Most Painful Ordeal Ever, but Totally Worth It!

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Pros: Self confidence boost, NORMAL breathing...

Pros: Self confidence boost, NORMAL breathing.

Cons: PAIN, swelling, depression, and feeling drugged.

I had the whole nine done septorhinoplasty, turbinates broken; OPEN....which I personally think is one of the reasons I was in so much pain.

I decided to go through the surgery because I broke my nose again (first time when I was a child so I had been breathing awkwardly ever since) this past April and had made it even more crooked, I already had a big American Indian nose and had been teased most of my childhood about it, so now it was big AND crooked. My insurance offered to pay for the full surgery because it was an injury which resulted in me needing nasal reconstruction (rhinoplasty same thing different day, and insurance will only cover "nasal reconstruction" not rhinoplasty because it's considered "cosmetic".) and septoplasty to correct my breathing.

The morning of surgery was incredibly nerve racking but I was excited, when awoke I wasn't in that much pain but I felt like my head was huge (it WAS) but I was lucky a didn't have any packing in my nose so I was able to breath right away, after a little recovery time they shipped me off; when I got home the real fun began. I will not lie to you the first 72 hours post surgery I wanted my boyfriend to knock me out cold, I was taking two Percocet every three hours and between the meds and the pain I regretted the whole choice. After the third day you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At my first post op appt she tried to clean me up real good and removed the stitches from out side my nose and removed the splints from inside my nose (the splints look like something out of the Matrix and looked like they were toughing my brain!), now this was SUPER uncomfortable and painful but at least it was quick; I still had many stitches that needed to dissolve.

When I saw my nose for the first time I cried it was SOOOO swollen and misshaped I thought life was over but the plastic surgeon reassured me it will settle in the face and the swelling will take awhile to go away.

Well fast forward five weeks later and I can truly say I am happy with the results, I still have a lot of swelling and it's still a little misshaped but I see a difference everyday. No one knows that it's swollen but me, but its fun now getting all the complements and people telling me I look different but they can't tell what it is. Oh and one added bonus my lips look more full now because my nose was raised and my lip lifted, who doesn't love that!

Bottom line do it for you, RESEARCH RESEARCH, and know you wont look like you at first but have patience you'll look great in a few weeks!

On my way to Revision

Well, still very satisfied but now I need a revision. I had scar tissue develop, misshapen nostrils and septoplasty was not completed correctly. Alas I will need revision; I have an appointment scheduled 08/20 with a revision specialist so now the second journey begins.
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