Tummy Tuck with Type 1 Diabetes

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I finally booked my appointment for July 31st. The...

I finally booked my appointment for July 31st. The surgery was performed at an outpatient center close to Brandon Hospital.

I am very please with my result so far. I am 11 days out and still a little swollen. For me, taking out the drains was the worst part. They were removed 6 days after the surgery, which was performed on the 31st of July. I will keep posting updates and pictures for those of you who live in the Tampa area and wish to go to someone who is recommended.

I started back to work on 8/10, only 10 days after the procedure. I hope to only hear of posts like mine in the future and wish everyone great results!!!

OH YEAH...no more tattoo

Updated on Aug 24, 2009:

Another Update @ 3 1/2 weeks

I went to the doc this am for my 3rd post op visit. He removed the surgical tape, and was actually quite surprised it was still on there. He had to remove 2 stitches that were poking through. He also thought since there is quite a bit of swelling down at the incision site that there might be some fluid buildup. He tried several times, to remove it with a needle, but nothing came out. He did re-assure me that it will go down and said that swelling last anywhere from 6weeks to 3 months. My next appt will be in 4 weeks. He also recommended to either use Maderma for OTC, or something they sell at the office that was prescription strength, called Kelocote. He explained that most people who use Kelocote after a TT get the spray instead of the lotion. I know you can find them both on the internet for alot cheaper than in stores.

 Last week I thought I would never stand up straight again. Luckily, I am. My doctor also said I no longer need to wear the binder, he just suggested some of the support underwear and maybe even tank that hold you in. I am guessing, if you are looking into a tummy tuck, you may have pleanty of those already in your drawers.

I know some of you will not be totally please with result like mine, particularly because of the stretch marks. Although they were not high on my wish list, I am learning to love them. After all, not everyone can be as GEARGEOUS as you.

Last, but not least, I want to wish everyone a speady recovery. And for those who do decide to get a procedure done, make sure to come back to this website and share your experience, and please, please, please DO NOT forget to post pictures.

Here is a more recent pic

Pic taken 5/28/2013.
No problems to date, healed well.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Minimal pain. Very pleased with the result and aftercare so far. Highly managable for those with well controlled Diabetes.

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