Tummy Tuck Dream Come True for Surgical Scars on Abdomen

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I had numerous surgeries, that as you can in my...

I had numerous surgeries, that as you can in my before picture, severly altered the appearance of my abdomen.

Although the appearance of my abdomen was always an issue for me, it wasn't until this year that I decided to stop living unhappy with my body and started getting more information about my options. I was thinking some sort of scar revision or laser treatment would work but after numerous consultations and no good suggestions or answers my hope began to dwindle. I was even told at one point that there was nothing I could do. Finaly I met an awesome innovative doctor who suggested a tummy tuck.

I am now 1 week post-op, feeling great and can't wait until next year when I can fully see my results and wear a two piece for the first time :-) I was in virtually no pain and stopped my pain meds after the fourth day only taking one pill before bed to make sure I slept through the night.

Pictures below...I will keep you updated

A lillte more info about my procedure and...

A lillte more info about my procedure and experience...... The surgery lasted about 2 hours. The first day I was groggy but experience no real pain...just a little soreness when I had to go to the bathroom. I was walking upright by the 7th day. Today I am 17 days post-op and I'm almost back to normal. I went back to work 14 days post-op with lifting, bending and stooping restrictions.

I do think that my scar is a bit high but considering the fat that I didn't have excess skin and fat to begin with I can deal with that. I think my TT scar looks waaaay better than the scar I started with and so far I am pretty happy. I have to keep reminding myself that I am still healing and my scar will look better as more time passes. The edges of my scar are so flat and aren't too obvious so I'm excited to see what it all looks like in a few more months. The left side of my abdomen is more swollen than the right and although I'm not completely flat yet I can see a smaller waist line.


I have had bad emotional days and I'm terribly anxious for time to pass so that I can see my final results. For anyone thinking of getting a TT please be aware that the healing process is extensive and takes a very long time. Do not expect immediate results and BE PATIENT! I'm struggling with the patience part but each day brings my closer to healing! :-)



So I guess here is where my patience is tested...

So I guess here is where my patience is tested.

CONS:  3 weeks later I'm still swollen and now my stomach looks lopsides because it's more swollen on one side. I'm starting to have shooting pains in my lower abdomen and I swear I feel draining in the lower abdomen as well although my drains were removed 10 days post-op.

I'm able to stretch a little better. I still can't sleep on my stomach but I can roll over on my side...


I went back to work 2 weeks post-op because I have an office job but I don't think that was a good idea....I'm so drained by the time the day is over wehn I get home I can't do anything but sleep!

I'm a little depressed and I am so anxious for time to pass so that I can be done healing!

Although my scar is high and I still have a few of my old scars I still think it looks so much better than what I started with.


 ******************* SOME THINGS I WISH...


******************* SOME THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE SURGERY ******************


ok people before you get this surgery please be aware that surgery isn't for whimps!!!!!

your immediate results are not your perm. results!

one day you think it's better but that same evening or the next day you'll feel as if you've taken 10 steps back!

be patient
be patient
be patient

complete healing can take weeks, months or up to a year!

dont think of yourself of the expection think of yourself as the rule!

Lutherville Timonium Plastic Surgeon

He is highly skilled and caring. He let me know what issues he might encounter prior to surgery because of my surgical history.

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