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I am scheduled to have my procedure next...

I am scheduled to have my procedure next Wednesday(July 15, 2009. AT THIS TIME I AM NOT ABLE ABLE TO RATE MY OVERALL SATISFACTION.

I am going to a board certified PS who, is very nice and answered all of my questions no matter how silly.

I will be posting pre-op pictures after my procedure.

If you have any tips that you think will be helpful for post opt recovery or your own experience with Vaser I am all ears.

Today is July 15th. I had my vaser lipo performed...

Today is July 15th. I had my vaser lipo performed today. I decided to go under general anesthesia because I did not not want to be up for the surgery. I was extremely nervous, anxious and on the verge of tears just waiting to go into the operating room, I can't just imagine what my anxiety level would have been if I was up for the procedure.

   I am now 11 hours post surgery  and I am feeling okay. I had my flanks(love handles) and entire abdominal area done.  I can not see any results at this time since I am swollen. My stomach feels like a water bed and is numb to the touch.  My flanks back area of the love handles feels like I went 10 rounds with a heavy weight boxer but the pain medication is keeping me comfortable.  My abdominal area feels fine and I am not in any pain as far as that area in concern. At this time there is no drainage, however I am using the bathroom every 30 minutes to an hour.  The compression garment is not so bad today, it feels like a new pair of let's see how i feel after wearing this for the next few weeks non-stop.  I have 4 incision on the lower half of my stomach were most of the fat was and one on the upper abdomen area.

I am also sleeping like every 4 hours especially after I take my pain medication, which I have taken twice since coming back home.  I will post pictures once some of the swelling comes down. I think i look the same way I did before the procedure.

As for my overall satisfaction is still to early to tell.

Update July 17th. Here are some before pictures...

Update July 17th. Here are some before pictures and pictures 1 and 2 days post opt.

Today is August 25Th and I am 6 weeks out. ...

Today is August 25Th and I am 6 weeks out.  This procedure is not a quick fix and healing takes time. I glad to say that I am happy with the results and see improvements to the area that was done.  It took me about 4 weeks to get back to my exercise routine. I wear a "tummy trimmer" when I exercise since i am still a little sore around the flanks and it helps when I am jumping or running.  The scars are healing well and are becoming less visible. I will be posting pictures shortly.

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