Aquajet Lipo Procedure - Was It Worth It? Still Waiting to See

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I am 11 days post-op from having aquajet...

I am 11 days post-op from having aquajet liposuction done. I am so excited to see the final results and hope all of the cost, pain and discomfort was worth it.

I'm used to be very active, I travel about 50% of the time for my job-and also am a single mom - so I can't afford to be "down" for extended recovery. When I researched aqua-jet lipo and heard that this recovery period was shorter and the pain was mild compared to traditional lipo procedures.

I admit - I was apprehensive before I went into surgery. I had my plastic surgeon perform the procedure. He was the same doctor that gave me a breast lift/augmentation 2 years ago and my results were incredible (very nature, no scaring, and made a tremendous difference in my appearance and self confidence. I completely trust him.

Anyway - the pain during the procedure was almost unbearable. I was trying to hold still while he was working away at sucking out the fat, because I didn't want him to stop to short, and not get enough out (I heard that some doctors are more conservative with the amount of fat they will take, if they can tell the patient is experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain). So I just sucked it up, and let him go to town. I had my back and slide flanks done, as well as my upper and lower abdomen. These were always trouble areas for me to lose weight. I run about 2-3 times a week, and have good tone - but my stomach area never seemed to tone/tighten even when I was starving myself.

Day 1 of the procedure was pretty bad. I stayed on my pain pills for the first 24 hours and slept most of the time. God forbid I actually had to get up to pee - since I was in severe pain.

Day 2 was a little better, but i found that when I did spend any amount of time on my feet, my swelling got much worse - so I vowed to stay horizontal as much as possible.

Day 3 and 4 I felt less pain, mostly discomfort (unless I was taking off my compression garmet (ouch!) and had more energy.

Day 5-7 were better, by my swelling and bruising got much worse. I had more bruising on day 5 than I did on day 1-4. The nurse warned me about the "swelling in the vulva area" which freaked me out - because this mean I had to waddle like a duck to keep that area from chafing. I definitely couldn't go out in public.

Day 8 - I had to fly to california for a business trip and I was very concerned about my pain and lack of mobility as well as how the trip my hinder my progress (mostly swelling being my concern). I bought a full body spanx suit and war that 24/7 for the 2 days on my business trip. It was extremely tight, and uncomfortable to take on and off - but once i got it on, I almost forgot about my surgery. I think the more you feel sucked in, the less pain you have. Strange - but that was my experience.

Day 11 (today) I go in for my follow-up visit. I'm hoping I get clearance for working out (both at the gym and with my boyfriend if you know what I mean ;). I'm feeling much stronger and am ready to start toning/tightening the rest of my body to match my new stomach area.

I've booked a trip to hawaii in February - so I really want to be healed, and bikini ready by then. I'll keep posting pics of my progress. So far I've got these to show you.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

He was very good at managing my expecatations regarding the recovery period, the actual procedure and the benefits I would ultimately receive.

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