Tummy Tuck Sooo Worth It!!! Painful:YES!!! (5'8", 200lb)

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I decided on a tt after years of looking into it....

I decided on a tt after years of looking into it. I wasn't sure if I should do it or would even be able to, I am 5'8 and 200lbs. I am well porportioned but hated my stomach, mainly the way it looked in clothes. I wasn't sure if a doctor would even do it but after going to consultations with 2 different doctors I was confident in moving forward. I also decided to do it after reading other peoples reviews on here.

I don't regret it at all, I feel soooo much better about my body, it's really amazing. I know they say that you should be near your ideal weight before getting a tt but the reality is that would be much more work than I wanted to put in. I am happy with my weight but after having 2 kids (13 years ago) my stomach just looked sloppy.

Now for the pain, YES it was really bad afterwards. As soon as I woke up from recovery I cried, I was shocked at how bad it hurt. Over the next 4-5 days it was just BAD. I could not do anything for myself & was so thankful that my mother was there to help me. Most people on here have said that the first week was just a blur to them but not to me, even with the pain medication, muscle relaxers, etc. It was just really painful and there are no words to describe how helpless I felt. I just wanted to start feeling better and it felt like it was taking forever! On the 8th day I had my drain removed and felt alot better. The very next day I was out and about!

Its only been 2 weeks now but I really am feeling good, still have a ways to go with swelling and my stomach muscles are still sore but having gone throught that first HORRIBLE week, I am feeling sooo much better. However the scar is pretty scary, I know it will get better with time but it is pretty jarring to see at first.

With all this said, I wouldn't change a thing! I am very pleased & YES, it was worth the pain!!! It really changes how your body looks in your clothes, mine anyway, and probably because I am a little bigger there is a very noticable difference. Also, I didn't go with the first doctor that I went to. I really like my doctor that I chose and felt confident with him and that is really important.

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Has many years of experience. He made me feel very comfortable and he makes you feel really confident in him.

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