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It has been a long road but im finally getting the...

It has been a long road but im finally getting the benefits. It has now been 4 months since my surgery. The comparison is from about 6 weeks, I will upload some new ones soon.

I had a very crooked nose before and had a good side and a bad side for pictures. I always felt like my nose dominated my face. I am a hairstylist and one of my clients had her nose done and wow what a difference.

I had always considered surgery on mine but was too scared that I would get butchered. So after debating for about 6 months I finally made an appt with her same doctor, he was wonderful. We talked about straightening my nose, taking off my hump and barely refining the tip. I made an appt to have it done and actually cancelled twice for the surgery because I was so nervous!

So after a few more appts with him and expressing all of my nerves and concerns I went throught with it. And what a road it has been since then.

I hated having the bandages on for a whole week. I didnt want to go anywhere, my face was numb, my smile was all wierd and I was pretty bruised up, but I wasnt in any pain even without taking painkillers, though I did get a few headaches. I could already tell my nose was straighter and that made me pretty optomistic.

So finally I got my bandages off and wow was I swollen, I almost fainted right there in the doctors office. My tip was huge, my nose looked uneven, I had alot of yellow bruising and to top it off the skin that was under the bandage was gross. So after freaking out quietly at the doctors office I went home, took a shower and just thought why did I do this to myself!? Well days turned to weeks, weeks to months and at about 1 month I started to slowly see myself come back. But I was still really swollen and still really nervous. But as time has gone by its started to look better and better.

My advice for anyone is to give it time. Realize your nose went through some horrific trauma. Im just now getting feeling back in my tip, and still waking up swollen in the morning. But Im loving it more and more each day and when I look at the old pictures it makes me so happy I did it.

Dr Kennedy

Experience, experience, experience.

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