Six Rhinoplasties and Still in Need of Revision. Is There Any Hope?

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Noes was wide originally. I wanted a more refined...

Noes was wide originally. I wanted a more refined tip with a visible bridge.What I got was nose like an anteater, one long piece of cartilage.

I have had 6 rhinoplasties in a 10 year span. I am a black woman who used a white doctor. the results have been horrific. I can not tell you the emotional distress these surgeries have caused me. after each surgery the doctor would tell me that "you are really, really swollen." I have a blubish tip with no bridge and no shape or structure to my nose. My last surgery was 10/19/09 and it is just as bad as all of the rest of them and I am now really depressed and emotionally bankrupt.

I don't know if there is any help for me. after six surgery is there a possible chance of redemption?

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have had six surgeries and each one is worse than the previous.

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