Bilateral Turbinectomy

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Rhinoplasty with bilateral turbinectomy as well as...

Rhinoplasty with bilateral turbinectomy as well as vaser liposuction of upper/lower abs & flanks. I was only looking for aesthetic improvement - my nose had a dorsal hump and a bulbous tip. I've never had any breathing issues whatsoever. My surgeon said he would also "take care" of my enlarged turbinates (actually just one was enlarged).

I'm about a week post-op at this point. Pain from rhinoplasty has been pretty mild but my front abs are more towards the "moderate" pain level from the liposuction. Not sure if a lot of that is from the compression garment that they have me in...haven't been able to remove it even once!

As for results, its obviously too early to tell. Splint & garment comes off this Friday and even then, it'll be too premature to rank my satisfaction yet. Right now I am freaking out wondering if I will develop this scary sounding condition called ENS following the turbinate resection. I should've researched it before quickly following the surgeon's plan of action. He sounded so matter-a-fact about it that I thought it was a no-brainer.

Just had a rhinoplasty along with turbinectomy (reduction of both tubinates). When I originally presented, I was simply wanting to improve my aesthetics. He immediately pointed out my enlarged turbinate and said he'd "take care of those" too. During my recovery, I stumbled upon the iatrogenic condition called Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS) sounds HORRIBLE & dibilitating! I'm now terrified wondering if I'll develop it too. Is there any probability stats out there? Anything I can do at this point?

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

He came with solid credentials but I think he failed to describe pros and especially the CONS/RISKS associated with screwing around with the turbinates. There's a reason why ENT docs won't resect them...I should've consulted with one of them first.

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