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Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

First I want to say, if I could get this procedure done 10 times over, I would. Dr. Richards has been my first plastic surgery experience (and surgery experience in general). I have high anxiety but the entire process was comforting, seamless, and most of all rewarding. Consultation: The consultation impressed me. Him and his kind staff were super patient, helpful, and every question I asked was happily explained in detail. Dr. Richards took my measurements and BWD and helped me create my ideal look. He explained every aspect of what could happen as well as why and how it will happen that way. He took my body type into consideration and kept in mind not only how the implants would look on my chest but with my body overall. After I saw my before & after 3D I booked my consultation on the same day because I had so much faith in his experience, expertise, and his before and after pictures were phenomenal. Even when I kept going bigger and bigger (I changed my implant size about 5 times) they were so patient with me and assured it wasn't a problem. Surgery day - Everyone told me going under the muscle was soooo painful, but that was not my experience. On the surgery day I was so nervous. I hate needles but the IV was quick and seamless and this was the most painful part of the whole day! All of the doctors were comforting, funny, and accommodating. I almost forgot I was about to get my body cut open haha! When I woke up from surgery I didn't believe the implants were inside of me. I kept asking my friend and the nurse, groggily... "Did he put it in there? ... 400ccs? ...For real? ...No way" (Well this is what I was told). NO NAUSEA!! (I have a phobia of vomiting and I did believe the anti-nausea medication helped a ton) When I came back to my hotel I took my medication and went into a blissful nap. When I woke up I felt pressure. The pain meds kept it pain-free but the worst part was not being able to do what I can usually do such as reaching, lifting myself up with my arms, etc. This resumed in the upcoming days. POST OP- The care doesn't end there!! My patient coordinator Dr. Gildea was responsive to all of my concerns at home and my post op appointment with Dr. Richards went amazing as well!! My incisions under my crease are very thin, minimal, and well hidden (something I was concerned about). As I write this review 8 days later my boobs already look so amazing and are only going to get better. My only regret is not doing this sooner. If you are considering Dr. Richards for your breast augmentation, I promise you will be in good hands. THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Richards, Dr. Gildea, and everyone over at Cosmetic Surgery Associates! :-) I will be posting progression pictures on this account. I had my BA under the muscle, crease incision, 400cc moderate+ profile.

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