Don't Do It - Not Happy After Multiple Surgeries

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I wan't to let people know why i myself would have...

i wan't to let people know why i myself would have never had the first surgery if i had known then what i know now. Both of the doctors that have performed surgeries on me were not any more skilled than a regular physician in your doctors office. i just wish i had not done the first. They tell you oh yeah, i can fix this, no problem and then take 16000.00 oh well guess we'll, have to do this , and this and of course more of your money and then i might get it right.... PEOPLE ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS GETTING YOUR CASH AND THEN THEY ARE DONE WITH YOU. and GOD forbid you tell them it's not right and then you'll see what they are really made of .

So if you can live with the normal looking nose you have now. I would tell anyone to think long and hard about it, cause it's more likely that something will go wrong , if you don't believe just read all of the unhappy expierences. Then you may have to go on, living in this world looking like a freak anything normal is so much better than what any man can make. so don't believe everything they tell you , I thought I had done my homework and still got the shaft. Hope someday these guys will be out of bussiness in hopes that people could and would be happy with what the good lord gave us.....

if you would like the name of the doctors who have done the sugeries i can email the names to you but cant post yet.

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