Smart Lipo to Remove Hard, Fibrous Knots - Poor Choice for Me

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I have some hard fibrous knots in my chest I was...

I have some hard fibrous knots in my chest I was looking to have removed. I wanted to get them removed if the cost was within reason.

I was introduced to my Dr. in Atlanta through a family connection. He introduced me to the thought of smart lipo to me as a possible solution to my problem. Although there are obviously risk with any product Dr. P made me feel that the risk were minimal with this procedure and it would be an excellent procedure to address my problem.

I had the operation done with Cynosure's Smart Laser/Smart Lipo Product. A representative from Cynosure (Mike Denkman) was present. During the procedure it was obvious that Dr. P was having trouble penetrating the tough fiber in my chest. After the prodcedure I asked Mike was his thoughts were and said he wished the procedure had been aborted as it was simply not working.

A couple of weeks after the procedure I went back to Dr. P for a follow up and he told me he thought the results were great. I found this interesting as the knots were still there. He told me to give it another six months to fully see the results. About another six weeks later I noticed no change and went back to Dr. P where he finally admitted that the procedure had not worked. I also went to my internist before and after the procedure who noted no change....I asked Dr. P for a refund which he would not provide.....Instead I got a proposal for a very costly surgery to cut out the material.

Upon receiving some second opinions from several othe plastic surgeons and general surgeons I was asked to get a mammogram. Some small particles showed up in my chest apparently left from the Smart Lipo Procedure...I have not had these particles removed yet but plan on doing so. I would encourage anyone considering Smart Lipo to be extremely cautious...

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I feel Dr. P made a poor choice in selecting Smart Lipo for my problem. The procedure left particles in my chest which I obviously did not have before....Dr. P would not refund my money or assist me with this follow up problem.

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