I Survived the Tummy Tuck!

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So here I am, 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery...

So here I am, 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery.  The pros are that I am no longer in pain, I can sit up, walk (hunched over) and i've had the drains removed. The cons are that i've developed a Seroma. My tummy now looks worst than it did before I had the surgery and right after the surgery. I have a large lump in the middle of my stomach and my stomach looks lopsided. The left side is much bigger and harder than the right side. I am very frustrated and have a very hard time sleeping because I sleep on my side and am currently unable to.

I did go see the Doctor this week and he said that i'm doing fine. He wants me to return next week to have the Seroma drained, if needed. At any rate, it's very frustrating to go from looking great post surgery to looking lopsided. I just hope that it goes away soon.  'sigh',

Today i'm standing up even better!  It's...

Today i'm standing up even better!  It's amazing to see how the human body regenerates itself. Every day I wake up a little bit stronger and markedly improved. I can even sleep on my side now... Wow!! I'm still a little swollen and I still have the Seroma but I went back to work today for the first time. Every day of that two week break was needed. The difference between me today and 7 days ago is astounding. Let alone the difference between today and November 5.

I no longer take pain meds at all. In fact, November 16 was the last time I took any medication period. I am no longer in pain. It is very uncomfortable though.

Don't worry I'll post pictures soon. The before and after. I'm just waiting for the swelling to go down some more. I think i'm going to post them at 6 weeks to be fair or if I'm looking absolutely fabulous, i'll post at 4 weeks. 

Wow I can't believe it's been 5 weeks...

Wow I can't believe it's been 5 weeks already! (brushes shoulder off) I DID It!! I SURVIVED THE TUMMY TUCK!! YIPPY KI YAY!!  I know I know... where are the pics right? Well I promise you by the end of this week you will see them. Soooo everday i'm getting better. Still healing but the swelling has gone down TREMENDOUSLY! I attended a party this past weekend and let me tell you... even the gay men were hitting on me!!! NO LIE! My body was the talk of the party. Everyone talked about my little skinny waist & it's not done healing yet!! I gotta admit though, I did look absolutely drop dead gorgeous thankyouverymuch. Today was my last doctors appt until February. No more Seroma (I survived u too). No more pain. Just getting better and feeling great. Here are a few tips for you:

Do not rush your results! Yes you will be swollen. Yes it will be uncomfortable but your swelling will eventually go down. You do have a flat tummy under there (somewhere).

A seroma can make your body look very distorted but it is common and NO it is NOT the end of the world. Your tummy is numb so getting it drained will NOT hurt. PIPE DOWN! (I'm such a pro).

Assume that if you can not fit your old jeans your are still swollen. I am wearing jeans today that I have not worn since the surgery. I was so hurt when they would not fit. Now I understand the meaning of "swollen" & YES you will be.

You will feel like you've done a thousand sit-ups right after the surgery, you may have some lower back pain, and your drain will be a pain in the youknowwhat. However, you can deal with it. I did it and I was SCARED2DEATH!

Last but not least.. although the drain is annoying, make sure that you keep track and write the correct cc's. Don't be in a rush to have the drain removed or you may develop a Seroma. A seroma is a build up of those same fluids that come out into the drain. If the drain is gone where will those fluids go?? Youuuuu guessed it.... NO WHERE! It will be a swishy swashy goopy puffy mess in your tummy (we dont like swishy swashy goopy stuff do we?)

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck you guys. Dont be afraid like I was. DO IT! Take back your body girlfriend (or boyfriend).

I recommend good ole Doctor R. The coolest dude/plastic surgeon on the planet! I pinky swear.

After having a baby 16 Years old I have never been...

After having a baby 16 Years old I have never been able to wear a bikini. In fact, The one time I tried to I used so much makeup that my tummy looked even worst.My kid is now 16y/o and I wanted to do something for me. I will continue my journal daily so you guys can have your surgery vicariously through & perhaps you will help me change my current name lol!I arrived at the facility early and was immediately ushered I in by the wonderful staff. I quickly undressed & the good Doctor came in and marked me up. I pretty much had a good picture of what he planned to do. Afterwards, I met with the anesthesiologist. She was very friendly and answered all of my questions.Soon after I was taken in the operating room. I woke up on a bed & was assisted in getting my clothes on by the wonderful staff. My friend had arrived for me and was waiting. The nurse decided she would not let me leav til my IV drip was finished. I thought that was great because they were not pushing me out.Fast forward a bit: I get home & I'm in a fantastic mood. I felt very little pain but it felt like I done 1000 crunches and leg lifts. Uncomfortabr but not painful. I then went to sleep. At apx 6pm the pain hit and it was awful. I felt so lathargic and Hurt at the same time. I tried to despense the pain pump but that didn't help so I popped a Vicodine. That helped! I still felt some pain but it made it easier to calm down. The doctor called and explained that the pump would automatically dispense. I thought it would come out if I pushed the button. I shouldve asked that question sooner. So in that period where the effects of the pain pump was wearing off I needed something else. Wow that was a tough lesson to learn!At any rate it's 2:33am and my kid and bf are both knocked out. Poor things. I put them through it today. So to clear up a few things:1. the pain pump is a must have. If that pain I felt earlier was how it feels without the pain pump I think I would have lost my darn mind by now.2. Alot of people say that the first bowel movement is excruciating. Mines was not at all. The reason for that is, I have a very high fiber diet. It was so easy.3. Whatever u eat that first day should be light and not loaded with salt. That will make ya head feel like it's about to bust open. Hope you found some of this useful and I will continue to update
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