions to my post op care. Dena and Dr Tobin have answered my many questions via email, phone, and in person. During my first post op visit I was very emotional and Dena and Dr Tobin made me feel so much better about my slower than average recovery. My results so far (1 month post) are fantastic and Dr Tobin really knows what he's doing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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